Saturday, October 12, 2013

BTS Grand Re-Opening Bash Prizes and Winners!!

Due to the overwhelming response of the party, we have decided to extend it another day!!!
KD McLean has donated the first 3 books in her Tales of Pandora series: The Story of Rachel, Nancy's Soldier and Annik's Story 
Signed Print copy of Sandra Bunino's Satin Rose Experience plus some sexy swag
Sheri Fredricks has donated an e-copy of The Remdy Maker and 3 e-copies of Portals of Oz
AR Von has donated a $5 Amazon card, An e-copy of Wunder, and some signed swag..
Emily Minton has donated an E-copy of Windows
Brenda Dyer has donated an e-copy of Love's Prophecy and Prophecy's Child
C.J Corbin donated a print copy of Eagle's Destiny for one US winner or an e-book copy for international
D'Ann Lindun donated a print copy of Vaquero
Jennifer Gibson donated an e-copy of Compass, an e-copy of Destiny, and a $10 amazon card.
Rachel Rossano donated 2 e-copies of her book Duty
Annette Bower donated an e copy of Moving On, A Prairie Romance as well as an e copy of Woman of Substance.
Danita Minnis donated a $5 Amazon card
Chris Lange donated an e-copy of A Touch Too Much
Seraphina Donavan donated an autographed print copy of Been Loving You Too Long
Liv Honeywell donated an ebook copy of Coming, Ready or Not 
Laci Page donated an e-book copy of The Silken Edge 
Becky Wilhem Ford donated an ebook of Beyond the Eyes and of Dark Spirits
Kate Baum donated an ebook of Nice Girl.
Brindle Chase donated Gothic City Lights: Lilith and an ebook copy of her dark paranormal erotic romance, Dark is the Night
DX Luc donated an e-copy of Hunters of Seraphim
Cathryn Cade donated a copy of Creed of Pleasure
Cheryl Yeko donated an autographed print copy of Protecting Rose
Myra Nour donated her River of Dreams series
Robin Bayne is donating winners choice of the following: Samaritan, Christmas Pearl or Christmas Forever. 
Iyana Jenna donated a few copies of her short stories!!!
Danica Avet is donating winner's choice of an e-copy of any of her books and one of her fabulous T-shirts!!
Morticia Knight donated winner's choice of one of her books and a $5 giftcard!!
Jaz Primo has donated eBook copies of Gwen Reaper, Bringer of Fire, and Sunrise at Sunset
Lacey Wolfe has donated winner's choice of her books
Heather Sharpe has donated an e-copy of PURR-fect Love
Mary Ann Abraham has donated an autographed print copy of her new release (due out Nov 1) Theory in Depth
Sabrina York has donated an e-book set of her Tryst Island Trio: Rebound, Dragonfly-Kisses, and Smoking Holt.
Regan Black is donating a prize pack filled up with goodies!!!
CR Moss is donating a winners choice of Amazon, aRe, or B and N $5 gift card
Pippa Jay is donating an e-copy of her scifi romance short Terms & Conditions Apply. 
JoJo Quinn is donating an e-copy of Second Chances and also my new release under my pen name, Starstruck. Both are contemporary romances with some naughtiness.
Barbara Mack Pinkston is donating  an ebook copy of A Perfect Mistress and an eBook copy of Dreaming of You, both historical romance novellas.
Jenn Langston is donating a Kindle copy of His Perfect Bride, a historical romance.
Susan D. Taylor is donating some CRASH & BURN Swag.
Jenny Marie is donating up to 5 eBook copies of TDMS Collection (J. M. Zuniga)
Sarah Lazowski is donating a signed print copy of Jaded Nightmares.
Stella Eromonsere-Ajanaku is donating 3 eCopies of Flirty & Feisty Romance New Release, HUSBAND to RENT
$15 B and N card from the fabulous Gail Kroger
Donna Sheilds donated a copy of The Swan Cove Murders
Tara Hall donated a fabulous handmade cat bed!!
Lisa Day donated a copy of "Love & Betrayal on the Santa Fe."
Claudia Long give away a copy of JOSEFINA'S SIN
Patricia Green is donating a copy of Romantek Book One (Amazon Top 100 for Romance/Time Travel)
Cynthia Meyers-Hanson is donating some ebooks - one entitled The Vision and another novel called The Choice by Sydney S. Song.

