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Giveaway and Naughty By Mistletoe Story with Stacy Eaton

Stacy is taking over my blog today :)  I can't think of a better person to entrust it to.  So while I figure out how to get out of these new restraints, (And I will Stacy!!!) you will be entertained by a great author.  Take it away Stacy!!
Thank you Nikki for an incredibly fun event!! I absolutely loved writing my short story for this.  So much so that I believe it is going to be part of my new series…  I hope you readers enjoy it!!!  Also – I sure hope they stick around and comment because in the Spirit of the holiday season I will be giving away one set of my books, either PDF or Kindle copies. 

Stacy works in Law Enforcement full time and uses her experience to make the stories more believable; weaving bits of crime solving knowledge into her stories of fiction to make them more lifelike. She writes using a unique style that keeps you in the minds of all the important characters. Switching back and forth from mind to mind to keep the readers aware of what each character is feeling and why they do the things they do.
Stacy is the wife of a police officer and mother of two.  Her son is proudly serving in the United States Navy while her daughter attends school in Pennsylvania with her parents.
She has a great love for photography and normally has it with her or as far away as her car when she is out and about.  Her favorite things to photograph are things from nature, landscapes and animals.
About the My Blood Runs Blue series:
My Blood Runs Blue & Blue Blood for Life are the first two books in the series.  Take a trip in to the land of Fawn Hollow Township where the vampires and the police work side by side to deal with life’s little situations.  Read and feel the story through the minds of multiple characters as I bring several of them to life from chapter to chapter.  Learn about the half-breeds and the reason why Julian and Alexander believe Calista really exists 30 years later.  Hold on tight while you are taken on a constant roller coaster ride with twists and turns you never imagined.   I challenge you to enter the world and see if you can figure out what will happen before it does.
Twitter: @StacySEaton
My Blood Runs Blue
Blue Blood for Life:

 And now for some Naughty by Mistletoe!!
Mismatched Mistletoe
By Stacy Eaton

“Why do you even want to go?” Aimee asked me as she climbed into my car.
I glanced over at her as she closed the door to my 1970 Dodge Challenger. The heavy metal slamming shut as it connected with the solid frame of the car. “Cuz I want to see him.” I said as I looked at her.  She was dressed in black, but that was nothing new, she was always dressed in black. I for one tried to be different then our kind and choose to wear purple.  Yeah so it wasn’t that different, but at least I tried.
“Yeah, but you can see him anytime, all you have to do is go over to his house.” Aimee whined a bit from the passenger seat.
“Like I’m going to go over to his house; it’s off limits, you know that. “ I snuffed the air and pulled the car out onto the road. The heavy deep throated sound of the exhaust vibrated through the car as I pressed down on the gas; a hint of a smile catching the side of my mouth as I thought about him.
“Yeah, so going to his house is off limits, you don’t think stalking him at a party is any better do you?”  She pulled down the visor on her side of her car. “Ugh! You need a real car.” She slammed the visor back up. “One that preferably has mirrors on the visors.”  She reached over and grabbed the rearview mirror twisting it towards her.
I chucked as I watched her press the deep red stain over her lips. “You have no respect for the classics.” I said to her as I flicked on the turn signal to change streets.
“So what are you going to do with him when you see him?” She puckered her lips together and kissed the air to test them out in the mirror.  Slipping her lipstick back in her bag, she turned the mirror back to my general direction.
“Oh, I have my ideas.” I smiled to myself as I continued to drive down the road towards our destination.
She snorted from beside me, “You know the idea of you and him going at it is pretty freaky!  You do know that is against the all the rules.”
“Since when do I follow the rules?” I said and glanced over at her.
She turned her head towards me, jaw hanging slack, “Since like every single day – your job is all about following the rules! You’re a freaking cop!”
I shrugged.  “I want him, I know he wants me.” I shrugged again.
“Yeah, you guys might want each other, but no one knows what’s going to happen if you get together. I wouldn’t put it past Peter to show up and cause a scene.”
“Fuck Peter! He’s just jealous because I don’t want him.” I flipped on my blinker again and I could feel the excitement seeping into my belly at the thought of seeing him as I made the final turn onto the street. I wanted him alright, and I didn’t care that we were wrong, that we were different, I wanted him and no matter what, tonight. He was mine.
Aimee just shook her head at my words and went about primping herself more.  We pulled up out front of the stone wall and fancy metal gate that stood open this one night to allow us to enter into the enchanted holiday event.
As we entered the driveway, we watched as the landscape took on a magical glow. The snow along the edges of the roadway sparkled and lights lined the roadway twinkling lightly to lead us up to our destination. My heart beat faster and I swallowed as the house came into sight.
