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Giveaway and Guest Post with my favorite Dungeon Slave Jason Baccaro and his wonderful book series!

Good Morning Everyone it is Finally Friday!!!!  Today I have released my all time favorite victim from my dungeon and allowed him to come speak with you :)  I have to talk to you for a few minutes until he can accustom himself to the light and absence of his ball gag.  I believe if your going to torture your victims, you need to do it right!!  Ok, he is ready so without further pause:

oh...Jason is the guy with the guitar, not the really cute puppy :)  Take it away Jas:

Greetings, Nikki!  Thank you for...allowing me a little bit of time on your blog site to talk about Darshun Luthais—the Guardian of the Seventh Realm, and protagonist of my epic fantasy series.

When I first began writing these five books, I had no idea that Darshun was going to develop as richly as he has in the current day story.  A lot of my original ideas had gotten (as my mother often says), "scoffed to the wind."  As any writer knows, this is a common thing as you find yourself getting better at creative writing, and getting into the heads of your characters a lot easier.  But it's interesting to take a glance back at your older work, cringe, and say to yourself, "Did I really write that? Ugh!!"  *laughs*

When we read the first book, "Prophecy of the Guardian," we are introduced to Darshun as a young child, about to be sacrificed by the Cullach—a warring boar-like race, who have just annihilated the great city of Loreladia and wish to give a "Victory Offering" to their Gods of the Outer Realms, (although there is another, perhaps more important reason for little Darshun's sacrifice, but I do not wish to give away spoilers).  Darshun is rescued by two members of the nearly extinct Nasharin warrior race, Mirabel Luthais, (who becomes his adoptive father), and Seth Caelen, (who will be called an Uncle)

As time passes, Darshun not only learns the ancient arts of the Nasharin, but many supernatural and mysterious events begin to take place surrounding him, and as one can gather, it is learned that Darshun is the fulfillment to the Prophecy, the one Guardian who is to stand triumph against Abaddon the Demon Lord in the Second Great War—which has already begun.

I love how immature Darshun is in "Prophecy of the Guardian," and how cocky he becomes in book two, "Siege of Darkness," because of his mastery in power, quite similar to someone who is a bad arse on electric guitar, or is an expertise at a certain craft; we all know how cocky these people can get.  :)

At the same time, Darshun can hardly help himself because of his Nasharin nature—especially when his Element is Fire. In other words, he already craves battle like any young Nasharin would, and his elemental powers of Fire lean him to be, well, quite the feisty one in his youth.  I find it humorous how many times poor Dar would have gotten smacked if some of my fans and readers could have gotten the chance to enter the world of this epic fantasy.

In all seriousness, the development of Darshun is symbolic, or perhaps a representation to many of us human beings on our journey in life.  We lean by our mistakes, trials and tribulations make us stronger, and we eventually come to understand the reasons behind our hardships—only after we have risen out of the ashes.  Darshun most certainly learns toward the closing of book two, and his maturity gradually develops in the following installments.

I have stated this before when on other blog sites, but why not do it again?  A lot of Darshun’s thought process and feelings reflect my own. You will notice whenever an animal suffers or dies, or a loved one, or whenever he’s faced with a heavy burden, he silently weeps.  The first time we see this is in chapter two of “Prophecy of the Guardian.”  Killing the elk tore his heart out, but he knew it had to have been done.  His adoptive father Mirabel witnesses this side of him and if caught off guard because Nasharin warriors are the deadliest warriors on the planet, feared by the Dark and hated by the Light.  They’re unafraid of death, and will do whatever it takes to accomplish their
objective, even if it means collateral damage.  And yet, here you have little Darshun, weeping over an elk?  That was the first sign that something was different about him compared to any other Nasharin.

And also like me, Darshun often feels heavy burdened because of his deep attachment to creation.  To him, loving so richly is both a blessing and a curse, because it hurts all the more when you lose that special someone in your life in any way, shape or form; not only in death, but also in betrayal, mockery, or anything of the like.

And lastly, like me, he is a happy-go-lucky kind of a guy and even a bit of an airhead at times.  He adores challenges, pushes himself to new limits, and never accepts defeat.  No matter how terrible the dark seems to overshadow him, he still finds a way to push forward. And as if “the Fates” are lending some aid, there always seems to be someone there to give him a helping hand.

The fifth book in my series, “Rise of the Guardian,” was released not too long ago, and I have to say I am quite pleased with the feedback I’ve been receiving.  Book five is definitely the “battle royale” of the series.  We witness the final evolution of Darshun, and the emotional connection with all of the characters has become so rich that it makes us cling to the edge of our seats, praying that our favorite characters will make it through the climax of the Second Great War.  I was hoping that I was able to tie everything together in this final book, and it seems I have, according to readers.

