Thursday, August 15, 2013

Review: Dragon Heat by Ella J Phoenix

Zoricah, the draconian demigoddess, has limited time to uncover a series of killings before one of her own meets the same fate. Determined not to let that happen, Zoricah has no other choice but to ask for the help of her race’s archenemy.

Tardieh, the Vampire King, has long learnt not to trust the Dragons but when the flames of passion ignite between him and Zoricah, he finds himself torn between overwhelming sexual heat and his centuries-old distrust.

Together they have to overcome their own prejudices before it is too late for their races and their love.

My Review:

Excellent, Excellent, Excellent mythology based romance.  I am totally in love with this series!!  I love dragon-shifter books, but this one has shot to the top as one one my favorites.  You have a demi-goddess who is shunned from her own kind for being a hybrid, who risks all to stop a war.  Zoricah is dedicated to saving her kind, even if they refuse to accept her as one of their own.  Her steadfastness, hope, and a heart as golden as her beautiful dragon-skin makes her a wonderful heroine.  

Tardieh, the Vampire King, is quite another matter all together.  He is sullen and serious.  He has been betrayed by those closest to him and holds some suspicion and distrust of Zoricah.  He believes she is at the heart of the slaughter of his people and his father.  But as the plot thickens around them and they are forced work closer together, his passion for her begins to override everything else. With their two species sworn enemies, they don't stand a chance.  But can true love conquer all.

I love great world-building and in depth mythology books.  They are amazing to imagine and such fun to visit.  Not to mention the fact that the sex is smoking hot. I can't wait to read book 2!!!  Ella has earned a fan in me!!

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