As I pulled into the horseshoe driveway a valet came out and pulled open my door. I heard the door on the opposite side open and assumed someone was helping Aimee out. I turned to step out and looked up into the eyes of young human man whose jaw was hanging open as he stared down at me.
I smiled shyly at him and his jaw opened and closed a few times. “Don’t wrap it around a tree; it’s got a lot of power.” I said as I stepped around him. I heard his lips open and close a few more times as I walked away. I knew he was gaping at me, men always did. I could have almost any man, but there was only one that I wanted tonight. 
As I climbed the steps, I let my feelers reach out and shift through the minds and bodies inside the big stone home. I was searching for one, warmer than most, hotter blood then I would ever carry within me. As I stepped into the open doors of the entranceway, I squeezed my small deep purple clutch in my hands and felt the hard metal inside. I smiled to myself and at that very moment, I felt him.
I closed my eyes and sucked in the feeling of him. The warmth, the burn I could feel coming from him, because he had just realized I was here too. The flame had been turned on and his body was scorching, for me… I knew it, I felt it…
As I opened my eyes, I stepped in the opposite direction then him. He knew I was there, he would come find me.
Aimee was walking beside me and as we entered the room, heads turned, conversations lagged and people stared. It was hard not to stare at us. We were beautiful and people craved us, men especially.  Aimee with her long dark thick hair and deep dark emerald eyes, and I with my flowing blonde mane and piercing bright ice blue irises.  Both of us tall thin and built perfectly.  The masses parted and we walked through to the bar. Smiling and scanning. There was no one of interest there for me, the man I wanted was in the other room, but I knew Aimee was trolling for something fun to do tonight. She was hungry I could feel it.
As we reached the bar I felt the air change and I knew he had entered the room. I kept my back to him and ordered a chocolate martini with a passion cherry. I heard Aimee order the same and she pushed her arm up against mine “he’s here”. She said mentally to me. “Oh I know…” I responded back.
We picked up our glasses and turned to look out over the room. I was careful not to look in his direction. I could see him out of the corner of my eye, standing at the top of three steps that lead down a hallway. People were milling around and many kept looking our way, but they were fearful to approach us. They should be.
I carefully pulled my passion cherry out of my glass and held it up to allow the red juice to drop back into my glass. As it dripped a second time, I started to lift it towards my lips. At the moment before the blood soaked cherry touched my lips, I made eye contact with him… Tristan.
I looked in the mirror one last time before I walked from my room. My short dark hair parted to the side as usual. The deep amber eyes hot like melted honey were ready; ready for her.  For months since I came to this area, we had been playing cat and mouse games. Funny… cat and mouse, I smiled at myself as I turned off the light and walked down the stairs.
I had met her when she had come to investigate a burglary at a neighbor’s house. She had stopped by to ask if I had seen anything. The moment I saw her at my door, I knew she was not as she seemed. She was no cop. Oh she might have the tools, that shiny badge, the weighted firearm with simple lead bullets, and shiny handcuffs to hold someone, but she was not a cop.  She was more, way more.
She also knew the instant that our eyes touched that I was not just a mere mortal. We could feel each other, and we both struggled to hold our composure next to the human police officer that she had standing beside of her.
It was instant attraction, a fierce need that flowed between us. I felt it the moment my amber eyes touched her icy blue ones. I knew she felt it too. I knew that if we had been alone at that moment, no force would have been able to hold us apart.
I shook my head and stepped out of my house and walked to my car.  I liked them big and I liked them powerful. As I turned the key to start the engine of my Hummer, I smiled. No matter the forces, or the consequences, I was going to have her tonight. I could not bear the thought of not having her just once.
I drove off to the party and was nestled deep within the home talking with my own when we all felt her arrive. “Tristan, you know you can’t do this.” Levi said as he put his hand on my shoulder. I wanted to go to her at once, immediately be by her side, but he held me back.
I narrowed my eyes at Levi, “I can do whatever it is that I want. You don’t tell me what I can do.”
“I’m not trying to tell you what to do, Tristan. It’s not right, we don’t cross mix!” he said rushed in heated whisper to me as he moved closer.
“I am not planning on having kids with her, I just want her Levi.” I said as I leaned back from him.
“Well that’s good, cuz dead people don’t have kids.” He said roughly as he shook his head. “Whatever man, whatever. You have no idea what you are getting yourself in for, but hey you want a piece of that ass, go for it. Have a bang up time.”
I grabbed him around the neck with my right hand, his eyes bugged out instantly. “Call her a piece of ass again and I’ll have yours.” I let him go and pushed him away from me.  The others around us moved out of my way and I walked away to find her.
