Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Day 9 of the 13 Days with S.A. Price: Bargain by Starlight

Its Tuesday!!  Thank goodness Monday is over and we can start looking forward to the weekend.  I'm super excited because this makes the one week mark until I leave mark for Savannah!  I can't wait for AAD!  It is a bit bittersweet considering this will be the last one.  Hopefully our amazing con director will just come up with something better!!  Today we are going to be talking about Bargain by Starlight.  I enjoy all of S.A Price's series, but I must caution you on this particular one.  Its dark and involves many of the not so happy parts of real life....let's take a look:

  When Prince Dimitri, premiere pimp of Russia falls for a beautiful prostitute, he has no idea how special she really is. Still, hes determined to make her his companion, and save her from the hell she's created for herself.

Please Note: This is a prequel story to the Eververse series. It is the Origins of the character Snow, Heroine of the Second Eververse book, Silk and Steel. 

Warning: Drug use and delicate themes in this story. Discretion advised. 

This story is definitely not for everyone, but I dug it.  I mean you basically have your ever day story of what happens when children are neglected and not shown a different way of life.  Its kind of like a street girl Cinderella story, with a demon prince.  He truly does give her a second chance at life, but that is literally the only thing he does give her.  His best friend continues to make her life out her own personal nightmare because he feels shes not worthy of him.  Only time will tell.  But in essence, it makes a very fascinating beginning!!!

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