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Release Day Party for Patricia Green's newest yummy: Correcting Kathy

Happy Tuesday my naughty nibblers!!  Today I have Patricia Green with me and we are celebrating her newest release:  Correcting Kathy.  Patricia shared a special top ten to go along with her newest naughty that will get you ready to read!!
Ten Top Reasons Why Your Sweetie Needs a Bare-bottomed Spanking
10. Texting on her cellphone when driving. Are your car insurance rates a little high? Are you tired of getting traffic ticket bills? Tell her to get off the darn phone. Besides, it's dangerous! Time to break out the wooden spoon, my friend.
9. Boasting. There is a fine line between talking a mile a minute about some accomplishment, taking pride in a job well done, and talking non-stop about how terrific you are. Yada, yada, I'm so fantastic! yada, yada. Looks like we're getting out that ping-pong paddle for a quick trip across Sweetie's backside.
8. Being a brat. Now, you probably don't do this. (wink) But a real brat would saunter naked in front of her husband, giving him a little wiggle or maybe caressing herself, while her husband is on the phone. Can you say distraction? I'll bet you can, and you can probably say ouch, too. This is the time to stop cooking with the silicon spatula and start giving the gourmet treatment to your sweetie's bum.
7. Envy. "But, honey, Mavis has high-button shoes, why can't I?" Nix that nasty habit right in the bud. Try using the leather sole of a soft house slipper. That'll make the point!
6. Foul language. Does your sweetie talk like a sailor with a bad attitude? Does every other word start with F? I have encountered a few heroines like that – well, actually, I wrote 'em that way. For example, Kiki MacKenzie in Kiki's Millionaire (the book I'm giving away today), had a potty mouth. Washing her mouth out with soap is never enough. Try another handy bathroom implement: a wooden bath brush along the rear (not the loofah side!).
5. Lying. This one really makes a person steamed. When you can't trust your sweetie to tell you the truth, who can you trust? Pretty soon, not only will they be lying about who broke that precious heirloom, but they'll be telling you there's no Santa Claus! Sheesh. Lying deserves a "conversation" with a leather belt (be sure to wrap those metal parts deep in your fist, folks). Poor Gabriella Appleby got a spanking (or two!) for telling tall tales in Ace-High Flush. Make sure your sweetheart reads this and takes notes.
4. Lack of confidence. Do you love your honey? Does your honey believe him/herself love-worthy? If he doesn't, that's a spanking offence. After all, if he respects your judgment, then he'll believe that you wouldn't pick a dope for a sweetheart. When Jenny dyes her hair, believing that she's not sexy enough for Buck, even though Buck has made it clear he likes her the way she is, it starts a spanking spree. You can find out about it in, A Mouse in His Pocket, my Christmas short story, available for free on my website.
3. Endangering oneself. If you're married to a cop or a firefighter, this one isn't for you. Those people know what they're doing and they know the risks they take daily, for which we are all grateful. However, if your sweetie is like the rest of us, endangering her life heedlessly isn't okay. In my brand new book, Correcting Kathy, Kathy is a smoker. Now, no matter if you smoke or you don't, we've all be taught that this is a dangerous habit. In Kathy's case, when she suggests to Professor Hal that she really wants to stop, it leads to spank, spank, spank.
2. Disrespect. Loving someone implies that you respect them. R-E-S-P-E-C-T (in my best Aretha Franklin voice). If your sweetie starts to treat you like a wadded up road map, unfold your leather strap and spank that insidious little trait away before it gets out of hand. Liv Aune, from Liv's Journey (book 1 of my Journey series) will give you some hints and tips about why disrespect is such a worm in the apple of your eye.
1. Erotic fun! This is probably the most spankalicious reason to apply palm to fanny. Yes, spanking can be fun. Lectures can be replaced with sweet talk and sexy sayings, and hot rumps can lead to some hot…other stuff. All of my erotic, romantic, spanking books have spanking for fun, 'cause once you experience it, you'll never want to go back.
Oh Yeah!!  Now let's take a look at the book:
Correcting Kathy blurb:
Kathy would never have imagined that one of the most embarrassing moments of her life could make her the envy of every girl at her small university, but after a stumble in the cafeteria leaves her blushing and Hal Emory drenched in soup, she is stunned when the incident ends with her meeting the young, handsome professor for dinner.
She is even more taken aback by the fact that he does not hesitate to lecture her over dinner about her smoking—a habit she has tried many times to break without success.  When he offers to help her quit by means of “aversion therapy”, she cannot resist the urge to learn more, and almost before she knows it she finds herself bent over the desk of this stern professor for a good, hard spanking. 
After a subsequent chastisement leads to lovemaking which is as hard and hot as it is unexpected, both Kathy and Hal must decide if they want to pursue a romance.  Can Hal leave the pain of the tragic death of his wife in the past and allow himself to fall in love with Kathy? Even if he does, will she be able to accept not only his love but also his guidance and, from time to time, his firm hand applied to her bare bottom?

