Sunday, December 4, 2011

Hot Kisses

When your reading a romance novel, no matter if its M/M, MMF, FF, paranormal, historical, or erotic, it is all leading up to the very first kiss.  Its that moment that most of us hold our breaths in anticipation for and feel the rush along with whichever character we are rooting for :)  What better way to celebrate Valentine's Day then with a kiss?  So I want to here about it!!  Authors, tell me about a kiss that left you in tears or one that made you need the change your panties and grab your boyfriend/husband/partner/BOB.  No matter if it was one you wrote about or one you have experienced :)  Bloggers and readers, tell me about the best kiss you ever read about, one that you actually felt brush across your own lips and sent tingles down your spine as you were reading.
So what am I looking for?  I becoming better at this now..LOL..  I would like a short story about a first kiss.  Authors, you can use the characters in your latest and greatest, let'd do a 3 page minimum.  I will create a post advertising whichever book you would like and I will run a giveaway if you would like to offer up a copy.  Or you can write about one of your own first kisses, or a book you have read that has the best first kiss ever!!  Bloggers/Readers samething.  For my Blogging friends, just send me a button to your site, so that I can direct my readers over to yours and they can check it out or I can create a link.  I'll post the buttons on Feb. 1 and leave them up on the sidebar!  If my readers want to join in, I'd love to have you also!!  Just send me a story! 


Wicked Leanore said...

I love this concept!

Anonymous said...

I'm confused. I know whats new right? All we have to do is write a kiss or about a kiss from a book etc. Is that right. Sorry it's early and I've only had one cup of Joe.

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