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Review: Dangerous Dozen

The Dangerous Dozen--heroes who make danger sexy... These alpha male heroes know how to protect their women--and how to love them. This romantic suspense boxed set stars TWELVE smoking hot heroes in TWELVE full-length novels by TWELVE bestselling authors. 

To Catch Her Man by Charity Pineiro, New York Times & USA Today Bestselling Author. Investigative reporter Sylvia Amenabar must decide between friendship, love and discovering the truth behind a cop's murder... Undercover detective Carlos Ramirez nearly lost his life protecting Sylvia, but he knows it'll be a fight to reach her heart. . . Can they learn to trust one another and find out the truth about a failed assignment that nearly killed Carlos? Or will the secrets of the past and family issues cost them the things they hold most dear. 

I'll Be Watching You by Tina Wainscott, New York Times Bestselling Author. Kim left her Everglades town under a cloud of scandal. Her grandmother's murder brings her back to reclaim her home and unearth the truth...while a killer watches her every move.

Bedeviled by Maureen Child, USA Today Bestselling Author. A *faerie* funny paranormal. 

Protective Custody by Paige Tyler, USA Today Bestselling Author. Someone is stalking reporter Paisley McCoy, and police detective Gray Beckham is the only man who can protect her. While the chemistry between them is undeniable, there's no way he's going near the captain's daughter, and she had a hard and fast rule that says she doesn't date cops. Can they both survive the stalker who's coming after them long enough to realize how good they are together? 

There's A New Witch in Town by Tawny Weber, USA Today Bestselling Author. Her magic, his town, their love... is it enough? Or will a witch just regaining her powers have to choose between saving a cursed town, or giving up everything she's come to care about? 

In His Control by Nina Bruhns, International Bestselling Author. A rogue detective will do anything to catch the sexy international thief he's fixated upon. When their titillating game of cat and mouse grows shockingly intimate, he must make the impossible choice between honor and duty...and the notorious woman he has unwittingly come to love. 

Chosen By Sin by Virna DePaul, International Bestselling Author. A wounded alpha werebeast bent on revenge... A female vampire trying to save her adoptive dragon-shifter family... Can they stop a group of rebel shape-shifters from unleashing every demon in hell? Only if they relinquish their secrets, face their fears, and open themselves to love. 

Imposter: The Protectors Series -- Book One by Karen Fenech, International Bestselling author. Chemist Dr. Eve Collins, wrongly accused by the CIA of developing a chemical weapon, learns someone has set her up as a scapegoat. That "someone" wants her dead. To save her life, she must join forces with CIA Operative John Burke--the man who doesn't believe her claim of innocence and the man she's falling in love with. 

Dark Tide Rising by Kristin Miller, National Bestselling Author. Police Sergeant Mark Thurgood is all work and no play, but he's harboring secrets that tie him to the vengeful sea. Free-spirited Emily McAllister is haunted by premonitions, and the latest shows her death in a dark coastal cave. Can they put their desires aside to focus on the task at hand and find the killer before he finds her? 

Big Bad Wolf by Gennita Low. On the run from shadowy enemies, a secret agent finds sunlight and love while working undercover for a female roofer. 

Found Wanting by Joyce Lamb. She's been on the run for 14 years. He's been sent to bring her home, dead or alive. A boy's life depends on what happens next. Can they overcome betrayal, lies and violence to find what they've always wanted? 

High Tide by Maureen A. Miller. A couple locked in a struggle to protect the coast...and their lives.

Romantic Suspense is a new genre for me, and this was just the book set to sink into for one thrilling ride after another.  I loved it!!  It was a mix up of all different levels of suspense and types of stories and ALL the plot lines were amazing!!  I'll give a little teaser about what I liked from each story!!

To Catch Her Man by Charity Pineiro:
This one was a great read.  I love those females who don't believe in finding the one because me they are relatable.  It makes the story so much better if they are proven wrong.  This story's moral struggle is amazing.  It just goes to show you sometimes finding out the truth puts you in a worse position!

I'll Be Watching You by Tina Wainscott
This one was completely heart-wrenching.   You just feel for Kim throughout this whole story.  This is one of those you should always do whats right even if the consequences are harsh.  It was a good story with an even better mystery twist.

Bedeviled by Maureen Child, USA Today Bestselling Author
LOL...this one was a lot on the funny end, which made the story more believable.  I could actually see this happening to me and re-acting similar!!!

Protective Custody by Paige Tyler, USA Today Bestselling Author
This one was definitely the hotter side of suspense!!  Wooooooohoo!   Lots of action, in and out of the sheets.  This is a hot little quickie and on the cop fantasy side...and totally yummy!

There's A New Witch in Town by Tawny Weber, USA Today Bestselling Author
This one was incredibly cute and laugh out loud funny.  Divorced and looking to start over, I swear she picked the grumpiest town in the world to re-locate to!  But with the help of her family, a HOT contractor, and a little buried magic this witch totally rocks her way through this towns secrets....and finds closure and true love!!

In His Control by Nina Bruhns
This one is for the girls that love a completely dominate man!!  I'm not sure I could forgive him for his role (even if he is a cop and she is a thief) but our main character finds him irresistible!!  This is very hot and very intriguing!!

Chosen By Sin by Virna DePaul
This one was had an intricate paranormal plot, with a vast array of interesting characters.  I enjoyed this book and would love to read the entire series (if there is one?)  The mythology was great as were the dynamics.

Imposter: The Protectors Series -- Book One by Karen Fenech
This one was a suspenseful action-packed book!  You have the wrongly accused, the cop hell-bent on taking her in, and an inappropriate attraction!! It was a good fast-paced and hot read!!

Dark Tide Rising by Kristin Miller, National Bestselling Author.
This one was big on the creepy factor. lol.   We have a serial killer stalking a small town in the mind of its soon to be victim...but it is only in her mind?  This one was good and definitely keeps you second guessing as to what is really going on.

Big Bad Wolf by Gennita Low
This one is not a paranormal....but it does have some hot military action in it!!!  The mystery is all around who is after the Big Bad Wolf...but while he is on the run, he manages to patch up a family that needed some shaking up and fall in love.

Found Wanting by Joyce Lamb.
On the run from her sisters husband, she has given all to protect her son.  She dodges him and tries to stay ahead, but a PI catches her in the end.  Big surprise that she was painted out to be the bad guy.  The PI is hard set against her and incredibly attracted to her.  Can she prove her innocence and save her son before its to late?

High Tide by Maureen A. Miller.
We end this book of edge-of-seaters in beautiful Hawaii.   There is always something lurking in the shadows when it comes to treasure, and our main characters have A LOT of trust issues to get over.  It ends sweetly and a great wrap-up to a great set of stories!!

I hope you give these lovely ladies a look, because this set of books turned me on to romantic suspense!!  Excellent job and excellent stories!!!

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