Sunday, May 26, 2013

.99 cent yummies to make you holler...MORE by Seraphina Donavan

Looking for that book that just says....more?  I have some cheap yummies for just .99!!!
With a high powered job and a privileged but scandalous background, Jenna had always struggled to fit int. Fear of being judged has kept her from exploring her fantasies and indulging her desires. But an invitation to "The Circle", the most exclusive sex club in the city, gives Jenna the opportunity to explore her most secret desires with the promise of anonymity.
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Liberty Jones and Gavin McBray met once before, sharing a passionate encounter until doubt sent Libby running for cover. Now, as the newest and lowliest employee at McBray Enterprises, Libby is stunned and horrified to realize that the man she made out with is none other than her new boss.
While Libby might be horrified, Gavin is relieved to have finally located the dream woman who got away. But when they get stuck in an elevator together, the perfect opportunity to confront her turns into something dark and dangerous. Someone is out to kill Gavin, and now Libby is caught in the crosshairs. Can he keep her safe and convince her that he's ready to give up his Casanova ways?

Patrick Murphy had been harboring secret feelings for his best friend's baby sister for longer than he even cared to think about.
He'd kept his promise to his friend and kept his distance from Kayleigh by pretending to dislike her. Now, trapped together in an isolated cabin, snowed in together, there aren't enough barbs or snarky comments in the world to keep the heat that flares between them at bay.

Grace Marcum is quiet, shy, reserved...and painfully in love and lust with her boss. Rather than tell him, she's recorded every hot, sexy fantasy she's had about him in a journal. But one day, when he calls her into his office, Grace is horrified to see that book in his hands.
Anthony Callahan has been lusting over his secretary from day one. But sexual harassment suits are both ugly and expensive. Rather than risk it, he just took matters into his own hands, literally. But with her diary in his possession, he knows the truth, and nothing will stop him from having the woman he desires and in showing her all the pleasure to be had from indulging her many naughty fantasies.


Anthony Callahan has been enjoying all the sensual delights his lovely secretary has to offer, but it's so much more than that. He wants Grace Marcum to be his, but she insists on secrecy, and he wants her enough to agree.
Grace knows what Anthony refuses to see. She's not part of his world, and trying to break the status quo could destroy the fragile bond between them.
But when someone else discovers their secret, and threatens the happiness they've found together, will it all fall apart? Or will Grace and Anthony realize that sometimes you have to risk it all to win it all?

Anthony Callahan is used to getting what he wants, and he wants his secretary, Grace Marcum, not just as his lover, but as his partner in every way. Grace is enjoying their secret affair, but the idea of going public, of facing that scrutiny, terrifies her.
Hoping to change the tone of their relationship, Anthony takes Grace away for a romantic weekend, but they aren't alone. Someone is following them, observing them in their most intimate moments. What will happen when the choice of secrecy is no longer Grace's to make?

 Grace and Anthony have returned from their romantic weekend under the black cloud of the threat of blackmail. Terrified of taking their relationship public, the decision is taken out of Grace's hands. Can their tenuous relationship survive the threat of Grace's body image issues? And how far will Anthony's enemies go to destroy their chance at happiness?
They've professed their love for one another, but will love be enough?


hotcha12 said...

book looks awesome!

Unknown said...

I love the covers on these books & they sound very interesting!

pansypetal said...

I have read all but one of these and that one is on me to be read mountain. They are Yummy! From cover to end!

Red Iza said...

Thank you for the ideas ;) I even grabbed snowbound for free !

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