Friday, July 22, 2016

Day 5 of the 13 Days of S.A. Price: Sugar and SIn

Happy Friday Babies!!!  How goes the plans for your weekend?  A little excitement maybe?  Hopefully lots of it in between the sheets!!  Next up in the fabulousness that is S.A. Price is the Eververse series.  I'm one to caution you that these book have a bit of darkness in them, but that doesn't mean it isn't a good read.  Let's take a look:

Dark Urban Fantasy Romance. What would you give for a second chance? Astrid, a witch, has often wondered what would happen if her lover, Fallon, a teleport demon, came back to her. After a year apart it seems fate will bring them together once more, and their relationship is going to be tested with a new threat to their lives and the lives of their friends. A reckoning is coming, and its time to choose sides. When the exiled demon prince Cassiel gives Astrid an offer she can't refuse, will her relationship with Fallon pay the price?

The thing I like most about this authors books is that she pretty much stays on par with what you would expect from a demon and how the characters are so imperfect they are almost real.  She uses a lot of situations most people wouldn't be comfortable with but in my opinion perfectly fit the nature of the character.  When writing about darker beings, one would expect darker things and their acceptance of out of the ordinary situations, just seems right.  The girl characters are awesome in her series, always supportive and never judgy.  This book fits right on par with the 13 Shades series and introduces you to some of the main players in the series.  I like Fallon because out of all her characters (except maybe the dragons) he needed Astrid.  Happiness is a token all beings need!!!  It was a great read with lots of yummy sex!!  

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