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Giveaway and Sneak Peek of The Mistress by Elise Marion

The Mistress
Kings of Cardenas #4
By Elise Marion
Publication date: October 13th


Once the courtesan of a prince, and then the wife of a king, Davina Keane now finds herself divorced, banished for treason, and sentenced to a life of loveless marriage to the man who aided her in her crimes. Now a penniless widow, she has sunk as low as could be and faces a life of poverty; prostitution being her only other option besides living on the street. Desperate to save herself, Davina makes one final attempt at forging a new life … by marriage to Rafe Rothwell. 

A widower and father of three, Rafe has been looking for a wife ever since his first one perished. It’s too bad no one will have him, as he and his children (known notoriously as the Racous Rothwells) have a reputation for being difficult to manage. He’s long given up his search when Davina Keane appears at his door, seemingly prepared to take on the role. Though his needs are practical at first, Rafe finds himself faced with the truth: he wants more from her than just a manager of his home and hearth. 

As an arrangement of convenience becomes something more, Davina is faced with the possibility of losing her husband over the truth of a past she kept secret when entering the marriage. Will love be enough to erase the mistakes of her past, or will they threaten to upend her newfound happiness? 

 Excerpt (Rated R):
“Do not move and do not turn around,” he whispered. “If you do not behave yourself, I’ll be forced to punish you.”
Davina’s body went taut as a bowstring at his whispered promise. She faced the wall, bracing herself against it with her hands as she waited, anticipation singing in her blood. Rafe’s hands came around her front and kneaded her breasts, his thumbs and forefingers teasing her nipples to diamond hardness. She gasped and moaned, her hips bucking in response as she swayed against him, searching for the closeness of his body. He continued his torture, his lips and teeth finding the most delicious spot where her neck met her shoulder to tease and torment.  One hand snaked down to skim across her stomach, coming dangerously close to the apex of her thighs.
“Yes,” she whispered, wiggling her hips against his. “Touch me, Rafe.” She started as his palm made stinging contact with her bottom, the sting of his slap quickly soothed as he caressed her gently in the same spot. She whimpered and stilled as delicious heat spread over her skin.
“Davina,” he scolded. “I warned you. You are not behaving.”
She smiled as he caressed the sting away, his fingers kneading her pliant flesh. His hand traveled lower, dipping between her cheeks and sliding forward, to encounter her ready opening. He hissed as his hand encountered her and he stroked her, teasing her tight little bud with his fingertip.
“God, I want you,” he groaned as he continued to draw out his wicked torment. Davina ground her hips against him, taking his finger inside of her and groaning as the digit caressed her silken walls.
She bit her lower lip and suppressed a scream as Rafe’s palm made contact with the opposite cheek this time, his palm already smoothing away the sting.
“You are being quite wicked,” Rafe warned as he reached for her hands, raising them high over her head. “You are going to force my hand, Davina.”
Her laugh was a guttural hum as he gripped both her wrists in one of his hands. With his other, she could hear him fumbling at the front of his trousers. She held her breath, her inability see what he was doing only heightening her awareness of his every move. Davina gasped when she felt the head of him, thick and probing at her entrance. He pressed against her lightly, teasing her by dipping just inside her opening before pulling away again, coating himself with the moisture weeping from within her in response to his touch.
His hand was at her hip again as he continued to tease her, coming just into her before backing out again, his fingers biting into her hip as he held her steady.
“Rafe,” she panted, begging. “Please … I want you now.”
Davina cried out this time, unable to contain it as swirls of light and color danced behind her closed eyes. This time, Rafe knelt and used his lips to soothe the stinging flesh, kissing it away as his fingers slid over her satiny folds.
“Tell me you’ll never leave me again,” he commanded as he stood, turning her to face him. She stared up at him from beneath eyelids gone heavy with desire. “Say it, Davina.”
“Never,” she gasped, her insides a maelstrom of wanton need. She grasped his shoulders and he lifted her, carrying her to the bed. “I will never leave you again, Rafe.”


Author Bio

I first picked up a pen with with dreams of writing at the age of 12. I’ve been writing ever since and have found a love of romantic stories both sweet and sensual. 

I am a woman with two jobs. My first job consists of taking care of home and family, which includes a busy Army husband, two rambunctious kids, and two very active dogs. When I’m not doing that I’m stretching the imagination with stories of people from all walks of life (and worlds) falling in love. 

I love coffee, chocolate, music (listening and singing), shoes, jewelry, and food! I am always in the kitchen whipping up something new or watching the pros do it on TV. 

Elise will be giving away 5 eBook copies of THE MISTRESS during this blitz. Please see below for the Rafflecopter code

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Unknown said...

Thanks for participating in Elise's release day blitz Nikki! Enjoy the rest of your Sunday; I'm off to eat turkey for Canadian Thanksgiving. :D

Elise Marion said...

Nikki, thanks for always opening your blog to me. You are so awesome!
Love you lots,

erin said...

sounds fantastic! Congrats to Elise on the new release!

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