As for the future, I am currently working on a story that takes place about three-quarters of a century after my “epic fantasy” ends, involving a few characters from that series, in addition to some fresh blood.  Although, I think I would consider this next book a dark/horror fantasy, instead of an epic.  I hope it will be enjoyed once accomplished. :)

Once again, thank you Nikki for having me on Close Encounters With The Night Kind. As always, I greatly appreciate it, no matter how much you get off on torturing me in your dungeon.  *grins*

LOL..he has no idea...wait a minute, yes he does!!  So let's take a look at his series:

Fiction and fantasy are certainly my things, usually the books I read are paranormal romance with vampires, werewolves or other supernatural happenings going on. Sci-fi also takes a strong lead and… any of that along with some erotica is a perfect blend. In any case, I like a read that takes me away, far away from reality. I get into the weird and the strange. Prophecy of the Guardian captivated me and held me like glue with its elements of magic, prowess, and even the darkness.

Here we have Cullach, Barbarians, Sorcerers, Dark Elves, Draconian, Magic, Wizards, War, Gnomes, Nasharin, Trolls, and even some Zombies!

This story has definitely taken me to another realm entirely. The characters became real for me and the story is now my fascination. I'm thinking I even have a girl crush on the dark queen, she is amazing and from the moment the reader is introduced to her, the story takes off like wild fire....BOOM! Jason really shakes things up with tinges of sexy... some dark erotica, yes it is mildly so but I would certainly say it is there, and in some scenes it is simply dripping hot but still written with incredible taste. I am into the second book of this series. I can honestly say book 1 was great and this series is only getting better!

Tragedy strikes Zithel, and the city of monks goes up in flames. The Earth-Wizard Mazarian has disappeared, and the army of Asgoth has taken back the Wizard Crystals of the Elements, ready to deliver them into the hands of their master: the Demon Lord Abaddon, where they will be corrupted and used against the very elements they were created to protect, deforming the world to a blackened void. As Darshun Luthais—the chosen Guardian of earth—emerges from the mystical Shajin Island, having completed his training, ready to combat the forces of evil, he not only finds himself in the center of this chaos, but is also torn in different directions. Part of him longs to obey the wisdom of the Elders by relocating the crystals and fleeing Asgoth, while his Nasharin nature thirsts for battle, eager to take on the many trials that stand in his way, keeping him from what he desires most, challenging Abaddon, the ultimate terror.

The Wizard Crystals of the Elements have fallen into the hands of Abaddon, forever corrupted and transformed to evil. Abaddon now patiently waits in his northern kingdom for the coming of Saruinkai—the evening when the spirits of Darkness rule the night, and when he will unleash the Crystals' horrific powers against their own elements and sweep destruction across the earth.
The Light's hope now lies in the young Nasharin warrior Darshun Luthais—the chosen Guardian, for he alone carries the power to stop Abaddon's black sorcery and end the war once and for all. But to do so he must cross over into Abaddon’s kingdom, and that means destroying the one who guards the border, a Fallen Angelic Throne, the secret to Asgoth's three hundred year Rule and invincibility.
Led by the elvish lord Caelestias, Darshun and his companions must seek out and destroy the Throne, encounter a Witch, and a horde of other vile creatures, only to stir up the entirety of Asgoth, coming face to face with them, a battle that will determine the fate of the world.

The Dark King Tanarokai...his ever-bitter Queen, and their ‘three
hundred year undefeated army of death’ never thought they’d see the
day when Asgoth would come crashing down by the hands of the Light.
The time draws near when the Light may hold the final victory, but
little as they know, the horrors and tribulations are just beginning,
and fate is not always fair and balanced.

Guardian of the Seventh Realm Book Four: The Sword of Righteousness is
another “chapter” in the Second Great War of the Seventh Realm.

Darshun Luthais—Nasharin warrior and chosen Guardian of earth,
continues his journey across the arctic land of Syngothra, seeking to
destroy Abaddon's Unholy Altar of Power, and bring the Second Great
War to an end. But when a new and deadly sorcerer working for Abaddon
discovers his plan, he sets up a trap for Darshun and his five
companions, a colossal army of darkness lying in wait among the frozen
elements, ready to unleash its fury once the intruders are in sight.

