Sunday, July 24, 2016

Sinfully Sunday with S.A. Price: Day 7, Deep Water (dragon elementals 2)

It's rather a sleepy Sunday, more so than a sinful one!   Hello Encounters and welcome to Day 7 of the thirteen days with S.A. Price!!  Dragons are on of my favorite types of Shifters, so back to the Elemental world we go.  You have already met Char, the older fire dragon and learned about Kael in his book.  Well let's take a look at Kael:

Bryn Case is a Dive instructor in one of the most beautiful places on earth at a very exclusive resort. On the evening she meets Kael, a sexy guest at the resort, she thinks she's found her soul mate. Kael on the other hand, a Water elemental dragon, knows Bryn, a Glacies demon, is exactly what he's been looking for his entire life, and curses it. After all that had happened so far, to lose his heart to a demon is not something he's prepared to do. Between treasure hunting and her love of the sea, Kael knows this woman is everything he's ever wanted. Its just finding and dealing with the demon that has her soul that's going to be the one thing standing between him and his destined mate...

If you read book one, then you know Kael isn't a very likable dragon.  He hates humans and was dead set to hate Char's mate, even though she was a demon (something he hates even more than humans).  I really think Al finally reached him a little, since he swooped in and saved her from her own queen. Even though the perks were large, that probably was the first time he had enjoyed himself in centuries.  With Char finding his mate, I truly believed it opened up all the other dragons hope of finding one too.  Even though Kael would never admit to wanting one.

Bryn was unlike any human he had ever met because the sea embraced her as it did him.  He was completely fascinated by her and hired her services for the week.  In the beginning he thought it was just fascination, but the more time he spent with her and the more he realized this was something else completely..

They all have the fear of being enslaved by the demons again and Bryn was tricked into selling her soul.  Can Kael face his own fears and follow his heart?   Can he save the one woman who might possibly be the one to save him?
It was an intriguing story and I honestly actually liked Kael at the end of the book. He was just harder to love than the others!  I cant wait for the next installment in this series!  Its fantastic so far!

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