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Review: Blood on the Cards by David Huffstetler

Title: Blood on the Cards
Author: David Huffstetler
Series:  A Jack Harden Mystery
Genre: Mystery
Publisher: Wild Child Publishing
Release Date: October 1 2012
A brotherhood of powerful men, a self-proclaimed prophet, and an ancient goddess hover over a series of murders that start with a game of Texas Hold-em. Are they to blame, or is it the embittered Comanche outcast set on revenge against Jack Harden for the death of his niece? Elsie and Jack try to salvage what’s left of their relationship, as a canvas of death unfurls around them.
Can they stop it?

Educated in Dallas, North Carolina, David Huffstetler holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering. He has worked in the area of human relations and spent fourteen years weaving through the maze that is politics, including participating in a Federal Law suit with a sitting governor. David has served on Boards of Directors for numerous professional organizations and has advised governors and legislators on matters of public policy and legislation. 
David’s work as a senior manager with a major industrial concern took him to international venues and exposures that helped feed his urge to write Disposable People, a dramatic expose of the working conditions and politics that engulf undocumented workers. Disposable People is a top-ten “Suggested Book” at Tufts University in Boston, MA.
He turned the frustrations and rejection that plagues thousands of yet-to-be-published authors into the heralded mystery/thriller Blood on the Pen, with a serial killer disposing of literary agents. David’s passion for history led him to write Dead in Utah, the story of Joe Hill, the controversial musician and union organizer accused of a double murder in 1914. Blood on the Cards follows his tradition of thrillers, and it stands on its own merit as a novel with a hint of the paranormal.
His books receive praise from mystery readers across the globe.
“David W. Huffstetler crafts gripping crime thrillers that can only be described as a riveting roller coaster ride from its ‘okay, you’ve got my attention’, beginning, to the suspenseful ‘I’ve now chewed my nails to the quick’, conclusion.”   -Book Lovers, Inc.
As an editor, public speaker, and seasoned professional, David has appeared on television and radio, and has lectured on the East Coast, California, Canada and Mexico. David currently lives in Lexington, South Carolina with his wife, Trudy.

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* * * *
Jack passed Millburn’s Store doing seventy-five miles per hour. He saw the dirt road to his father’s house, and he saw the back of a yellow, Jeep pickup vanishing around a curve in the distance. “It’s him, Mose.”
“Yeah, the son of a bitch.” His heart was torn between the Ranger who wanted to give chase and the son who was afraid for his father. Dust and bits of gravel flew from his tires as Jack slid his truck to a stop at the steps. He dashed onto the porch and called back to Browner, “Check the shed.” Harden burst into the living room, knocked over a chair, and clamored into the kitchen. “Pop!” Nothing. The hall and the bedroom were as empty as the rest of the house. He ran onto the porch, leapt over the railing, and hurried toward the shed.
A sliver of sunlight lay across the floor of the shed and onto the post where Moses stood, holding his handkerchief against Jim Harden’s neck. “He nailed him to a post. We need help.” He tossed the cell phone to Jack and said, “Call EMS and tell them how to get here. I’ll keep pressure on the wound.”
Jack saw an empty look in his father’s eyes. “Moses, is he . . .”
“He’s alive. That’s all I can tell you. Now, make the call.”

I have to admit I love trying new reads and this was definitely a new type of read for me...but I enjoyed it.  This is book 2 in a series, but I had no problem following along.  It was gritty, vividly portrayed, and the story line was fascinating.  Its amazing the conspiracy that is derived from a simple card game. This book was fast-paced and well written.  The scenes were amazingly depicted and you had to love Elise, because she was one cool cat.  But Jack and Elise are on the rocks...can they save their relationship and uncover the plot?  It was an intense read that keeps you tuned in once you start.  I would love to read book 1.


david_huffstetler said...

Thanks for the review and for hosting Blood on the Cards today. If you'll share an email address with me, I'll send you book one. It's called Blood on the Pen. My email is thuffstetler@aolcom.

Anonymous said...

Don't you love when you can pick up any book in a series and read and enjoy it? :D Sounds like a great read!

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