Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Review: Royal Enchantment by Lia Davis

Ava Green has made a name for herself in the real estate world by reconditioning old, historical homes with her partner and friend Jeff. But her newest project, a three-story Victorian in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, promises to be her biggest moneymaker yet. And one she’s undertaking on her own. During her first walk-through of the house, however, she discovers a locked door, and a skeleton key that seems to appear out of nowhere. Unlocking the door, she is transported to a mystical world of fae and mythickal creatures and meets the King of the Morna. The sovereign of the Dark Elves.

King Finn Sylcan has searched for the one who can bring the magick back to his world, Edra, for eons. An old prophecy told of a female of both Dark and Light elven descent, a hybrid both Calim and Morna. It is said she is the only one who can repair the damage the war between the Dark and Light kingdoms caused. But after searching for so long, Finn never dreamed that she’d just show up outside his palace walls. Or that she’d be his mate.

I love old houses so I can see why this would have appealed to Ava.  Imagine if you wood a house, set back in the mountains, with intricately craved wood, done in beautiful patterns splashed throughout the entire house.  I don't know if I could flip it, which actually mirrored Ava's thoughts on her first walk-through.  This house has the chance to be her salvation, which it ends up being in more ways than one. One dead business partner, a locked door, and a mysterious key all point to a great beginning in the story.

Ava has it hard.  She is literally thrust into a new world with no warning or preparation and forced to rely on the help of others.  Especially a tall handsome elf named Finn.  Finn was less shocked to see her, having known of the prophecy for many years.  He was excited!  It seems his lonely life was about to change.

My favorite thing about this book was the magic.  Light and Dark were not good and evil, it was where that particular sect of elf drew their power from. Light Elves drew their powers from the sun whereas dark elves from the moon.  Both sects had good and bad elves, to this I loved.  It was a different way of looking at it.  The characters were great, the introduction to the worlds and kingdoms were magnificent, and the ending was perfect!  I thoroughly enjoyed this romp through Lia's new world and can't wait to visit again!!

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