Saturday, May 12, 2012

Review: Book 1: Forsaken Heart by Elise Whyles

Punished for sins not her own, can a mortal claim her vampire mate?

The world of immortals must unite to save both themselves and the mortals they co-exist with from an ancient evil.

For Bede MacTaggert this means trusting in the warrior sent for her sister—a man of mystery, of power, and one who could easily sweep her into a world she's destined to be part of.

An imperial guard to the king of vampires, Gawain has always tuned out the needs of the flesh. Dedicating himself to the service of the royals, he's lived on the fringes of his people for centuries. Now he's forced from the shadows and into the arms of a woman who will awaken his heart and body to a passion unequaled.

My Review:

This book is the first in a four part series and I must say the first one is a really great read!  It starts off with Bede and her sister being sold to a slaver.  Her father eagerly parts with them for a pouch of gold.  Bede calms her sister's fears and thinks of this as an opportunity to get away from their abusive parent.  Since the death of her mother, everything has fallen onto Bede's shoulders.  She loves her sister more than anything and would willingly die for her.  They do not even make it to their new home before their master is demanding a taste of the goods.  Bede is fighting him off with all she has and her sister jumps on his back to try to stop him.  But Bede's ultimate savior is a shock.  He is like no one she has ever seen before, except of course in her nightmares.

Gawain is set to a task he does not relish.  His king bides him to seek a child that is full of prophecy, and bring her to him.  Gawain carries the guilt of his former queen's murder as a burden.  He has held tight to his vow of chastity and seeks to redeem himself for failing the queen, even though the burden is not his to carry.  As a vampire immortal, he has suffered a very long time.  As he begins his journey into the mortal realm he is beset by the sound of a child screaming as soon as he steps through the portal.  Fury surges through him.  Humans can be more savage than any immortal known.  Making haste to lend aid, he kills the slaver before he is able to rape Bede. Gawain is unprepared for the rapid flow of emotions that she brings about.

This book dips into Greek mythology, which is one of my favorites, by making Selene (the moon goddess) the mother of the vampires.  This is one of my favorite things about this book.  It is an unbelievably awesome concept.  The moon goddess being the creator of vampires who can only live at night?  It actual makes sense!!! It is called the Forsaken series because the vampire king threw all of the other races into the mortal realm when his queen was killed.  These immortals were forsaken and forgotten about. There were many and the descriptions make me anxious to dive into the second book.  Gawain was modeled after his role in King Author's Court.  Bede remains a bit of a mystery as to what exactly she is because even though she has fangs, she can call fire.  This interesting twist was added at the end.  Very Very good read!!!  I can't wait for the second book!!!

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Ooh, I like the sound of this one, especially the Greek mythology.

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