Brenda Perlin is donating Home Wrecker I
Joanne Jaytanie-Duncan is donating a signed copy of Chasing Victory.
S Renea Bates is donating a copy of my e-book Symphony of Light and Winter Amazon or B&N format.
Valerie A Twombly is donating an e-copy of my Eternal Flame
Iyana Jenna is donating choice of her books!!!
Sascha Illyvich is donating an e copy of Wolf Magic since SCP is releasing the first book in my Opeth Pack series and that's the precursor!
Elizabeth Morgan is donating an ecopy of Creak, and a copy of The Collector: Book 1 in The Overseers Series 
Dianna Hardy is donating a signed paperback copy of Releasing The Wolf plus printed swag
Author D X Luc is Donating Hunters.
Deidra Krishanna as La Drama Princess is donating"Submit to The Dark Side"-ebook
Seraphina Donavan is offering signed copy of Been Loving You Too Long and a flyer from the KIW 
Catch the Indie Spirit book signing--signed by myself, Kallypso Masters, Hallee Bridgeman, Donna McDonald, JM Madden, Laramie Briscoe and Allison Jewel.
Teresa Treadway Gabelman is donating 5 ebooks of Damon book 1 of the Protectors Series.
Cynthia Meyers-Hanson is donating 5 eBooks of my book entitled The Vision.
Victoria Vane is donating an e-copy of THE SHEIK RETOLD as well as (1)  copy of A DEVIL NAMED DEVERE.!!
Kally Masters is donating a 1st edition paperback of Nobody's Perfect, a hand fan, and a swag bag to the celebration. 
Imogene Nix donated an e-copy of Blame it on the Wine
Torie James donated and E-copy of Timeless Desire
Perci T. Brooks. donated a 5 dollar giftcard
Bon-Sue Brandvik donated a winner's choice of a print or audio version of Pearls: Spirits of the Belleview Biltmore
Katalina Leon Donated 2 ebooks:  The Strix and Bag of Tricks 2:  Claimed by Dragons
Tiffany Camouche donated:  The Impostor, A Love Story By Tiffany Carmouche    winners choice of Obsession and Sacrifice or The Impostor.
Elaine Rancho Chase donated one of each of her books!!!
Author Kathi S. Barton Author donated A signed copy of Sapphire
Leanore Elliot: Beast's Trilogy
Author Prizes:

2 blurb/blitz tours: A.R. Von and Morticia Knight

2 one page ads: Jaz Primo and Regan Black

Editing Services:    Crystal Shall is  donating her editing services to your event. I'm donating a line edit of a fiction manuscript up to 20,000 words, a $70 value. If the winner wishes to have a manuscript over 20,000 words edited, she'll apply a $70 credit to any fee charged. You can check out her website at  winner:  Perci T. Brooke

