Saturday, May 26, 2012

Review: Aladdin's Samovar By: Lauren Sweet

A nice, normal, boring life—that’s all Amber Polaski ever wanted. One where she’s not unchaining her flaky New Age mom from endangered trees, bailing her out of jail, or getting dragged to naked pagan rituals. But when Amber finds a sexy genie in her antique brass samovar, any hope of normal goes up in smoke.

It’s just one tiny little wish—to find her long-lost father. What could go wrong?

Plenty. Dad shows up, all right—with a computer drive full of stolen data and angry mobsters hot on his trail. Now Amber has Fugitive Dad holed up in her Manville, NJ duplex, fending off the Mafia on one side and the FBI on the other. And she has Jasper the genie lounging in her blue plush recliner, conjuring chocolate chip cookies and passing himself off as her boyfriend. While Jasper is trying to tempt Amber with more disastrous wishes—and his seriously hot thousand-year-old body—Amber and her mom are forced to fight off Mafia assassins with nothing but chutzpah and household appliances.

It’s time for Amber to call in the B-team: Iggy the homeless dwarf, Tim the ecoterrorist, and Wanda the Fairy Dogmother with her pack of Happy Puppies. Together, they need to save Dad before the Mob makes him disappear again—permanently!

My Review:

I loved this book!!!  Amber was hands down one of the best characters I have had the pleasure to meet in a while.  I suppose if you had grown up surrounded by the interesting array of people that Amber did, it would make for a pretty unflappable person.  So when Amber is house cleaning preparing for the arrival of her mother, she decides to shine all the metal in the house.  This in turn leads to reading an inscription that she uncovered on the side of a samovar and wouldn't you know it?  Out pops a genie.  Not just any genie.  A really sexy one named Jasper :)  Even though Amber is determined not to make a wish, she falls off the wagon and decides that the one she has come up with is quite harmless.  LOL...but the ramifications of it are anything but.  Amber's normal and boring life is getting ready to turn upside down!

This book was so funny.  Amber has a very dry wit and amusing sarcasm that just just keeps you snickering through the entire book!  If you haven't noticed, she was by far my favorite character.  There were however quite an array of interesting characters in the book.  I definitely think Amber's mom was probably the one that was out there the most.  I can't imagine what it would have been like with her as a mother.  Never a dull moment but probably never a quiet one either!!

Jasper is a little hard to figure out.  He was very evasive and hard to actually pin down.  You get the feeling that he really likes Amber, then you wonder if you were wrong, then you think that no you weren't.  He bends so many rules to please and help Amber out.  After the initial getting to know you stuff and the disastrous results if the first wish Amber swears not to wish again.  But things start going wrong and she stuffs her wish to side for a just in case emergency.  The way things had been headed, its quite likely that she'll have to use it!

This was a fantastic read!!  I was skeptical at first, but trust me this book will completely suck you in!!  I really really really hope there is going to be more to this book.  Maybe a sequel.  The one thing I wasn't fond of was the end.  LOL ..there was just too much left unanswered!!

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