 Amazon US:

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Sneak a peek Inside:

Hal watched Kathy sit down as though the chair would bite her. She worked the strap of her purse with anxious fingers. After a moment, she reached up and pushed short, blond hair out of her face. He wanted to touch those thick, wavy locks.

“Smoke a cigarette. It’ll be your last one.”

“There’s no smoking allowed in this building.”

Hal wasn’t going to allow excuses. This was supposed to be aversion therapy and she had to have a strong sense of what she was to avoid. Besides, he knew this would be difficult for her and wanted to give her one last hit of nicotine. “I won’t tell if you don’t.”

Of course, spanking almost certainly wasn’t allowed in the building either. Not so much because he was involved in a personal relationship with a student, since she wasn’t in any of his classes, but because the school administration would not look kindly on him engaging in this sort of activity in his office on school property. Religious schools like Holy Name had done away with that kind of punishment a long time ago.

Kathy fished in her purse for her cigarettes and lighter, her face softening as she anticipated the treat. A small thread of smoke rose from the cigarette and she drew in a deep lungful. He observed her, trying to look neutral, as he stood near the big bookcase. It was hard to be unaffected by the young coed. She reminded him strongly of his wife, a woman whom he loved deeply and unremittingly, even though she was gone.

“Do…do you do this often?” she asked.

“Not for years.”

“Oh.” The pause in the conversation drew out.

“How’s that cigarette?”

Kathy exhaled a cloud of smoke. Her shoulders were visibly more relaxed. “It’s okay, I guess.”

Reaching for a bottle of water, Hal unscrewed the cap and took a long swig, then held it out to her. “Put the cigarette in here.”

“In the bottle of water?”

“Yes. You’ve had enough.”

“But I’m not done!”

“Yes, you are.”

Looking frustrated, Kathy took another puff and dropped the last little bit of her cigarette into the water. It sizzled and floated on the top, ash leaching out into the water, along with a few tiny flakes of tobacco.

Hal put the cap back on the bottle and tossed it into the trashcan. “You know why you have to stop smoking, right?”

She nodded. “It’s bad for me.”

“It could kill you!”

Shame reddening her face, she nodded.

“No more for you. Every time I find out you’ve been smoking, I’ll spank you.”

Kathy sat up straighter, her brows drawing together. “Every time?”

“Every time.” He nodded toward his desk. “Go bend over my desk and raise the skirt of your dress.”

“Raise the…”

“Did you expect a spanking over your dress? You want this to be effective, or did you plan to have to repeat it?” Hal had a moment of dread, even as the words left his mouth. It was going to be hard on him as well as her. He hadn’t been intimate with a woman for a long time and having this lithe young beauty spread over his desk was quite possibly self-torture.

Kathy stood and took the two steps to the desk, turning back to him at the last moment. “Are you sure this is going to work?”

“We’ll see, shall we?”

“Okay.” She slowly draped herself over the desk, lifting her skirt up to her waist in the back. Her face flamed right down her long, slender neck. Kathy’s short hair bobbed as she pressed her face to the desk. She wore skimpy white panties sporting the words “Ho, Ho, Ho” with small, colorful Christmas trees dotting the seat. A book slid off a stack on the desk and landed with a small thump on the worn rug.

The air in the room went still. Several long moments passed while Hal debated the wisdom of this again, deciding that it was a necessary step if he wanted to help her. He took up his post to the left, thoughts of his wife flashing in his head. Patting Kathy’s bottom, not rubbing—that was too personal—he gauged that his aim was true. Her breathing was shallow, anticipation written in her stiff posture and the way she gripped the desk like a lifeline. That lovely bottom was waiting. It was time to get started. Hal raised his hand several feet, finally bringing it down sharply on her left globe, and watched his handprint blossom where her French-cut panties didn’t cover. Kathy let out a squeak and peered over her shoulder.

