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Giveaway and Guest post with Regina Morris and her book :Eternal Service

Let's put our hands together and welcome  Regina Morris!!   She has prepared to share not only her book, but also a top ten of her favorite movie quotes!!!

1. Movie: Clueless
Scene: Outside on tennis court. Girls are giving excuses not to play.
Amber (with nose bandaged from cosmetic surgery): My doctor doesn't want me doing anything where balls are flying towards my nose.
Dionne: Well, there goes your social life.

2 & 3. Movie: Galaxy Quest
Scene: Fred Kwan has teleported to the spaceship after his other crewmembers, who freaked out about the process.
Fred (smiling): That was a hell of a thing.

Scene: The crew are on the alien planet and have just witnessed the aliens tear apart another alien. Guy is with them and is the "red shirt" of the group.
Gwen Demarco (in a panic): Lets get out of here before they kill Guy.

4. Movie: Office Space
Scene: Peter, Samir, and Michael are in a restaurant. Michael puts 20 sugar packs into his coffee while they are talking
Peter (lamenting): Can you imagine doing our job when we're sixty?
Samir (smiling): It would be nice to have that kind of job security.

5 & 6: Movie: Airplane
The entire "I speak jive" scene.

Scene: Stewardess, holding reading material, asks little old lady if she'd like something to read.
Lady: Maybe something light.
Stewardess: [thumbs through stack of reading material] I have this pamphlet on famous Jewish professional athletes.
Lady: [accepts pamplhet] That sounds nice.

7 & 8. Movie: Mr. Mom
Scene: In a dream, Jack's wife confronts him in their house with a gun. She has just caught him kissing a neighbor. It is POURING down rain outside (with lightning)
Wife: [points gun at Jack]
Jack: But the kids are just outside.  (in the rain?)
Wife: I thought of that. [puts a silencer on the gun]

Scene: Jack in the house with the kids, needs to find the vacuum cleaner. Alex is stirring a pot of chili on the stove with a big wooden spoon.
Jack: Alex, where does Mom keep the vacuum cleaner?
Alex: You mean monster?
Jack: [smiles] Yes, where is it.
Alex: [uses spoon to point and ends up flinging chili all over the kitchen] Over there.

9: Movie: National Lampoon's Vacation
Scene: At the cousin's house for an outside lunch. Vickie, the young girl, is making lemonade. Her arm is in the clear glass pitcher up to her elbow as she is stirring the drink with her arm.
Clark: Vickie, can I help you with that. Please? [he is holding a mixing spoon]
Vickie: [Doesn't answer, but takes her arm out and shakes it]

10. Movie: The incredibles
The entire scene between Lucious and Honey, "Where's my super suit?"

Scene: Mr. Incredible goes to see Edna for a new suit. 
Edna: My god, you've gotten fat.

Vampires exist among us. They can be our neighbor, best friend, our child's teacher ...

They alter their aged appearance based upon the amount of blood they consume. They move to a new area, drink a lot of blood, and appear young. Slowly they limit their intake of blood and age, right in front of our unsuspecting eyes. After decades, they fake their death, move, and do it over and over again.

Most live quiet lives in an effort to blend in.

Some however want power and control.

The Colony is an elite group of vampires sworn to protect the President of the United States from these rogue vampires.

When Raymond Metcalf, vampire coven master of the Colony, teams up with a federal operative of the human female persuasion–who has no idea that vampires even exist–will his mission or his heart be compromised first?

Career military woman, Alex Brennan, is being offered the promotion of a lifetime and with it a romance that she has desperately been seeking. Does she dare accept the position as Director of the Colony, an elite group of deadly creatures of the night and risk a dangerous romance with a man who isn’t even human? 

Together, can they save the President?


Regina Morris loves paranormal romances featuring vampires, but her personal taste is lighthearted and humorous – not horrific and gory. The White House, the President, and Washington D.C. are merely backdrops to support her romance stories. They offer wonderful suspense, but her books are romantic thrillers and not political thrillers. She lives in Austin, Texas with her husband and two children. She enjosy meeting with her monthly critique writing groups and meeting other writers in the Austin area through the WLT events. She has lived in many different parts of the world. She graduated high school in Germany and she attended the University of Texas at Austin where she received a degree in Computer Science with a minor in math.Besides writing, she is an amateur portrait and sports photographer. After enjoying a career in the software engineering business, she discovered that writing is in her blood, and had to put pen to paper! Please connect with her through various social media. 


Eternal Service – One Page Teaser

Raymond smiled at her. It was a beautiful smile, not fake or forced. You can always tell when it’s real. His black colored eyes held the smile, not just his luscious, full lips. Alex noticed his hair was a bit damp, probably due to a last minute shower on his way over. His hair was parted tonight, and a curl of bangs hung lopsided onto his forehead. It gave him a Superman appearance. She always did like Superman.

Alex knew her pulse sped up as she took in the visual strip tease in her mind. She thought back to their earlier conversation. Humans and vampires could have sex together. Sex. She swallowed hard. She hadn’t thought of having sex with a man in a long time. Her heart sped up even faster. She wondered if he could hear it. If he did, he didn’t show it. He just sat sipping his wine, looking sexy as hell.

Her glass was in her hands, and she took a gulp of wine hoping to squelch the heat she was feeling. Instead it fueled the flame. Would sex with a vampire be different than with a human? If it were, she was betting it would be better. The sexual relationships she had in the past, if she could remember that far back, were moderately satisfying. Definitely not romance novel, page turning, steamy … but satisfying.

Blinking a few times, she realized she was staring at his crotch. Could she be more obvious? She knew in her heart that she was going to take this promotion. She couldn’t start a romance with a team member, it wasn’t professional. She wasn’t that type of woman. Plus, there was no guarantee that he was interested in her that way. He had treated her with nothing but respect.

“Alex?” Raymond asked.

Alex looked up, making eye contact. “What?”“Are you okay? You’ve been quiet for several minutes.”

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