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Character Interview and Review of See the Light by Cassandra Carr

Welcome to a Smoking hot interview in my Dungeon.  I don’t usually allow humans down here, but after having read your story and caught a glimpse of those uber-hot bodies, I must say that my first floor is open to you anytime…..and the rest of your team Jason ;)..  Just can’t let you go to far gets….loud?   lol.  Don’t mind the noise or my pets…they don’t bite too hard.

Can I get you a drink?

Jason: *flashing a smile* Beer would be great if you’ve got it.
Patrick: *rolling his eyes at Jason, an indulgent smile plastered on his face* I’d prefer a nice, dry red wine if you’ve got it.
Jason: You’re such a snob.
Patrick: I enjoy the finer things in life…like you.
*Jason blushes*

So Jason and Patrick, please share how you got interested in hockey.

Jason: I’ve been playing forever, it seems like. I guess I showed an aptitude for skating and I was a pretty rambunctious kid, so my parents put me in an ice hockey league.
Patrick: My start was much the same. My whole family skates, though I’m the only hockey player. The rest of them mostly push themselves around the ice. *grins*

Patrick, why don’t you play anymore?

Patrick: *shrugs* I suffered an injury. Nothing too catastrophic, but enough to slow me down. I decided to go out on my terms instead of anyone else’s.

Was it hard for you to stop playing and move into a mentor role?

Patrick: It’s always hard to adjust to being the guy who tells the other people what to do and then puts on a suit to sit in the press box. There are times I still want to be out there, sure, who wouldn’t?
Jason: You never told me that!                                         
Patrick: Of course I miss it, but there’s no use pining for something you can’t have.

Can either of you see doing anything else?

Patrick: I think I could. When I was still in school there were some things that interested me, like history. It would be kind of cool to teach history. Kids these days don’t have a good enough sense of where they came from, and as we all know, if we don’t learn from history we’re destined to repeat it.
Jason: Seriously? A teacher? Do I know you at all?
Patrick: Oh, you know me plenty well, baby. *squeezes Jason’s thigh*

Tell us all about the first time the two of you were one on one….I know Jason expressed some doubts about even being gay…well until he met you that

Jason: Oh yeah, that. Well, it was a legitimate question at the time!
Patrick: So wanting to suck my cock like it was your last meal convinced you that you were “all the way gay”? *smirks*
Jason: *punching Patrick in the arm* Cocky, aren’t we?
Patrick: Well, I do have a cock. That you love to suck.
Jason: You don’t complain about sucking mine.
Patrick: Of course I don’t. You’re sexy as hell and I pretty much want to throw you down and fuck the hell out of you twenty-four-seven. *glances over at Nikki* Anyway…

I can tell by looking at the two of you that it’s serious….Have either of you been in a long term committed relationship?

Patrick: I was, once. It didn’t work. He was out, I wasn’t. And I couldn’t compromise on that. It’s a little different now, but back then it would’ve been the end of my career.
Jason: Does fucking a twink in a barroom bathroom count as a long term committed relationship? *Patrick snorts* Then no.

Are we currently working with any of these?  Hands Patrick a box filled with sex toys and lubes

Patrick: *shows it to Jason* Should we tell her what we do with this? *holds up a double-ended dildo*
Jason: *wicked grin* Mmmm, I like that one. But I like this better. *pulls out a vibrating butt plug* I love it when you have the remote and turn it up or down depending on how well you think I’m sucking you off.
Patrick: That is pretty fun…

Where do you see this one going?

Jason: Patrick and I? Forever.
Patrick: What he said.

What is an ideal night out for the two of you?  Favorite foods?

Patrick: We both love steak. I think an ideal night out for us starts with me giving Jason some naughty piece of clothing or a toy to wear under his more respectable clothes. Knowing he’s got a cock ring or a teeny tiny g-string drives me absolutely crazy all through dinner. There’ve been a couple of times that I couldn’t even wait until we got home and fucked him right in the parking lot of the restaurant.
Jason: *putting his head in his hands* I can’t believe you just told them that. How about if I brag about you giving me head in the middle of that club in Amsterdam while we were on vacation?
Patrick: *smiling fondly* That was a great night.

Thank you so much for stopping by!!  As much as I would love to see you both strip down and perform in front of me (unless you have time?) …I take you back topside…My boys downstairs would love to take a bite out of you…literally.  But if you ever feel the need to ask a mistress’ opinion of your performance, I will always be more than happy to watch.....

As I am safely tucking away my 2 hockey hotties, their creator would like to share with you why 2 hockey players are better than one...oh yeah!!

5 reasons two hockey players are better than one
by Cassandra Carr

1. You know those Doublemint commercials from long ago (totally dating myself here), where part of the jingle is "Double your pleasure"? Yeah, that.
2. If one knows how to use his stick to score, two will be twice as effective.
3. Have you seen the bodies of hockey players? Now picture two.
4. "Coming from behind" takes on a whole new meaning.
5. Imagine the stamina...

Aw yeah. Can you picture two hockey players together? The raw power? The finesse? *drool*

Hockey player Jason Monroe lives a double life—star defenseman and soon-to-be Olympian on the ice and closeted gay man outside the rink. A serious relationship is out of the question, and Jason makes do with anonymous sex in barroom bathrooms, not willing to take the chance on coming out as gay in a decidedly macho sport. 
Advisor to the US Olympic hockey team Patrick Parker knows a thing or two about being a professional hockey player who’s not out. He’s fifteen years older than Jason, and when he senses the sexy younger man is interested, he knows he shouldn’t give in to the attraction.
The two men can’t keep their hands off each other, though, and with each heated encounter it gets harder to hide their relationship. When their world blows up around them, forcing them into the limelight, though, will their love survive or be put on ice? 

I must admit, envisioning two completely sexy hockey players wrapped up in each other makes me hot and a little jealous.  What I wouldn't give to see that...err.....close up?  Cassandra Carr does a wonderful job writing a realistic alpha male who likes other alpha males.  There is a lot of awkwardness and tension that is expressed quite well, along with some smoking hot sex scenes.  Its a good build-up between the two and it has an incredibly sweet ending.  This author can write some naughty cowboys, but does good on the ice as well! Great Read!

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