“I don’t want you to smoke anymore, Miss McGillicutty. You don’t want to be here like this again.”

Kathy started to say something, but he struck her upturned bottom again…and again…and again several more times. The edges of her panties fell short of the redness he was creating. Pain caused her to finally cry out. “Ouch! Okay, I won’t smoke anymore!”

“No, you won’t.” He placed a half-dozen more smacks on her sweet rear. “I’ll do this to you as many times as it takes.”

Her face was slightly turned toward him. She was biting her lip, and her eyes were screwed up tight. “Ow! I get it! You can stop!”

“You don’t get it, Miss McGillicutty. You want the pain to stop, that’s all.” He smacked her again a half-dozen times and a few tears ran over her nose, landing on his desk. “What happens if you smoke?”

“I get spanked! Oh, God, it hurts! Enough!”

The point had to be crystal clear. He knew, from his experience with his wife, that a woman would make a protest long before the lesson had been learned. He drew his spanks down to the juncture of her bottom and thighs and she cringed and reached back to cover her ass with her hands. “Hands down!”

“Ow!” She was sobbing now, her bright blue eyes running with tears, but she put her hands back on the desk. Maybe she was learning. “Please, please, Professor Emory. Please!”

“Three more swats.”

“Oh! Oh! Oh!”

Her loud, broken-voiced protests were beginning to weigh on Hal, and he thought maybe she’d had enough. The spanking was over. He was sorely tempted to rub her rounded bottom, a bottom which showed hot red handprints sneaking out from under her panties. That ass was far too appealing; he had to change gears.

“You can stand up now. I think I’ve made the point.”

Slowly, she unfolded from the desk. Tears ran down her face and her mouth was soft and pouting. Her mouth was the one thing that didn’t remind him of Debbie. Debbie’s lips were less full, less perfectly formed. Kathy’s lips were kissable, camellia-colored treasures.

It made him angry. The injustice of life was sometimes almost too awful to bear. Even being surrounded by students didn’t make up for the loneliness he experienced day in and day out. He was tempted to have a drink, but he hadn’t touched liquor for the last two years. Even living in wine country wasn’t enough to make him break that vow to himself.

Hal handed Kathy a tissue. “Fix yourself up and we’ll go back to my car. I have things to do.”

She looked a little stunned. He was being abrupt and cold, but he couldn’t help it. His pain was something kept close to his chest, deep in his heart. Explaining it to Kathy wasn’t something he was prepared to do. So far, he’d only talked to his best friend, Aaron, about it.

It occurred to him that after dropping Kathy off at her moped, he might give Aaron a call. They were cousins and best friends, and if he couldn’t confide his tumultuous emotions to Aaron, they might eat him alive.

It took the young woman a few minutes to compose herself, but soon enough she picked up her purse and headed toward the door.

Silently, they walked toward his car. A few night birds called through the many box elders and pine trees on campus, and sidewalk lights threw uneven splashes on the concrete. There was a smattering of stone pots of peonies and daffodils dotting the way, but they were grayish in the artificial lights and the moon was hidden behind clouds.

The car ride to Bobby’s Burgers was uneventful and notably quiet, except for the occasional sniff from Kathy. Hal felt bad about being so short-tempered with her at the end of the lesson. With his wife, he was consoling, cuddling her and kissing her to show his love. But, of course, that wasn’t the case with Kathy McGillicutty. She was a temptation, but one he should not indulge. He didn’t want to get tangled up in something he wasn’t prepared to continue.

They stopped under a light stanchion in Bobby’s parking lot, not far from her moped. Kathy reached for the door handle, but paused, turning toward Hal. “I guess I should thank you.”

“Only if it works.”

“My butt still hurts.”

“It might for a day.”

A tiny smile turned up one corner of her beautiful mouth. “Well, that ought to teach me. Have a good night, Professor Emory.” The door clicked open and she began to get out.

“You too, Miss McGillicutty.”

Patricia Green is a fiction writer specializing in erotic romance. She hopes to provide the reader with love stories that emphasize fun characters with quirky personalities. She’s the author of 20 published novels and novellas

Patricia is married and the mother of twins. When she’s not being the angel of domestic harmony and a semi-crazed creator of fictional friends, she loves to crochet, read, and watch hockey.