I felt her down the hall and I moved in that direction.  As I entered the room, I stood at the top of three steps and had the perfect view of her back. The deep shiny purple dress hung down showing the beautiful creamy white skin of her back. It hit low, just above her ass and then clung to her as she slowly moved her hips at the bar.
I knew she felt me and I allowed her to play for a minute. I could not take my eyes off her as she turned from the bar, still not looking my way and stirring her glass. I watched as she lifted the toothpick and watched the drop of blood fall. I felt my blood start to boil as I watched her lips open and the cherry entered her mouth as her eyes met mine… Crystal…

There was no other sound in the room, no other people there except for the two of us. The heat that blazed between us was intense and extraordinary. I sucked the cherry into my mouth and as the blood rolled over my tongue, I felt my canine teeth start to break the skin.
My eyes were locked on his, the amber of his eyes molten hot as he stared at me. I wanted to touch him, wanted to feel his skin on my fingers; wanted to feel the heat of his body burning into me as he entered me over and over again.
I rolled the cherry over my tongue and put it between my teeth. I smiled at him just wide enough that he could see the tips of my canines as I bit down on the cherry slicing it cleanly in two.  I chewed slowly and watched as he stepped forward.
His hands lightly clenched at his side as he stepped down the first step.  The dark grey of his suit tight against his shoulders made him look wide and intense. As he stepped down the second step, my eyes left his and traveled above his head. Three men stood there, staring daggers at me, his men, his dogs, his pack. I met each of their eyes straight on without flinching. I wasn’t waging a war; I was merely acknowledging their desire to protect their alpha.
My eyes left Levi’s last and moved back to the man who was now on the main floor moving my way. I took a sip of my drink and handed it Aimee as Tristan broke through the crowd five feet in front of me.  I stepped forward to meet him in the middle.
Our eyes hot on each other, our bodies close, but not touching. We stared at each other molten amber meeting ice blue, fire and ice, dead and alive. 
I could not tell you how long we stood there, but as his body heat rolled over me, he turned and put his arm out to me. I never took my eyes from his as I slipped my hand into his arm. The crowd parted and it was then that I noticed every eye was on us. This was a defining moment and some people were not too happy.
“You will stop this Crystal.” I heard through my mind and I rolled my head to the right to look at Peter. I just smiled at me and slowly shook my head. “No Peter… he is mine… tonight he is mine.”
“Crystal our two cannot come together! You do not know what you are doing?” I turned my head away from him “Have you ever done it before Peter? Do you know anyone who has?”
“There are stories Crystal, you have heard them.” I threw my head back and laughed. “Stories… I am about to prove them wrong.” 
I felt Tristan’s hand wrap around mine, warming me and I smiled at Peter one last time. “Ban me if you must, but this I will do. I will prove you all wrong.”
“Do NOT taste his blood Crystal, please do not.” He yelled into my mind. I ignored it. I had every intention of tasting blood tonight.
Tristan guided me out of the front door and down the steps to his waiting Hummer. The door was held open by a human male and I stepped in quickly and sat staring straight ahead as he climbed into the other side.
Our eyes met across the center console of his vehicle. The glowing lights of the dashboard did little to illuminate the features of this handsome face, but I didn’t need lights, I could see in the dark, just as he could. He put the car in gear and we left.
No words had been spoken, no sounds were needed. I could hear his heart beating, could feel the movement of the air that he blew out of his lungs as it moved through the vehicle.  I did not need air and my heart did not beat.
As we pulled up to his house, he climbed out without a word and walked to my door, pulling it open and holding his hand out for me.  I took his warm hand in my cold one and stepped out, careful not to catch my heel on the trim of the door.
We stopped at the front door and he pushed in a key, turning it I could hear the teeth catching on the metal pieces inside, unlocking the door. He pushed the door open, and warmth escaped out in a whoosh.
His hand slid down to my back and he guided me into the door. I stepped into the large wooden foyer, dark but for a single candle on the side table reflecting up into a mirror. I looked in the mirror and saw Tristan’s hot amber eyes glowing behind me, above his head hung something that made the side of my mouth curve up and I turned slowly.
We were inches apart and as my eyes touched his, he stepped closer, our bodies now barely touching, chest to chest. I felt his breathe fan over my face like the lightest caress, the scent of his blood causing my canines to throb in my jaw.
“I have wanted you from the moment I saw you.” He spoke quietly. His left hand coming up to my hip and I pushed gently against it. I could feel his body heat flooding over me and I wanted to tear his clothes off to touch him, but instead I slipped one hand up his chest and rested it over his heart.  The deep thumping striking my sensitive fingers as it touched him over his shirt.
