Friday, April 6, 2012

Review: The Fame Shame Game: The Debut By: Eiko La Boria

“In the sex war, thoughtlessness is the weapon of the male, vindictiveness of the female”
The Unquiet Grave, Palinurus (1944)

The restless spirits of Hollywood are creating their usual brand of mischief when they take special notice of new arrival, aspiring movie star, Lana De Luna, who has a face and body created for sex and an overpowering voice in her head that beckons her to take no prisoners–in vain, she tries to subdue the voice as it urges her to have but one goal, make it to the top of Hollywood by any means necessary–instead she falls in love with the callous and handsome rake, Morton Cay, who reduces her to shambles, thrusting Lana to finally heed the echoing almighty voice and transform into the most ruthless player in the game–looming souls laud her new ambition–bringing Morton Cay and all of her detractors to their grimy knees!

My Review:

Lana De Luna was a woman with a mission.  She was going to be the biggest and brightest star no matter what it took.  She starts out in the book, just like that.  Staying one step ahead of everyone.  She doesn't get involved and glides through her first blackmail like a pro.  She now has an agent, who pays her rent and is going to get her in a couple of auditions.  She even met a designer that wants to dress her every time she goes out.  Things were looking up.  Then she meets Morton Cay.

Morton is a big time film director who doesn't specialize in relationships of any type.  When he meets Lana he has to have her.  She becomes like an obsession.  Her beauty enthralls everyone, and is her ticket straight up to the top.  But Morton isn't above using Lana for his own means.  So he does, and breaks her heart again and again.

This book is about Lana's debut into the acting world.  If this is what it really takes, I could never, never be an actress.  It seems the men exploit every angle to get a woman to do whatever he wants.  Lana starts off  holding all the cards, but drops them as she becomes more involved with Morton.  He is definitely horrid news and someone she should shake.  She deserves better and finally realizes it after their nasty break-up.  She lets her inner demon lead her towards the yellow-brick road of stardom, and doesn't back-down when Morton shows up at her debut party.  Lana gives him something to contemplate as she leaves him sitting in the parking lot.  LOL..This was an unusual read.  I really enjoyed the illustrations, and the story line was extremely catchy.  I can't wait to check out the next installment in this series.  Great Job Eiko!!

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