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Christmas Giveaway and Naughty by Mistletoe Post with Kiki Howell

Hello!!  I am so happy to have Kiki back again with another great giveaway!!  She has also included a Christmas bonus...a free read to every commenter!! Lets take a look at her newest book Torn Asunder:

Aubrey Griffen is a witch whose true reasons for coming to London soon fall to the wayside when she catches the eye of Edmund Bryant, the Marquess of Dalysbury. He seduces her into a whirlwind romance until the lies and threats of his mother force her to flee to Triaill Brimuir, a secret island of her ancestors off the coast of Ireland. Edmund goes after her only to be hit by Aubrey’s confusion and anger when she magically transforms him into an elemental beast of her own creation.

However, it is when Edmund’s lust mysteriously turns him back into a man that the couple are forced to deal with a family secret and untold of powers. Now, Edmund must learn to shift himself into the beast in order to save her in a battle of black verses white magic.

Fraught with scenes of explicit intimacy, romantic spells and mystical shapeshifting, Torn Asunder is a unique blending of the age of manners with sexual magic.

NY Times Bestselling Author, Hannah Howell, says of Torn Asunder, "Kiki Howell spins a wonderful tale of passion, magic, betrayal, and a love that conquers all.

Kiki has prepared a little scene from this book.  Let's take a look:

Christmas Eve with the Marquess of Dalysbury – A New Scene with Aubrey Griffen and Edmund Bryant, the Marquess of Dalysbury, from the paranormal, Regency-set historical, Torn Asunder by Kiki Howell

Downstairs young girls chatted endlessly, chaperones cut papers while observing over their spectacles, schoolboys home began their reign of terror on the house, and the rest made merry with rows of silver trays filled with all sorts of savory foods and drinks.  English hospitality was at it’s finest over the holiday. Upstairs though, tucked away in Edmund’s bedroom, Aubrey waited less than patiently for Edmund to arrive.

Their moments away were still fastidiously planned and forever dreamt of. Never  did it seem that they would pass beyond the boundaries of new love, urgent need, desperate love, like each moment together very well could be their last. At the moment, only the roaring fire was there to keep her warm. Although the faint sound of wassailers outside did reach her ears, still  she longed for more.

Garlands of bay, laurel, rosemary, holly and mistletoe, brought in just today, were hung everywhere. The fireplace was draped in the white berried mistletoe, apples and candles. Festive. Beautiful. Aubrey stared at the decorations, letting her vision blur until she saw Edmund in her imagination, the firelight glistening on his skin, the mistletoe making it look like he was standing naked in a forest with falling snow.  Befogged, she still had the fortitude to smile as she heard her lover walk through the door.

Her vision returning to right, she saw her smile reflected in his as he took in her naked sprawl of her body on the bed. He met her in a few long strides, his jacket pulled off and falling to the floor as he come to her. All ease of manners gone, he was on the bed in an instant, his head laying on her stomach, his arms wrapped around her middle.

“Your heart is beating wildly my love,” Edmund placed a gentle kiss on her flesh before  nibbling a bit more frantically his way up to her breast.

“Yes, and my chest burns for air in your presence as well, my dear Edmund.” She gave into the sensations he created inside her, her vision blurring some again.

Her body yearned so for his touch any moment he was absent. She touched his shoulders to confirm he was here, real, and felt him tremble.

“I’ll be damned if I will ever tire of your reactions to me,” he said.

When he raised his head to kiss her, their bodies shivered in harmony. He pushed into the kiss, sweeping his tongue through her mouth. He tasted of brandy, yet the warm breath which washed over her was rich with Christmas spices. With her fingers now clasped around his neck, she took another deep breath of him and pulled her body up against his with an abruptness which shocked them both breathless.

His hands sought for purchase upon her hips only a moment before she felt him struggling to remove his clothes. She loved when he wanted her this badly, when his staff was hard against her, his chest moved rapidly, the grip of his hands on her flesh was rough.

It took little for him to push her back against the bed and enter her, her muscles beginning slow spasms as her inner walls wept around his hard invasion. That point of no return came in a sudden frenzy of movements, a sequence of muffled squeals, like the music of Christmas played by a drunkard but still beloved.

“I wish to never be torn asunder from you again, my love,” Edmund breathed out with a ragged breath. “I want you always in my arms. Holiday or not, I want to celebrate each day with you.”

“You are the greatest gift. I have ever received, my Lord.” 

  AWW... This sounds absolutely amazing, as does her Christmas free read.  Let's take a look:

This erotic, romance story was inspired by Dickens, A Christmas Carol. Find out what happens when the Spirit of Christmases Yet to Come falls in love with his charge…

Genres: Paranormal, Erotic Romance
Content Warnings: Explicit Graphic Language, Sex
Intended for those over the age of 18!

or email me at and I will send you a PDF!
So for your chance to win this yummy read just be a GFC follower and comment below with your email address!  Good luck!



Pam said...

Torn Asunder sounds awesome! I love when my two favorites (paranormal and historical romances) are combined! Great scene! :) And thank you for Spirit, Yet to Come. I look forward to reading it.


msmjb65 said...

Hi, Kiki-
Torn Asunder looks like it's going to be a great read. I look forward to reading it, as well as Spirit, Yet To Come.
Hope you're having a wonderful holiday season!

Kiki Howell - Author said...

Thanks for your comments! Pam, I found your email on your profile, but MJB, you didn't have one listed so I have no way of contacting you. If you would like a copy of Spirit, Yet to Come please email me at

Anonymous said...

Hello Kiki,

Torn Asunder sounds great. I am a GFC follower listed under my name Rachel Vessar.


Na said...

I've always liked witches and they may have been the first beings to introduce me to paranormals. This sounds like a great story full of interesting happenings.


Georgia said...

Torn Asunder sounds like it would be a great book to read. I look forward to reading it and Spirit, Yet to Come. I am a GFC follower under the name Elmo (or could list it as Georgia (my name) I never know which google will use).
My email addy is:

Kiki Howell - Author said...

Thanks everyone for the wonderful comments. Each one of you have been sent a copy of Spirit, Yet To Come. And, congrats to Pam who won a copy of Torn Asunder :)

Hope you had great holidays,

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