Thursday, July 28, 2016

Day 11 of the 13 days of S.A. Price: You Burn Me

Happy Thursday!!  I just can't wait for this week to be over so I can be on my way to Savannah and AAD!!  So much stuff lined up and I get to visit in person with the amazing S.A. Price.  A true treat.  So we are back to the series that I absolutely love:  13 Shades:  You Burn Me.    Hands down, once I started reading it I could not put it down!  Its engaging and creative and just all around fun!!  So let me intoduce you to X and Dante:

A priestess of The Morrigan, Xxieda Rolla is a woman who has known success in her business, fulfillment in her family life and is only missing one thing: the love of the man that would have her for always. Sent to Shadow Heights New York by her goddess to find him, she meets the ever tasty, ever surly Dante Barratt. Sparks fly, and so does Amaretto Latte.

Dante, a dealer of rare and illegal commodities, and a very tempestuous fire demon might want the woman who's brown eyes haunt him, but knows better then to get involved with someone who just screams purity. Shes hot, and successful in ways he never could be, and knows a man that just gave away his soul like he did didn't deserve a woman like that.

After a chance encounter on a dark street corner, and an earth shattering kiss, Both are powerless to deny the chemistry between them... until Xxieda tells him her secret: shes a virgin.

Caught between his head and his heart, can Dante accept the fact that Fate sometimes gives us exactly what we really need, not what we think we want?

This book was one of my favorites, from the second that Dante got coffee spilled in his lap.  He was a total jerk and completely deserved it!!  XXieda is one of The Morrigan's favored priestess and is such that X has remained pure all of her life in order to best serve her goddesss.  When Morrigan tells her that her fated one is near, X sets off on an adventure to find him.  All she knows is that he was in Shadow Heights.  Considering the area size, that wasn't a lot to gone on, but, X had waited this

X is probably one of my favorite characters in the series. She is lucky professionally and spiritually but not so lucky in the love department.  I can completely relate.  She loves her job and cares very deeply for the band and her goddess.  Combine that with her fashion sense and amazing humor, you have one killer package!!   Unfortunately up until now she was the only one that noticed.

Dante is a bit of a loner type.  He has friends and associates he works with but he truly would rather be alone.  So hes surly and a tad rude and completely at a loss on how to deal with X.  Especially when they keep bumping into each other (literally).

The best part of this book  (to me) is a particular scene where the Morrigan is talking to Dante about X.  She tells him she had other plans for X but because of his kiss, that future was wiped away as a possibility.  I liked that.  Sort of a fate vrs free will.  It was very unique to this book and made the book just that much more enjoyable!!!  This is an incredible story!!

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