Pre-party game 1: Iris Montalvo Pross 
Pre-Party game 2:  S.J. Maylee
1.Melissa Weeks:  Gail Koger's Prize of a $15 giftcard!! 
2.Sheri Fredricks:  Print copy of Sandra Bunino's SRE!!!
3.Brenda Dyer:  Homemade Cat bed from Tara Lain
4.Kris Bloom:  AR Von's Swag pack and book!!!
5.Michelle Peden Vasquez:  Myra Nour's Books!!
6.Sue Fahey :  Jennifer Gibson Prize Pack
7.Bonnie Dahl-Rediske: A Purrrrrfect Love by Heather Sharpe
8.Bobbie Ann Bohn:  Pandoras Box series
9.Tina Eastham Reiter:  Danica Avet's Prize Pack
10.Beckey White:  Danitia Minnis' winner!!!
11.Ellena Jennings :  Portals of Oz and Brindle Chase's Lilith
12.Laurie Johnson:  Portals of Oz and Remedy Maker
13. Leslie Ferdinand:  Flirty & Feisty by Stella Eromonsere and Gwen Reaper by Jaz Primo
14.Sherri Williamson :  Windows
15.Elaine Swinney :  Hunters of Seraphium
16.Imogene Nix:  Robyn Bayn choice which is Samaritain
17.Tanya Conaway :  Cheryl Yeko's print copy of Protecting Rose!!
18.April Epley:  autographed copy of Vasquero!!
20.Cindy Mucha Barton :  Its all about the Wine by Imogene Nix
21.Lee'Anne Hardin:  Been Loving you too Long!!
22.Richard Sullivan : Sabrina Yorks Prize Pack!!
23. is Marta Cox(Dreaming of you) and Barbara Burdette (A Perfect Mistress):  Barbara Mack
24.Helen Simpson: Brenda Dyer
25.Barbara Burdette :  Morticia Knight
26.Katie Burkman Coss and D'Ann Linscott-Dunham :  JoJo Quinn's Winners!!
27.Brenda Dyer(Sunrise at Sunset) and Donna Shields (Bringer of Fire) :  Jaz Primo
28.Barbara Burdette (The Shie k Retold) and Laurie Johnson (DEVIL NAMED DEVERE) Victoria Vane
29.Elaine Swinney:  The Swan Murders
30.Melissa Weeks:  Pippa Jay's Book!!!
31.Nicki Bland:  Wolf Magic
32.Ariella Holstein (Creak), and Candy Candy Golden copy of The Collector: Book 1 in The Overseers Series: Elizabeth Morgan 
32.Sue Fahey: Patricia Green
33.Zee Hayat :  Regan Black's Prize Pack
35.Nicki Bland :  Lacey Wolfe choice!!
36.Christina Abrahamsen:  Dianna Hardy
37.Marlena Fein :  Kallypso Masters Prize Pack!!
39.Andrea Figard :  Ten Dollar amazon card!!
40.Tina Eastham Reiter and Brenda Dyer!!!:  Leanore Elliots Beasts series
41. Shadow, Sue, Sheri, Christina, Melissa, and Sarah !!
42. Cindy:  Victoria Danann's prize pack!!!
43. Christina, Melissa, Sue, April, and Cindy !!!
44.Helen Simpson:  Choice of print or audio of Pearls
45. Bonnie Dahl-Rediske (The Strix) and Heather Sharpe (Bag of Tricks): Katalina Leon
46.Krissy Burns Holstein :  $5 amazon card from CR Moss
46.  Sara Carnes for Moving On and Bonnie Dahl-Rediske for Woman of Substance!! Annette Bower
47.CM Wright..everyone won!!  :)
48. Everyone wins!!!
48.Pamela Sims:  Silken Seduction by Laci!!
49. Crystal Schall:  Winner of Nice Girl by Kate Buam
51.Shellie Hedge:  Print Copy of Josephina's Sins
52.Fiona Mcvie:  Chris Lange's Winner!!
52.Jennifer Sapa:  $5 amazon card from Perci T. Brooks
55.Sarah Miles:  Torie James book!!
55.Tina Goyette:  Winner of a Print copy of Theory in Depth
56.JoAnna Halpin Becker:  Print Copy of Jaded Nightmares
57.Ashley Anne Applebee :  Print copy of Chasing Victory
60.Shadow Kohler :  Print copy of Sapphire!!
61. Crystal Schall (Special Delivery e-book), Lee'Anne Hardin (Video Vixen e-book), Samantha Harlow(Special Delivery audio), Shellie Hedge( Video Vixen audio), Dzintra Sullavin (Double Occupancy e-book), Bobbye Hope Booth (Bobbye Hope Cox)(Rules of the Game e-book), Sara Carnes (Double Occupancy audio) Shadow Kohler (rules of the Game audio)!!  Elaine Rinco Chase


Unknown said...

Amazing list!

Unknown said...

The site looks great and the party looks like its going to be a blast. Fantastic list of gifts!!!!

Unknown said...

When will the winners from Sundays games be posted?

Unknown said...
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Anonymous said...

This is an amazing list, but I don't think she's updated it with all of the new prizes yet. I believe there's even more to come.

Unknown said...

So ..we keep playing today on all the games we missed? When does it end?

Unknown said...

This was a great time..many neat games and a huge supply of prizes from so many different authors..

It was well hosted and amazing friendships were made. I am excited to see what comes in the next tour that is given.Thank you.

Melissa Weeks said...

That was phenomenal I loved it I can't wait for the next event thanks to all the people who donated all the goodies and thanks Nikki for hosting a stellar event

Unknown said...

Sweet list! Congrats to all the winners Listed and soon to be listed!!

Unknown said...

When will the rest of the winner's be posted??

Barbara Burdette said...

Were do we go to claim our prizes??

Unknown said...

Congrats to all the winners. Quite aggravating to see that many prizes and knowing us wasted 2 days for nothing

Unknown said...

Thanks so much! Had a great time and great prizes to be had!

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