You can reach Patricia Green in the following ways:

Email: pig (at) patriciagreenbooks (dot) com


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Twitter: @PatriciaIGreen


Amazon Author Page:

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Patricia is giving away an e-copy of Kiki's Millionaire and a $10 amazon card!!  Just fill out the rafflecopter!!  Good luck and stay naughty!


Unknown said...

Hello Patricia!. I would like to know why you chose romance as the genre that you would like to write about!.. The blurb of this book is spicy indeed :)

vadeluna07 said...

Are there any authors who influenced your writing or who inspired you and if so who?

Unknown said...

How many items in that top 10 list are you guilty of?

Rhonda D said...

I love your writing and can't wait to read this book! What inspires you? Do you have a muse?

Patricia Green said...

First, let me thank you, Nikki, for having this great party for me! This is my big #20, so I've had my party hat ready for awhile. :)

Patricia Green said...

Hi, Naznin. I've always loved to read romance, so writing it was a natural for me. The first book I outlined was supposed to be sci-fi, but the romance took over and pretty soon it was erotic sci-fi romance. Now I write erotic spanking romance. Over 20 years and 20 books, I've fooled around on the edges of other genres, but the romance always comes to the forefront. Thank you for asking!

Patricia Green said...

Hi, Vadeluna. My early influences were Larry Niven (sci-fi), Kathleen E. Woodiwiss (historical romance), and Johanna Lindsey (historical romance). I loved the historical romances because they were "bodice rippers" at that time, and I liked it when a woman found a dominant guy who loved her dearly and respected her, but wouldn't take any nonsense from her either. Heroines often got spanked in those days. Thank you for coming to the party!

Patricia Green said...

Hi, Kelsey. Well, I don't drive, so #10 is not my issue. But I have managed to hit most of the high-points in my score-long relationship with my husband. At least I don't usually make the same mistake twice! That's my story and I'm stickin' to it. :) I'm glad you could be here for the fun!

Unknown said...

Hello Patricia. I really enjoyed the excerpt. How do you decide on the characteristics of your couple for your books?

Patricia Green said...

Hi, Rhonda. I'm inspired by names, book titles, a "what if" question. I don't believe in muses. I think writing comes from hard work and perseverance. If you rely on a forgotten Greek goddess, you might find that she's pretty fickle, like all the old pantheon of gods and goddesses. I think my attitude makes me a little bit of a curmudgeon -- we all want to blame our occasional inability to create on someone other than ourselves -- but I don't think excuses are the answer.

Thank you for dropping by and commenting!

Patricia Green said...

Hi, Starla. I ask myself "what if" questions. For example, for Correcting Kathy, I asked, what if a clumsy college student met a professor who made her toes curl (in a good way). How would she get to know him? How would things end up with spanking? That gives you some idea of what the characters have to be like. She has to bumble a bit and have a real desire to learn how to do something (in this case, she wants to stop smoking), and he has to find her charming enough to want to help her.

In Liv's Journey (the first of my Journey family books), Liv is a plus-size model who feels very uncomfortable with her body image. Trey finds her gorgeous, but has some concerns about having a steady lover in his military life. What if those two found each other? How would they get together? From those questions, I can form personalities that mesh.

Thank you for asking such a good question, and for dropping by.

Bleue D'âme said...

Mega congrats on your 20th release, Trish! I am looking forward to reading Correcting Kathy ;o)

Bleue D'âme said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Patricia Green said...

Thank you, Bleuame! I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it -- or more!

Patricia Green said...

I nearly forgot the BUY LINKS:

Amazon US:

Amazon UK:



Renee Rose said...

Great excerpt-- looking forward to reading this one!

Patricia Green said...

Thanks, Renee. I hope you like it! It's a little Neil Simon and a little Peter Bogdonovich and a lot erotic and spanky. I appreciate you coming by!

erin said...

Congrats Patricia on the new release! Sounds awesome :)

Patricia Green said...

Thanks, Erin!

Sue Lyndon said...

Congrats on your new release, Trish! Loved the excerpt, and I am so not showing my husband your list! :)

Patricia Green said...

Thank you, Sue. We'll keep the list confidential. :)

Sayomay said...

Have u ever been to a creative writing workshop?
Thanks for the giveaway! :D
Mary G loki

Patricia Green said...

Hi, Mary. I took creative writing in high school and college, where I was an English major. I've been to a few workshops run by Romance Writers of America as well, but that was years ago. I love creative writing and do it every day. :) Thank you for your comment.