“Now you shall have me.” I said as I leaned closer to him. As we stood an inch apart, I looked up above us and felt him follow my gaze. The simple green and red hanging above us was the last thing we needed to ignite the passion that ran hot through us. Mistletoe…
As we looked back at one another, our lips touched, our eyes closed and the sweet taste of success filled us both. As our lips slide over one another, his opened and his tongue reached out for mine. I allowed him to lick over my lips, before I allowed him to enter me.  As I finally opened my lips to him, I felt his other hand come to my back and slide up over my skin, bringing chills to my already cold flesh.
His tongue invaded my mouth, sliding over mine and flicking off one of the canines so that I was barely able to control myself. A fleeting whimper came from deep inside me as he flicked them again and I fell against him. One of his strong arms dropped from my waist and snatched me up under my knees, lifting me into his arms without our lips shifting apart.
His body heat was intense as his arm wrapped under my legs and pulled me to him, my arms wrapping tightly around him as he started towards the stairs. I allowed him to release my mouth as he made the first step; I wanted a night of passion, not a night of healing broken bones. I latched on to his neck as he climbed the steps quickly. Careful to keep my canines away from his skin, for now…
Her body was so cold, but it was a welcome feeling against my heated flesh.  I held her tightly as I climbed, two at a time around the curved wooden staircase of my home. The mistletoe had been my undoing.  The moment she looked up and exposed her neck, I had wanted nothing more than to ravish her. I felt the longing deep inside of me and I wanted to let it out. I wanted to unleash it on her.
Her mouth and her tongue were sliding over my neck and the sensation was incredible. The softness of her lips, the wetness of her tongue and the coldness of her skin.  It was something I had never experienced and it ignited me as if I were standing in a fire pit.  I felt myself throbbing in my pants and I wanted to unleash that on her as I unleashed my longing.
When we got to the top of the stairs, I could have put her down, but I did not want to relinquish any feeling of her at this moment. I wanted her as close to me as possible.  I walked the hallway quickly to my room and pushed back the door; a single electric candle shown in the window and provided the only light. We would not need any more, we could both see fine in the dark.
I walked her to the bed, trying to keep my breathing under control as she sucked deeply on my neck just above the artery that throbbed under my skin. She teased me with the tips of her teeth and I wanted to push her head down and beg her to drink from me, but it was something they had said we should never do.
To taste the blood of a vampire on the werewolves tongue or to suck the blood of the wolf into the mouth of the vamp was said to be deadly for both.  If that is what was to come tonight, then I would gladly die in this creature arms.
I allowed her to slide down my body as I pulled her tightly to me and she moved her mouth from my neck back to my mouth, but I kissed her lips quickly and moved on to her neck. I needed to taste her. I needed to feel the cold skin on my tongue; I needed to taste her flesh that smelled so sweet.
I felt her toss something to the bed before her hands came to my head and pulled me down to her neck. She threw her head back and whimpered as I latched on to her neck and felt the change moving through me.  I could feel my own canines filling with need to bite her flesh, to taste the cold blood that pooled in her veins.
She slid her hands under my suit jacket and pushed it off my shoulder swiftly. I shifted enough to allow it to fall to the ground. My hands immediately went back around her and as one hand slipped up her spine, I slid the other one around her and into the back of her dress to slide up the side of her waist. I felt her shiver at my touch and I nipped at her neck.
Her hands went to my shirt and she did not bother to stop at each button, but simply tore the shirt from my body.  I wanted to howl as her nails dug into my back and she pulled me close.  I pulled my mouth away from her neck and threw back my head, my eyes glowing towards the ceiling as she ran her nails down my chest towards my waistband. I was breathing hard and I grabbed her dress at the shoulders and ripped it from her.
Her ice blue eyes brightened the room as she stared back at me, a sweet and evil grin upon her sensual lips as she stared me down; her dress in pieces on the ground as she slowly undid my belt and pulled it through the loops. The intense smile growing as she dropped the belt to the ground and reached for the release of my passion.
I reached for the waistband of his pants, feeling the intense heat of his manhood behind the simple thin fabric. I tore it open and peeled it back, exposing hot flesh that immediately stretched towards me. I gripped it hard and heard his intense gasp for breath as my cold hand closed tightly around the hottest part of his body. Some men wouldn’t be able to keep it hard with the coldness that touched it, but he seemed to harden more like he was freezing a piece of steel ready to cold bore me. The thought made me wet.
