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Review: Loving Liam by Olivia London

 Title: Loving Liam
Author: Olivia London
Publisher: Sizzler
Length: 54 Pages
Sub-Genres: Erotica

Leda always dreaded the holiday season until a co-worker from GUYO (Give Us Your Opinions) invited the lovely lass to a party where she met… him. Liam was a classic Renaissance Man whose latest job was teaching at the prestigious BALI (Bay Area Literary Institute). Soon, Leda and Liam were loving each other with a passion that outshone the brightest of holiday lights. But when a mash note from a student threatens to douse their flame and leave her heartbroken, Leda eventually confronts Liam and he leaves. Will their love survive the wreckage of temptation? Only the brightness of their love can pull them from the darkness of mistrust -- and back into each other’s arms.


Liam took me in his arms and kissed me.  Then he placed my hand on his penis as a not so subtle hint.  I told him to sit on the edge of the bed and just knowing he would be able to watch me in the mirror was making me very wet.  It felt naughty but in a good way.  I stripped down to my bra and panties wishing I had something like Erin's negligée among my cache of feminine frippery.  Something soft and silky to parade against my lover's skin.
When it became apparent Liam and I might become an item, I discarded anything intimate I had worn for other lovers.  I wanted Liam to be The One.  He was so handsome.  So kind, loving and compassionate. 
I looked at him then, with what I'm sure was an amalgam of awe and gratitude.
"What is it, love?"
"You deserve fellatio every day of your life."
Liam laughed in his good-natured way.  "Shall we make today the first day of the rest of our lives?"

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About The Author:

Olivia London is the author of Loving Liam and the story collections Bound by Love, Vacation Marriage and Inviting Trouble: BDSM Romance all published by Sizzler Editions. Her work has appeared in 'zines like Ruthie's Club, For the Girls, Oysters & Chocolate and Her stories have been selected for numerous anthologies including Lesbian Love 3, The Bad Girl's Sweet Kiss, and The Mammoth Book of Threesomes and Moresomes.  Ms. London lives in Seattle and may be reached at

Olivia London

Sometimes when you review a short, its hard to write a review that doesn't give anything way.  Let's just say it was a short satisfying read that was really hot!!! I enjoyed the story and walked away happy.  That's always good to know if your a short story fan!!

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