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Giveaway: Day 2 in the 13 days of S.A. Price featuring: This is Forever

Good Morning my Tasty Tiddy-bits!!  Welcome to Day 2 of the 13 days of S.A. Price!!  Today we are going to talk about This is Forever the book but also the awesomeness that is introduced the series via this book.  You got a small glimpse of the Strange Angels lead towards the end of Rhys book, but not enough to prepare yourself for Lady Hotness herself or Winter Tulane.  There is no way you could have come up with a more perfect name for a rock-star than Winter.  

Perfect Name...perfect band groupie shirt!!  Yes I have one...don't hate.  Without further adieu lets take a look at This is Forever:

The one woman Winter Tulane loved and lost is back, and he is determined to have her again, gracing his bed, filling his days and owning his heart. A joint tour with both 13 Shades of Red and her band, Strange Angels, is not the most optimal way to get her back, what with the actual working and pitfalls of the road to contend with, but Winter is determined to show her that what they had was good… and could be again.

Lola Cavendish harbors a secret she is desperate to keep from the one man she still wants and needs in her life. True, the joint tour with his band was her idea, but having an issue such as she does is not conducive to rekindling an affair. Taking drastic measures to ensure a reunion is the only way she can be certain she achieves her end game. 

But the lives they both lead could stop a reunion before it starts. When past mistakes surface, it will take more than forgiveness to bring them together.

And a peek inside!!

Seeing Lola after eight months was a fucking kick in the teeth. She had changed her hair, it was purple with black streaks, and she was wearing one fucker of an outfit. Platform Mary Jane’s, her signature, purple torn fishnet thigh-highs with garters that ended in bows with skulls on them, micro mini in black satin with a lace trim. She had tripled up on her belts, her little baby tee molding to her torso like a second skin. It was razor cut in places, showing skin and the purple of her lace bra. Her arms warmers were knitted with little skulls on them. He was pretty sure she wasn’t wearing underwear, the girl just loved to shock. Dare he think it was for his benefit? Winter wasn’t sure he even saw her, thinking he was dreaming the perfection before him. 

But dreams don’t blow you off… at least his didn’t. His dreams, of her especially, blew him. When dreams blew you off, those were called nightmares, and those sucked. Sucked like life was sucking right now. She walked in with the rest of her band, greeted everyone but him, her gaze lingering a little too long on Colin, Rhys’s little brother, but then moved on as she kissed cheeks and hugged people.

 He had to adjust his groin, discreetly of course, when she and Saffron hugged and snuggled. Apparently over the past several months Saffron and Lola had become quite the BFF, with Lola staying at Saffron’s place in New York when she had to go in for several shoots and such. Rhys had teased him about getting face timed and seeing both of them in little booty shorts and white tank tops… but he didn’t think they were that close. 

And worse, he didn’t think seeing her all snuggly with Saffron would illicit the images rolling through his head. Not that Saffron wasn’t hot, but he just didn’t dig his best friend’s girl like that.  He grabbed a tootsie pop and unwrapped it, sticking the thick ball into his mouth. He watched her move from person to person, but never to him. 

What. The. Fuck.

When everyone sat down, she sat at the other end of the table, didn’t even bother to look at him. He went through dinner in a blur, his anger getting to him more and more. What the fuck was going on? 
He was beginning to feel like he was invisible. Maybe this was a nightmare? 

When she got up and went to the bathroom, he followed, after exchanging a meaningful look with Rhys. 

“So you’re just not going to say anything to me?” he said as he caught her coming out of the bathroom. 

She looked at him and sighed. “I didn’t want a public thing to happen.”

Public thing? 

He cocked his head and scowled. “And what the fuck does that mean?” 

She looked him up and down. “I don’t know if I’m ready to say hi like I want to.”

Winter rolled his eyes. “So you can wrap yourself around Saffron, eye Colin up like he’s a steak, which by the way he’s not even eighteen yet, eww.” He ticked off points on his fingers as he spoke. 
“Yet you can’t even just turn and wave at me?”

Lola shook her head. “It’s not what I wanted. And Colin is going to be very popular…”

“You just didn’t wanna talk to me at all?” he asked, thoroughly confused. She was the one that pushed for the tour, and by all accounts she didn’t have an issue with their past. It was what gave him hope.

She moved closer and shook her head. “That’s not it.”

“Then what is it?” he bit out, his hands clenched at his sides. Gods, only she could infuriate him like this. Fuck, she smelled good. All honey and warm clover… no one smelled like Lola.

Her voice lowered. “Do you like my outfit, Winter?”

He growled. Fuck yes, he liked her outfit. Loved. Wanted it crumpled on the floor of his bedroom. 

Wanted to peel it from her slowly, kissing every inch of skin he exposed. 

She reached for him, her fingers tugging him closer by the belt loops of his jeans. “Good. You’re supposed to. You don’t get anything from me Winter Tulane. No greeting, no little wave, no explanation. Eat your heart out, baby.”

She got closer, her lips just against his, a slight almost imperceptible move of the hoop through the middle of his lip and then she was gone, back toward the party, her ass shaking with a sashay that had blood rushing from every place in his body to his cock. Fuck. What the hell was going on?

“Hey Lo,” he called after her. She gave him the finger and kept walking. 

Game on. Game fucking on, he thought as he followed her back into the room. Confusion didn’t even convey how he was feeling about what happened, but holy fuck the signals she was throwing off were so convoluted he didn’t know if he should fist pump for getting her so close to him or brood over her words. 

I started with this book.  I was on my way to Atlanta and realized that this was the perfect time to try audible.  I had this book for a while and was dying to get to it. I don't recommend driving with listening to this.  I drove off the highway several time when I got to vested in what was going on!!! You can read this series out of order but you miss out on a lot.  I love how all the stories fit together!  It is what makes it my favorite series (and bands) by her!  I will preface this for people that have never used audible:  When you go to read the will be that guys/girls voice in your head instead of your own!

This is a story about second chances.  Reconnecting with the one youve always loved and realizing you don't want to live without each other.  What began as a whirlwind romance when they were younger, turned into something much more fulfilling now that they were older.

I loved so many things about this book.  The names..the band's themselves...Stoli and Gatsby...the sex scenes and the scenarios themselves ( especially the bathroom sink scene).  The paranormal aspects of the story make the story.  It's an amazing steamy read that you can really feel and I loved it!  The series is completely amazing!!

Don't forget to enter the giveaway on yesterday's post!!!

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Awesome summary! I am a fan as well! I have decided to read all the books again then read the newest because...well....the guys and girls rock!

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