I pushed him closer to the bed, moving him to the side and making him sit on the edge,  moving down to his chest, licking him, kissing him, wanting so bad to taste him deep within, but I would wait. If this was the last thing I would do in my years on this earth, I would enjoy every second of it to its fullest.
I drug my nails of one hand down his chest just hard enough to earn a hiss from him, but not hard enough to draw blood. I would not be able to stop myself if I smelled that now. As my mouth lowered, I kept the other hand tightly wrapped around him, slowly moving up and down, softly then tighter. His breathing hitched as I squeezed and I released him to slide my hand down and hold his sack. The pure look of ecstasy that ignited his face at the touch was enough to make me burn.
I licked him gently, afraid that if I took him deeply into my mouth that I would bite, that I would lose control and take him totally.  I needed to feel him inside of me, no matter how much I wanted this to last, no matter how much I needed to taunt him and tease him, I couldn’t do it. I needed to feel him in me now.
I stood up and pushed him back on the bed. He moved quickly to the center of the bed, and I climbed on with the grace of a cat stalking its prey, my fangs hanging low my body primed to move over him.  He watched me as I moved, reaching for me as I got close enough to touch, I climbed over him, straddling him, holding him tightly between my legs.
My body was craving him, was screaming for release, but I would not give in, just yet…
Her soft cold hands slid up my thighs as she crawled across my bed. Her eyes glowing as coldly as her skin made my heart beat faster. I ran my hand up her arms as she came to me, I watched as she lifted her leg over my hips and settled down to nestle her cave over the hottest part of my body. One simple move and I could enter that cave…  I could explore the cave and learn of its pleasure.
As she leaned over me, her hands by the sides of my head, I saw the canine’s slipping past her lips and I leaned up to lick them. The tip of my tongue just barely touching them sent her body into a flurry of motion. I heard the sound before I felt the sensation; the feeling of the cold metal around my wrists that were now locking my arms above my head. I threw my head back to the pillow and stared at her. 
“You brought your handcuffs…” I said as I looked up into her glowing eyes.
“Got a problem with that?” she asked me as she leaned down to lick my lips.
“No problem, as long as I get to use them on you next.” I said as I captured her lips in mine and sucked her tongue into my mouth.  She leaned forward so that her breasts would sway over my face and I captured one sweet hard nipple in my mouth.  Sucking it gently until I heard her whimper then I increased the pressure until she sighed.
She ran her hands down my chest and raised herself up over me. I prepared myself for what was to come, as she slowly lowered herself over my shaft. My throbbing heat was surrounded by the most intense coldness I had ever felt, but instead of causing me pain, it made me burn, the hunger in me no longer able to control itself, I thrust up hard into her and felt her jerk. I looked up at her as she threw her head back and watched her body bounce over mine as I thrust up and she met me half way.
As the hunger in me roared, the urge to howl was growing. My wrist burned from where the metal was digging into them, I could have broken them, I could have pulled lose, but I loved the feeling of not being in total control with her. For once I wanted someone else to be my Alpha.
As I rode him, I threw my head back and look at the ceiling, a huge smile spread across my face as I looked up into a mirror, my eyes glowing and his burning as we met in the reflection above us. I hissed at him and he slammed into me hard. I dug my nails into his chest and felt his body responded to mine, pulling us closer to the end. The heat of his shaft igniting me in a burn I had never in my long life experienced.
As we moved faster and faster, and slammed into each other harder and harder, I hear the wood splinter above his head just before I heard the metal of my cuffs tear as if make of paper. His hot hands grabbed my waist and pulled me down harder on him, slamming in to me into I thought I could take no more.
I could hold back no longer, I needed to touch her, needed to feel her… I wanted to taste her.  Just before I could no longer hold back my seed from my body, I pulled her roughly forward and kissed her deeply. I felt her canine’s long and licked it. I felt the tip scratch my tongue and there was no turning back, a moment of panic struck me as I quickly wondered what might happen, but I knew that if it were to all end at this moment, then I would die a satisfied man.
As the single drop of blood struck my tongue and I lost myself to the lust, I reared back at the same time that his shaft slammed into me one last time and started to release. I fell to his neck and could no longer hold back the urge as I dug my teeth into his neck and pulled deeply.  The sweetest taste filled my mouth and caused my body to burn.  I sucked deeper and felt him grab me tightly as he bit into my shoulder.
I whimpered as I felt him pull from my body; the intensity of the moment causing great waves of emotion, pain and ecstasy to flow over me.
I do not know how much time had passed. I do not recall what happened after those fleeting moments of pleasure and pain. What I do recall is opening my eyes to stare at the ceiling… Two eyes glowed back at me… two eyes so different… but still the same… one glowing ice blue and one burning amber…

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