Now it is up to King Loreus—ruler of Loreladia to unify the scattered
races of Light, and charge into Syngothra before the trap is sprung.
For Loreus wields the Golden Sword of Purity, a weapon forged long ago
by the Five Holy Races, before darkness had separated them. With
little time to spare, the Loreladian King must stop the Elves from

While the Demon Lord Abaddon prepares to cast the Spell of Destruction and wipe out the glories of the earth for his own void of evil, Darshun Luthais, after a long oppressive journey, attempts to eradicate the source of his dark magic, the sacrificial Unholy Altar. But when the Dragon Gods unleash their barricade of fire the Delibious-a mystic realm of darkness, flames and witchery, Darshun must find a way through without burning his soul out of existence, and save the earth from the coming annihilation.

So doesn't this series sound totally rockin?  I think it does!!  So Jason is offering on hardback set and one e-copy set!!  Just fill out the rafflecopter!!  Good Luck!!!

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felinewyvern said...

Wonderful post Jason but I'm left wondering (and hoping) if the new dark/horror Fantasy will be the first book in a new series :D

Sandy said...

I'm so thrilled I stopped by your blog today! This is a new author to me and his work sounds wonderful! Off to share!

Unknown said...

Wow! I do not read much from male authors (nothing against the male gender, just have not found many works I enjoyed by them-lopsided smile). With exceptions of Steven King and George R.R. Martin (those are two of my all time favs!) This series sounds like something I could seriously get into! I would love to win an ebook set and escape into the world of Jason's fantasy series.

I have one question. I love all of the covers, did you create them yourself or have a lot to do with the final products?

Thank you for giving us all a chance to win!

Have a great weekend all :)

Dragonlady 029@

msmjb65 said...

Thanks for all the info on your books and offering them up! Have you always been into these types of books or did you develop your interest overtime by reading other authors and if so, who are your influences?
msmjb65 AT gmail DOT com

M. Williams said...

A male author is a rarity, but a great treat with the fantasy and darker elements.

Have you ever considered writing a book with a Sci-fi emphasis? So few writers can combine sci-fi in a compelling manner. If there are, I have yet to find them. Any recommendations?

Alright,I love the fantasy books too and will have to check out a book of yours...looks like they need a closer investigation.

Jason W Baccaro said...

Hello ilona. To be honest, it will be a stand alone book. But I have three additional books I plan on writing pertaining to this world on mine. Maybe if the books soar (or if the dark/horror fantasy book soars), I might consider doing a dark fantasy series. I gather it depends on how me fans would want me too :)

Jason W Baccaro said...

Reneava: No, Gemini Judson - the artist from the publishing company created them off of my ideas. A few of them I wanted a bit different, like Darshun on "Siege of Darkness" looking like he was in dire rage, with blue flames scattering around him, but Gemini thought he looked like he was constipated that way, so she made him look hot. LOL ^_^

Jason W Baccaro said...

msmjb65: I've been into fantasy and action, and even...yes, Chick Flicks ever since I was young. The heaviest influences for me were J.R.R. Tolkien (but I do not write like him), Akira Toriyama, Joey W Hill, and my own personal beliefs and interests on spirituality and mythologies.

Jason W Baccaro said...

M Williams, I thought about doing a sci-fi book, in fact, the final book in chronological order of my worl that I plan on writing someday, I wanted to make it both sci-fi with a lot of mythology mixed in, combining spiritualities with "possible" science. You can see that influence a little bit already in my "Guardian of the Seventh Realm" series, especially book three "The Coming of the Light."

Jason W Baccaro said...

Thank you, Sandy! XOXOXO

Jason W Baccaro said...

ilona, I also wanted to say that in my Dark Fantasy I'm currently writing, there will a lot of dark erotica. Did I mention I LOVE Dominant females?! You'll see that with the Dark Queen Talvenya in my "Guardian" series. ^_^

Filia Oktarina said...

Wonderful post Jason!! You are new author to me and read this post make me intrique with this series. Do this series still continue, how many books you plan for this series. I am looking forward to read this series.
Thanks for sharing:)

M. Williams said...

Thank you, I will definitely look into book three. With your "Gardian of the Seventh Realm" series, can the books stand alone? It would save me some time to check out book three first and pick up the rest later.

Unknown said...

LMAO!!! Nice Jason! Glad it was changed. Not sure how hot we would all find a constipated Darshun ;)

Jason W Baccaro said...

Filia, you know, originally, this series of five installments was suppose to be a trilogy, but the small, independent publishing company I am with does not like to publish novels over 80,000 words, so, I had to separate it into five books. The current crisis ends in book five, "Rise of the Guardian." But yes, I am currently working on a new book - same world, with a few popular characters from my "Guardian" series, in addition to some new ones. I also plan of writing three more even after that. :)

Jason W Baccaro said...

