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Naughty By Mistletoe with Jason Baccaro

Today is Jason's turn to wow us with his Naughtiness under the Mistletoe!  So curl up and get ready to rock it with his suppper naughty characters from his latest and greatest series.  Take it away sexy!!!


Awakened by the clicking of stiletto heels, Darshun opened his eyes as a figure entered into his chamber.  It was too dark to tell who it was, for he had been banished to the Arion Chamber—a haunting room specially designed to diminish the powers of even the greatest Nasharin warriors.  And Darshun was definitely great.  He’d been alone in the chamber for several months, no communication to ease his social spirit, no light to comfort his restless eyes from the darkness.  And the cold stone floor was no help either.

Then, a candle was lit, and the figure became visible.  Before him stood the Dark Queen Talvenya, garmented in a purple silk tailored shirt tied in a knot to expose her belly.  She wore a short black leather skirt, suspended by a silver ring belt, and to top it all off, she wore a pair of her finest black “fuck me stilettos.”  The shoes were fancifully knotted in the front, with shiny leather bands wrapping around her ankles.  The stilettos must have been at least four inches.  Strangely, her long raven hair was tied back in a ball—quite unusual for the Queen.  Her finest black lipstick and violet eye shadow stained her face.  Without a doubt, she was definitely the Goddess of Dark Beauty and Cruelty.

   “Greetings, my pet,” Talvenya said.

“...I am not your pet!”

“Aww, you sound so frustrated, and lonely.  That’s why I’ve come, to give you a gift.  After all, it is Christmas.”

“And what could you possible give me that I would accept?”

“Tell me; are you familiar with the legend of the Mistletoe?”

“...a camel’s toe—?”

“Mistletoe!  Dear Goddess have you been locked away too long.  Now shut up and pay attention!”

He sighed.

In many cultures the Mistletoe was seen as a representation of divine male essence; romance and fertility—possibly due to a resemblance between the berries and semen of the plant.  Legend has it that whoever it rests under should share a kiss.  But as you can see, this Mistletoe is mystic, enchanted, and for my ideology, it represents love.”

“You know nothing of love!”

“All right, sex, as you would have it.”

“And what makes you think I would have relations with you, and not destroy you?”

Grinning, she raised her arms, and her eyes began to illuminate.  One of them shone a seductive, passionate red, while the other a beautiful Christmas green.  The lights shot into the air, resting above Darshun’s head.  They behaved like two butterflies, flirting and flying around in circles with one another before finally fusing.  There was a flash of red and green, and the ending result was the Mistletoe, levitating.  It’s “Christmas Spirit” shone down onto Darshun, and immediately he felt his powers return.  A look of shock filled his face.

“Are you mad?” he said.  “You know I’m going to kill you.”

Talvenya stepped closer, smiling.  “First, my powers greatly exceed yours. wouldn’t harm a hair on Aurora Athena’s head, now would you?”

“But you’re not—”

The sudden change in Talvenya’s figure was that of Aurora—his love to be.  Her golden hair hung wild, those sea blue eyes sparkled like crystals, and her armament of a red long sleeve midriff top trimmed in white marabou with a black lace up front escalated her to that of a Goddess.  Matching, she wore a red pleated skirt suspended by a large black leather belt with a shiny silver buckle, and sexy red high heels.  Her bright Christmas-red lipstick was a nice touch as well. 

Immediately, Darshun rose and stepped closer to her, the illuminating Mistletoe following his every step.  Aurora backed away, but Darshun walked quicker, grabbing her hand and making sure not to break her finely painted red nails.  He pulled her into his chest, meeting her lips with a deep kiss, his tongue tasting her sweetness. He could feel her hard nipples practically piercing through her garments against his bare skin.  Smiling, Darshun unlaced her top, tossing it aside, and then he reached behind her and undid her white bra. He knelt down, yanking her with him, and then pushed her onto the floor.  She cringed from the cold stone.

“I’ll warm you up, my love,” he said, with a purr like a lion.  Holding down her forearms, he began to transform.

“No!” she protested.  “I want you to transform while you’re inside of me.”

He covered her mouth with a palm.  “Shhh....”  Darshun licked her nipple, sliding his tongue around it, lavishing the organ, trailed off across her chest and kissed the other before biting down onto it.

Closing her eyes, she moaned.  “Don’t stop.”

Pleased to know she wasn’t wearing any panties under that sexy pleated red skirt, Darshun pressed up against her. Talvenya felt his erection.  She was already dripping wet.  He massaged her clitoris with his finger, teasing her for a good couple of minutes.  But when in such a sexual state such as Aurora’s, it felt like a lifetime of sexual mockery.  Not wishing to be teased, she grabbed his hips, and pushed him inside of her.

