Friday, December 9, 2011

SOOOO Naughty, Not Nice Blog Hop!!!

So what little Naughty am I giving away on this blog hop?  I have two e-copies of Revealed from one of my favorite Naughty authors, Leanore Elliot!!! Take a look at the info!!

Dell was a hired, no questions asked, kind of thief, and he never planned to take the gorgeous cat burglar home with him. In a span of only a few hours, he realized with a stunned bliss that he'd become a victim of an unexpected seduction. He'd been assaulted, seduced and taken by a sexy cat burglar, weighing all of maybe 130 pounds. And he'd lustfully enjoyed it all. The assignment had been to take the stone from the pretty thief and get paid. And what did he actually do? He took the girl and got totally laid.
Glory found herself lying on top of him and discovered the evidence of the sex, they must've had. She had ruthlessly tied him to his own bed! She found that she could command him to do anything she wanted. It was so tempting, because this yummy thief was six feet of muscled man, well built and sexy as all get out. What would happen, if she actually allowed herself this shameless pleasure? Would lust turn into love?
Ruthless thugs are chasing the both of them, trying to cut the heart stone out of their chests. The bewildered pair of clever thieves might even avoid this horrid fate--if they could just keep their insatiable hands off each other.

Constance, a psychic, has visions of serial killers.
Jack, a rebel cop, will break every law to stop these killers.
They meet at the scene of a bloody murder, and team up to track some of the most deadly fiends in existence.
After three years together as partners, is there something even more sinister which Constance cannot see? What will she find, when she finally comes face to face with the Beasts of Forever?
As a bonus, the wonderful book is free for Kindle!! Click here to grab your copy!! After 9 am on the 9th!!
I looooved both books.  It has you drooling all the way through it and when its over you are like...what???NOOO!!!  LOL!!  To be entered to win your own copy just be a GFC follower and answer the question...
What would you like Santa to bring you?  and don't forget to leave your email address!!!!
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Na said...

A tons of books and or tablet would be pretty nice :)


Barbara said...

I love Leanore Elliott and would LOVE to win Revealed! I'd like for Santa to bring me a Kindle Fire or a Nook Tablet...or if I'm really reaching...a weekend in Vegas, LOL!

Gabby said...

What would I like Santa to bring me? A handsome, sweet guy waiting for me under the mistletoe Christmas morning!

Heh heh, just kidding sort of. Seriously though I think I'd really like to have a laptop for Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone!

Book Savvy Babe said...

THese books look awesome! Let's see, I would love for santa to bring me gift cards to either amazon or barnes and noble so I could buy any books I want...a year's supply of books would be amazing, let's see, I think I read around 175 books this year...oh the thought of all the books on my TBR list under the tree sounds amazing, given some wonderful arcs would be there too..can't you see it, I love my fantasies, LOL. Thanks for the contest, merry christmas, have fun being NAUGHTY! I am an old follower, Book Savvy Babe
booksavvybabe at gmail dot com

WildAboutBones said...

Thanks for the intro to a new (to me) author. I picked up the one free for Kindle. Yea! Thanks for the heads up.
I would like Santa to bring me someone to be naughty and nice with, who loves to cuddle and is a seriously alpha male who knows how to treat a woman right while cherishing her.
Am a follower
WildAboutBones at gmail dot com

Adri said...

i've had my eye on the kindle or the nook!! i wish santa will bring me one!! :)

Poison Rose said...

Oh another steamy author to add to my list. I'll be sure and mark as it to-read. I REALLY wanted Santa to bring me a Kindle Fire this year, I'm tired of my kindle App on my iPod touch.

*waves* New Follower to you (Poison Rose)and I added you on GR. I recall you won my Amazon giveaway a month or so ago. I know it got put to good use. ;-)

Thanks for the giveaway Nikki!

~Poison Rose

Pommawolf Emeraldwolfeyes said...

wow..what a great blurb for a great cover and story. Adding to my gotta have list anyways..*S*
+1 I am already a Follower
+Already a GFC Follower too...*S*

My Kindle has been slowly dying after surviving it's first Christmas in Fairbanks Alaska, so I've had to put a new Kindle on my wishlist this year.....*S*
Thank you for being a part of the wonderful blog hop!
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year....*S*


Karyn Gerrard said...

sounds great, enter me and am now following you on Goodreads!

Michelle Brack said...

I want Santa to bring me a Kindle Fire for Christmas!

Followed on twitter and goodreads.

Andrea I said...

All I want are Amazon gift cards.

GFC follower


Julianne said...

Merry Christmas. Thanks for the chance to win. I'm mostly naughty more than I am nice. Can't have fun if your "nice". :) But I'd really like for Santa to bring me a job. I've been out of work since the end of May. A job would be great.
luvfuzzzeeefaces at yahoo dot com

sweety said...

I wish Santa to bring me a ton of novels so that i can read and read and read somemore :)

Thanks for the international giveaway!!

GFC name - sweety


geschumann said...

Goodreads-Gloria Schumann
Thanks for the giveaway!

geschumann at live dot com

Unknown said...

I'd love for Santa to bring me a HOT Alpha male for Christmas! Happy Holidays & thanks for the giveaway!
GFC/Twitter: BookAttict
Goodreads: Elizabeth Hyatt (Book_Attict)

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