Awww, ReneAva, I'm sure my cover would have been bad arse! ^_^

I have to admit, I LOVE the way Darshun looks in book five. "Angelically" hot!!! :)

Jason W Baccaro said...

M Williams, I'm sorry, but no, "The Coming of the Light" is not a stand alone book. I mean, you could give it a try, if you'd like, but what you'll discover will ruin a couple of really exciting suprises. :)

Jason W Baccaro said...

If anyone would like, feel free to check out my video book trailer for my series on Youtube. :)

Mary Preston said...

Do you decide how many books will be in the series before you begin or as you go?


Jason W Baccaro said...

Marybelle, yes, I knew, in a sense, how long "Guardian of the Seventh Realm" was going to be, I just wasn't sure how I was going to do it. While jotting down notes and rough drafts, the story gradually built in my head for a couple of years, and once the "shell" of it was accomplished, it all just started to fall into place. That's my favorite part of writing - the version you make after the "shell" is complete.

Helen said...

this is a new series to me but it sounds interesting. Witch stories are my favorite, and with the wizards in this it should definitely fit my style.

Jason W Baccaro said...

Hello Helen. My Wizards are a bit different from the norm, they're the "result" of the spilt blood from the Holy Angelic of Heaven in the first battle on earth, in the beginning. Their origin is explained in chapter two in "Prophecy of the Guardian." But the most interesting race is my series, for most readers, so far is the Nasharin race, which is what the main character, Darshun, is, very colorful, fearsome and bad arse. ^_^

Evelyn said...

You're a new author for me I look forward to reading some of your work

Jason W Baccaro said...

Thank you, Evelyn. :)

Donna said...

how old were you when you wrote your first book
thanks for the contest

Patti said...

I also have not read anything by Jason but his wizards sound interesting

Jason W Baccaro said...

Hi Patti, thank you. The Nasharin race, I promise you, is much more interesting, at least to myself, and for most readers of the series, so far.

Jason W Baccaro said...

Donna, I think I was about 20 years old when I first began Prophecy of the Guardian, and it just gradually developed over time.

Jess said...

about how long does it take you to write one book. are you able to write more than one a year


Jason W Baccaro said...

Hello Jess. When I first began the series, for about two or three years I was writing rough rough drafts and taking notes and memory notes. Once I got to a point where I had more time to work on it, and what I was writing started looking better, I got a lot more serious and persistent. All in all, I think it took me about 3 years to get the basic structure of the series down, and another 5 or 6 to complete all 5 books.

Jason W Baccaro said...

Now that I have gotten better at writing, and have gotten my anxiety and ocd habits under control, for the most part, my concentration is much clearer, and I think I could finish a new book in about 12-15 months.

Barbara said...

Is there an element of romance in this series...does Dar have a 'love interest(s)?

Jason W Baccaro said...

Hi Barbara. Yes, there is some romance, and even small elements of dark erotica. In the first book, Darshun falls for a woman, whose little city had been destroyed, with her being the only survivor. I wish I could say more, but I don't want to spoil anything for you. As the books move on there is another character who develops a romantic interest with Dar's sister. They are both so feisty. ^_^

Sarah Elizabeth said...

Hadn't come across these books before but I'm really glad I read this post today. They sound fantastic and I'm off to add them to my wishlist! Thanks so much!

Sarah Elizabeth said...

Ha ha! Took me a few minutes to find these on amazon cause they're in the name j w Baccaro instead of Jason Baccaro. Found them now though!

Jason W Baccaro said...

Hello Sarah, and thank you!! ^_^ Yeah, a few of my friends who know me in my hometown have said the same thing, that they had looked up "Jason Baccaro" instead of "J.W.Baccaro," lol. If you want the ebook versions, they're all available on Amazon, and also on the barnes and nobles nook. The paperbacks are available at Whickey Creek Press. I hope you enjoy them.

Denise Z said...

Thank you for sharing with us today. I was reading the post and note book five is it for the series, did you just feel the story had progressed far enough or was the new venture calling you? :)

Jason W Baccaro said...

Denise Z, the crisis of the story, and also the telling of the earth's Guardian - when he first becomes the Guardian, does end with Book Five, but that's not the end of this world. I plan on two more stand alone books that will take place after this series, and also two additional books that take place before this series.

Gale Nelson said...

Thanks for this great giveaway! I would like to know how long it took you to write your first book?

Jason W Baccaro said...

Hi Gale. Probably about 2-3 years for "Prophecy of the Guardian" and "Siege of Darkness." Originally, those two were suppose to be book one when I wanted my series to be a trilogy, but the independent publishing company I am with wasn't comfortable publishing books longer than 80,000 words, so I had to split my trilogy into five installments.

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