Wednesday, April 4, 2012

YA Tour Host Sign Up

SO your perusing through my site and you see YA Tour Coordinator and your going huh?  YA on this site? YES!!  There have been several YA books over the years.  Yes but you run an 18+ site.  Now this is true.  That's where you come in.  A lot of authors are hesitant if they write in the YA area to advertise on an 18+ site. So will this change the content of your beloved CEWTNK?  Absolutely not.  This is an expansion, of other books for me to share with you.  What YA lack in sexual content they make up in imagination and creativity.  But I have had a lot of books with no sexual content, and I have also had books with all sexual content..LOL.  The site is dedicated to books that I have fallen in love with.  And that is what matters!!  So if you would be interested in signing up to receive info on the YA front, add your link below.  Remember that you are under no obligation to join in every tour, just the ones that interest you.  Thank you in advance for being awesome!!  Please email me @ if you are interested in becoming a host!!  Put in the subject line:  Tour Host.

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