Gabby said...

What was your first novel that featured spanking? Did you have trouble writing your first spanking/sex scene when you got started?

Nice excerpt.

Jenna said...

Excellent post, Trish! Loved your list! I'm sure I'm guilty of a few of those, but fortunately for me my hubs is not a spanker. :) I've loved all of your books so I'm certainly looking forward to you hitting 30 books!

Tore923 said...

What genres do you like to read? Are there any other genres you would like to write. Thanks for the giveaway.

Patricia Green said...

Hi, Gabby. I wrote spanking into many of my novels, even before I moved into writing spanking novels exclusively. The first book with a spanking scene that got published was (now out of print) Distant Love by A.L. Reine. One of the stories in that collection is set in 1948 Los Angeles and the female hard-boiled private detective in it spanks the woman she's supposed to be protecting. The story is called "Not a Private Dick." That story and several others from Distant Love were re-edited and put out as an ebook in 2002. The ebook is still available - Four Part Hermony. The next one was Laricon's Ways, which is a sci-fi adventure romance novel with BDSM elements. As I said, lots of my books have some sort of spanking going on. :)

And, no, it wasn't hard to write them. I kinda knew from first-hand experience how these things go.

Thank you for joining me here today.

Patricia Green said...

My dear Jenna, thank you for coming to my party today. It's been a bit of a whirlwind, but I'm loving it. To 30 and beyond!

VampedChik said...

I definitely have to read this one! Going on my wishlist! :)

Patricia Green said...

Thanks, Amber! I hope you enjoy it. :)

Joanne said...

Congrats on the new release. This book sounds fantastic. Can't wait to read it. Do all of your books have spanking in them?

Patricia Green said...

Hi, Joanne. Not all, but most have at least some spanking in them. My work over the last 3 years, however, has emphasized spanking a lot more. As soon as I started working with Blushing Books, the spanking became a focus after the romance. It started with Kiki's Millionaire and moved to the Journey family series not long after that. Thank you for coming by and commenting!

Mary Preston said...

Do you write books as part of a series?

Unknown said...

Congrats to you Patricia on your release and I can't wait to read it!!!!

Patricia Green said...

Hi, Mary P. i have 1.5 series out. My Journey family series is 7 books all contemporary M/F erotic spanking romances with Western themes. They start with Liv's Journey and go on from there. (The whole list is on my website.) My "half" series is just two books, but I think that's where it'll end. It consists of The Strong, Silent Type, and Bourbon & Branch Water. I'm planning another series, a trilogy, but other projects will be done between those books. Thank you for asking and for commenting!

Patricia Green said...

Thank you, Angela! I'd love to know what you think when you've read it. :)

bas1chs said...

Nice list ;) and even better excerpt. Added this one to the TBR :D
Thanks for sharing with us.

Kaci Verdun said...

Hi! Great post, Do you have a lot of other books in the works?

Patricia Green said...

Thank you, bas1chs! I sure hope you enjoy it! There are planty to amuse you for a while.

Patricia Green said...

Hi, Kaci. I always have another book in process. I just finished the first draft of my next book and am starting research on another while it's out with test readers. I'm at work constantly with some aspect of my writing, hoping to bring you more erotic spanking romance yumminess all the time! Thank you for asking.

Unknown said...

What do you like to do in your non-writing time?

susanmplatt AT Hotmail DOT com

Unknown said...

Congratulations, Patricia on your new release! I can't wait to read it!! Which of the books that you have written besides Correcting Cathy has been your favorite to write?

Cassie Polla said...

The book sounds great!

Patricia Green said...

Hi, Susanmp. I work 6 days a week, most weeks, but I do keep my evenings open for family time with my husband. We follow hockey and baseball as our primary entertainment, when we're not reading. I like to crochet when I'm watching sports, and recently completed both an afghan and two baby sweaters. Thank you for asking.

Patricia Green said...

Hi, Corinne. Well, they're all favorites as I'm writing them. I'm afraid I'd be loving one baby more than another if I had to choose a favorite from among my 20. I love each one for something unique about it. So, for example, in Correcting Kathy, I loved writing it because of the screwball comedy in many of the scenes. They made me laugh, and what could be bad about that? I'm happy that you could come by. Thanks!

Patricia Green said...

Thank you, Cassie!

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