“...please...transformation...and fuck me!”  She begged.

Grinning, the room began to heat up—and not just from their body heat.  Darshun’s eyes and wild long hair began to change to a fiery red, his flesh felt warmer and changed color also, fire opal, and his natural build increased a bit larger—including his cock that was already inside of Aurora.  A cloak of flames surrounded them, though Darshun controlled it to make sure it would not touch Aurora’s flesh, least he disintegrate her.  This is what Aurora was waiting for.  That feeling of Dar’s “transformed” cock in between the pink fleshy walls of her pussy drove her into ecstasy.

Still wanting to “play,” Darshun slid his head under the bottom of her skirt and popped out of the top, stretching the material, and gazed down at her, love in his eyes.  “Enjoying it?” he asked, while grinding in and out of her pussy.

Eyes closed, she answered in a squeal.

Darshun leaned down and kissed her neck, then gently nibbled on her ear—still grinding away at her vagina. His cock had become harder, the flesh of it now sizzling hot that it intimidated her.

“Don’t be afraid, my love,” he whispered into her ear, seductively, causing his aura of flames to scorch higher and hotter.  “I won’t burn you down to ashes.”

Aurora wrapped her legs around his lower torso, pushing him in a little deeper, feeling the pressure of his cock. While her legs were stationed up, her high heels slipped off.  Darshun took her hands and drew her to him, his body tearing her pleated skirt in half.

Face to face now, their eyes full of heat and passion, they kissed, their tongues tasting one another as their lips pressed hard. She melted over top of him, falling onto his chest, and he ran his hands through her beautiful golden hair.

“Fuck me...finish me!” she begged.

Gently forcing her back down, Darshun held Aurora against the floor by her forearms, thrusting his cock in and out of her, harder... faster... and more pleasingly painful.  Darshun’s skin illuminated like lava, and his cloak of flames—still circling around them, shot chaotic streaks every-which-way across the chambers until he final “exploded” inside of her, just as she did, their fluids intertwining like two raging rivers, some of it oozing out of her vagina and drenching the stone beneath her.

“My shoes, quick, put them on for me!” she said, sounding less submissive that the change in tone threw him off.  Nevertheless, he grabbed her red high heels, and one by one, he placed them onto her Goddess-like feet.  Immediately she grabbed his cock and stroked it to excrete the final drippings of his cum (which was still a good portion), onto her shoes.  Darshun tilted his head, like a wolf pup in confusion.  Did she want to go again?  And why of all places was she dripping his seed onto her shoes?

The answer came.  For in a mere flash of red and green light, the Mystical Mistletoe above disappeared, and he felt his powers abandon him once again, accompanied by a feeling of weakness slipping into his spirit.  Aurora had also disappeared—replaced by the wicked Queen Talvenya. She was clothed in the outfit she had been wearing when she’d first entered the Chambers, only now she wore her hair down.  But the cum she had smeared onto her high heels still covered them, only, the cum was spread across Talvenya’s black strappy “fuck me pumps.”  Black magic trickery indeed.

“Did you like her?”

Realizing he had been deceived, Darshun spat onto her face.  Rolling her eyes, Talvenya smacked him across the cheek and he smashed onto the floor.  Talvenya stood up, setting her right foot to his mouth, and shoved it in as far as she could, forcing him to taste his own cum.  He tried pulling away, but she held him by the back of his head.  “Lick!”  She commanded.  Poor Dar had no choice but to lick the cum-covered “fuck-me pumps” clean.  Once finished, she yanked him up by his hair, and after wiping her pussy with her hand (which was still clogged with her own fluids), she rubbed it all over his body like a lotion, and then cast him to the floor with another deathly blow to the face. He lay like a dead man at her feet.

“That’s just a little reminder that you belong to me, Darshun,” she said, grinning.  “Feel free to inhale my scent whenever you get lonely.”  She began to walk away, her heels clicking loudly against the stone floor, and echoing into Darshun’s nearly unconscious mind.  “If I don’t decide to kill you, I’ll see you on the following holiday, and take you again.  I was in a submissive mood this time, so I knew you wouldn’t hesitate to take me as ‘Aurora,’ your precious little ladylove. But I’ll play the alpha the next time.”  She licked her fingers, which still had drippings of cum on them.  “Merry Christmas.” 

And after a wicked laugh, she exited the room, closing the door behind her and once again leaving poor Darshun in the darkness, alone with his thoughts.

SO what did you think of the story?  LOL...Poor Dar!!  But an excellent story!!  Be sure to check out Jason's series and check back for my review!!!

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Unknown said...

OH MY with a side of WOW! Having read the series and knowing each character made me enjoy this tidbit even more!
Poor Darshun (or should I say lucky?)

You have a TON of talent Jason :)


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