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Troll-y Yours Speed Date (Hour 11) with Danica Avet!!

Next up is our amazingly hot Tiger Shifter...who is also king of kitchens!!!

Name:Zachary Trahan
Age: 35
Height/Weight:6'3", 275
Eye Color/Hair Color:Blonde & Black hair, topaz

The Sexy Lowdown:

Being a human in a parish filled with shifters, Colette Robicheaux has learned to be tough as nails. A hunter with the kind of lethal skills that make most men nervous, all it takes is a single hot look from Zachary Trahan to make her melt into a puddle of goo. And this tiger shifter doesn’t fight fair, using his hot body and his many skills in the kitchen to melt her panties. But there’s a danger in the swamps that threatens to tear them apart, an evil that could turn this hunter into prey.

When chef Zachary Trahan took a break from work to hunt, the last thing he expected to find was his mate. A human huntress with a hot temper, a quick trigger finger and the kind of body destined to keep him up at night, Colette makes his tiger purr. He’ll have to fight his stubborn mate, her impossible family and the threat hiding in the swamps before he can finally claim her for his own.

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Her eyes narrowed on him. “So on top of trespassing on private property and insulting my family, you think I’m crazy?”

For the first time in his life, Zach was stunned speechless. His tiger scrambled, trying to figure out what she meant. He should have been used to not understanding females, which was why he limited his contact with them to fucking. He fucked a woman, made sure she screamed with pleasure, found his own and was out the door shortly after. It was a system that worked to lower his chances of becoming entangled in the web of male helplessness that caught so many of his friends. One after the other, he’d watched them tie themselves in knots over their mates, from the start of the attraction to the mating and beyond. There was no understanding the female mind and from what he’d heard of human females, they were the worst of the lot. Which failed to explain his sudden need to get this one in bed. Or take her right here on the ground.

“I don’t think you’re crazy,” he said slowly.

The rifle lowered a bit. “You’re talking to me as though you think I’m crazy,” she accused.

Zach abruptly dropped the charm. “Woman, I don’t know what crawled up your ass, but I’m trying to talk to you. Now you can either tell me what I said wrong, or shoot me.”

He really hadn’t expected her to choose the last option. He just counted himself lucky she was either a worse shot than she boasted to be, or couldn’t bring herself to actually put a hole in him. The rifle barrel dropped and a nearly soundless expulsion of air was all he heard before the dirt two inches in front of his toes kicked up to slap against his shins. Zach’s jaw dropped in shock even as little Zach gave a jerk of excitement.

He was a sick fucker. Sick, sick, sick because he should not have found being shot at by a tough, possibly insane Cajun woman the least bit sexy. But he did. God help him, he and his tiger were just about frothing at the mouth with lust. He had no idea what her name was, or if she needed medication for that chip on her shoulder, but he knew he needed to find out as much about her as he could.

“Colette?” A male called out in the distance, breaking his lust-induced daze. “Cher, where you at?”

He appreciated learning her name, but would have preferred learning it from her. Zach’s tiger growled, possessiveness nearly overwhelming him. It was a struggle to keep from shifting right then and there. It hadn’t even occurred to him that she might not be single, that she might not be his for the taking.

The thought echoed around his head and he backtracked. He didn’t want her permanently or anything. He just wanted her in every position physically possible and some of those that weren’t if he could find a good pulley system. Hearing another man calling for her, using a familiar endearment pissed him off more than fucking up an easy recipe. He wanted to go find the bastard and rip his head off.

She lost some of her anger, the aggression and tension easing from her slowly as though she realized he wasn’t going anywhere. Then she spoke. “They won’t be as nice when they get here.” The Cajun Ice Princess voice taunted his tiger to warm her up. “Go on and get out of here. They won’t miss on purpose if they decide to shoot you.”

He could hear a good-sized party of what he supposed were her fellow hunters, probably her family and a possible husband walking toward them, but he didn’t move. “You shoot at every man you meet, Colette, or just the ones you like?”

It was a calculated gamble to unsettle her as much as she unsettled him. Her lips softened and parted, a pink tide of color sweeping up her neck to settle in her cheeks. The rifle dropped some and yup, there were pert, hard little nipples pressing against her shirt.

“W-what?” she stammered in a voice that wasn’t nearly as frigid as it had been before. “No.”

His tiger purred. She might not want to be attracted to him, whether it was because she didn’t like shifters or some other reason, but she was. He might be upwind of her, unable to catch any hint of her feminine musk, yet his animal half was an expert at reading body language. He didn’t need to smell her attraction. It was written on her face, in her dilated eyes, flushed cheeks and the rapidly beating pulse in her neck. In the expression that twisted with want and anger and frustration.

The party crashers were coming closer and he knew his time with her was coming to an end. For now. He had every intention of finding out more about this lone Robicheaux female, more specifically if she was married or not, so he could pursue her. It was a hunt of an entirely different kind, but one he and his tiger were positive would end successfully with her pussy clamped around his dick as she screamed his name.
“Colette, where you at, bêbe ?” the male voice, mature with a thick Cajun accent called out again.
She turned her head slightly in the direction of the call.

It was all the opening he needed. Using the strong muscles of his legs that gave him such an impressive jump, Zach launched himself at his newest prey. Her head jerked back around, her pretty eyes wide with shock, her mouth falling open and then they were going down. He could’ve been a complete jerk and let her take the brunt of their weight, but again, Zach’s tiger wanted to make even this show of dominance and intimidation easy on her.

He wrapped his arms around her lean body and twisted slightly as they headed for the ground so he took her weight. She’d jerked the gun up at the last minute, sandwiching it between their bodies, the barrel warm, but it was the surprisingly small woman cradled in his arms who heated him up the most.

Finally—fucking finally, he could smell her and his dick gave a jerk of excitement despite being used as a gun rest since that was exactly where the butt of her rifle was. His tiger considered that a small price to pay to have her this close, her arousal making his head swim. He closed his eyes and inhaled deeply, a purr of arousal and contentment rumbling in his chest. Sweet vanilla musk with a hint of some kind of spice he couldn’t identify made his mouth water with the urge to taste her thick cream at the heart of that scent.
For a moment, she was perfectly still although he could feel the frantic pounding of her heart against his chest. The tight buds of her nipples poked at him through the fabric of her shirt. Their bodies had aligned perfectly, his thigh nestled against the juncture of her legs, the warmth of her pussy scorching him through her jeans.
He opened his eyes to see her gaping at him with a shocked expression. Beautiful eyes with deep, black pupils that dilated as he returned her stare, letting her see the intent on his face. Because he had to kiss her. Despite knowing the men in her family, one of them possibly a lover—his tiger snarled at the thought—were coming closer, he had to have one taste.

She sucked in a ragged breath and Zach made his move.

The lowdown:
I think I fell in love with Zach because he was so against everything I tried to make him do. I knew when I first met him in Primal Design, that he wasn't going to make it easy to find the right woman for him, but neither of us expected him to meet a woman like Colette. I knew when I wrote him that I'd have to find him a female who was strong enough to tame a tiger. Little did we both know that he needed an alligator hunter. 


Zach was at a complete loss of what to do with her. She wasn't like the women who followed him around and threw themselves at him. She was tough, but she wasn't a shifter. And he thought for certain he needed a shifter to make him happy. Humans were too fragile, too emotional. Except Colette blew him right out of the water.

What else did I love about him? The man can cook! Not just cook though. He's sexy as hell and he likes to bake. He wants to coddle and feed Colette, to put some meat on her bones, almost as though her lean build is an affront to his cooking skills LOL

Zach was unpredictable like the tiger he is and it was a pleasure learning more about him.

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