Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Day 10 of the 13 days with S.A. Price: Consort

Happy Hump Day my tantalizing team!! Today we are going to talk about Djinn.  Now there is an interesting mix of folklore about their actual exsistence.  Personally, if you watch Supernatural?  They probably are more like that.  Lulling you into a blissful dream while eating you.  You die happy...the Djinn gets dinner.  Win  I would imagine that this species would be arrogant, immortal and extremely powerful...not unlike our own Nick.  Let's take a look at his story:

Two stories... one book. 

The Bargain 
As a Djinn, the most powerful race of genies, Nicodemus Marsh is 
sent in to deal with a fiery Janey Duvall after she refuses to help 
the exiled demon prince get rid of the problems in a business 
endeavor in the east. Oozing with sex appeal, Nicodemus begins 
a seduction Janey can barely resist. After a very erotic encounter,
Janey finds out she’s bound to Nicodemus, and has three wishes 
to make. The bargain? Three wishes, and in return, she’s his sexual 
slave for one hundred years. 

The Job 
Janey Duvall, newly bound consort to the Djinn Nicodemus Marsh, is 
having a few minor problems with the delivery of a contract, namely, 
the assassin is refusing to finish the job. Knowing this is not normal 
behavior, she decides that going to Beijing, the city the hit is 
supposed to take place, is the best course of action. 

Marsh is intrigued by the idea, having a few of his own that involve 
Janey and an auction, and agrees to go, even calling in his marker 
from his most recent job of taming the fiery woman that became
his consort to help with the investigation. 

When Marsh is faced with the task of transforming Janey for their 
investigation, will his glamour hold up to the scrutiny and allow
them to prevail, or will he lose the one woman he could ever 
give his heart to?

WOOOW.  This was a smoking hot read.  I loved loved loved Janey's character!!  She was a complete bada++, even though she was sick.  Nic was well quite unexpected.  He was assertive, powerful, all consuming, dominate, and down right sexy to the core.  Do I blame Janey for falling for him?  Hec no!!  I think I was a little in love with him myself at the end of the story.  So book one is the meeting and hooking up of these two.  My my my...I just can't say enough about Nic..especially on the picnic!!

Book 2 is more about getting to know the personal details of the people.  You learn about Janey's past and you learn about Duvall itself.  Its very building and the story is an interesting one, I just prefered the raw nature of the first one myself, even though I'm usually the detail hog!!

Both were great books in their own way.  This is another series that I couldn't put down.  After the first chapter, you'll see why!!

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