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Romance Girls Gone Goblin Halloween Hop!!

Hello Hoppers and welcome to CEWTNK!! MUAAHHAHAHH!!!  I was lucky enough to snag a guest post with one of my hot writters JT Harding!  Please make sure you enter in the rest of the giveaways by clicking on the buttons in the side bar! She wrote up a quick Halloween story involving the characters in the book she is giving away which is her latest and greatest Summer Secrets!  Take it away JT!!!!
The Devil in Cherri
They say the devil has all the best tunes, and for Cheryl Redmond that sure felt like the truth. Pressed against Buster in the Hades Bar on River Road in New Orleans Cherri felt the music deep in her gut, vibrating inside her chest so she wasn’t sure if it got one decibel louder it mightn’t bust her heart, but she didn’t care. Buster’s arousal poked into her back and she reached around and traced his length with her fingers. She’d only known him a week, hadn’t done anything. Yet. Buster, despite his looks, had been the perfect gentleman. He wanted her, Cherri knew, but he wasn’t going to force himself. Tonight he wouldn’t have to.
Cherri’d been working up to this since the moment she climbed into his pick-up truck somewhere east of Dallas. Back then Buster had looked dangerous but Cherri didn’t care, running away from what she’d done that summer, running from the pain and tears, trying to run fast enough so they never caught her up. Cherri wanted dangerous.
Until July she hadn’t even know she was gay. Sure, she’d messed around a little, but who the hell hadn’t? Cherri was convinced it was guys rang her bell until she met Dani. There on the side of another road, sitting on two rocks across from each other Cherri’d fallen instantly in love. Tried to fight it. Tried to fight it all goddamn summer, not knowing Dani felt exactly the same about her. God, they’d wasted all that time. Almost worth it when the tension had finally broken and they’d made love. The sex better than anything Cherri had ever experienced, and she knew next to Dani was where she belonged. And then the summer went to shit. One moment wonderful, the next a nightmare and Cherri had run as fast and as far as she could, hitching her way east, always east, away from California, away from the pain she’d left behind, paying her way with her hands and her mouth and her body. Until she met Buster, who looked bad, real bad. Six feet two, skin black as night, head shaved and a scar running down his right cheek from eye to the corner of his mouth but still good looking. Good looking and bad. Except he wasn’t.
Buster had brought her to New Orleans and on this Halloween night brought her to the Hades Bar where every weirdo in the city seemed to have congregated. And man, this was New Orleans, so these were the weird of the weird, costumed and un-costumed in equal parts, women with breasts bared, men with their asses hanging out from cutout leather jeans, the smell of flesh and sweat and sex filling the small room where on stage the best scratch band Cherri had ever seen were playing rock so loud they had to hear it in Florida. For the first time in months Cherri wasn’t thinking about Dani, lost in the taste of whiskey and dope, her body slack and loose and her mind sat astride a dark horse of oblivion.
Over at the far side of the bar two women were fellating a short white man who looked like he’d come to town on business and ended up getting more than he bargained for. Beyond them a tall black woman was kissing an equally tall blonde, fondling her breasts. Cherri watched their mouths, the way their tongues worked, remembering how that felt, a pang of jealousy running through her and she burrowed her hand down the front of Buster’s jeans until she found the thick length of his cock and stroked him. Buster kissed behind her ear, having to bend over a long way to reach.
“Not here,” he whispered, the scent of whiskey strong on his breath.
“When can we leave?” Cherri wanted him badly, sudden arousal running through her like a wave of heat. The last time she’d enjoyed sex was with Dani, everything since had been duty, a means of paying her way across half of America.
“Later. I’ve got a surprise for you.”
Cherri stroked his thick member. “Another one?”
Buster chuckled. “Oh, you knew all about that one, didn’t you?”
“What surprise?”
“You’ll see.”
Cherri continued rubbing him, enjoying the heat of his length inside her fingers, knowing somehow she could rub him like this all night and he wouldn’t come unless he allowed himself to, that idea exciting her even more with the thought of what he might do to her, what this thing would feel like between her legs instead of in her hand. Good thought, taking her mind off women. Taking her mind off Dani.
Buster pulled away and Cherri groaned, trying to keep her hand inside the front of his jeans but he was too strong, too determined, and her fingers slid free. Cherri pushed through the crowd after him, music blasting her body as she passed in front of a giant speaker. Buster was ahead, taller than most of the patron, turning and twisting his way through the throng and Cherri battled after him, smaller and slighter, using her shoulders and elbows to find a way. Ahead, Buster turned into a narrow corridor. By the time Cherri got there he had gone.
Cherri walked along the narrow space, bare concrete walls almost brushing against her. The music faded, moving into the background. Cherri tried a door on her right, found in unlocked and stepped into a room lit only by a low wattage bulb. Three figures lay on a bare mattress set directly on the floor. Two men and a woman. At first Cherri thought they were fully dressed, then with a small tremor of shock saw that although their upper bodies were fully clothed from the waist down they were naked. The woman lay on her back, one of the men embedded in her from behind. The second man knelt beside her, offering his cock to her mouth. This man looked up and grinned, lifted a hand as though to usher Cherri to join them.
Shaking her head Cherri backed out, moved quickly to a second door. For a moment she hesitated before turning the handle, wondering whether to expect more of the same, but Buster was down here somewhere and a growing sense of unease made her want his steadiness badly.
She found Buster in the second room. He sat on a wooden chair while a tall, very white skinned woman sat before a dressing mirror. The lights arrayed around the edges of the mirror were the only illumination, bright and harsh, casting the woman’s shadow on the wall beside Cherri, distorting her figure so she appeared grotesque, deformed, her tousled hair forming itself into horns, the shadow of her long dress curling into a tail against the wall.
“Is this the one?” The woman turned her head, spoke directly to Buster.
“Cherri,” Buster said.
The woman’s eyes studied Cherri in the mirror, red and cat-slitted in the reflection and Cherri moved further into the room.
“Buster tells me you want to sing.”
Cherri nodded. Was this the bar owner? Was this some kind of interview? Close up the woman’s skin was even paler than Cherri first thought, her body broadcasting heat like a furnace, and a scent, something cloying and sweet but attractive, almost physical, setting up an itch in Cherri’s belly that kindled to a flame and spread, upward and outward, lodging in every erogenous zone she possessed. Sweat popped and beaded between Cherri’s breasts, trickled downward.
“Can you help me?” Cherri asked, taking another step, unable to stop herself, as though this woman was a magnet drawing her in.
“Do you want my help? Are you good enough to help?” The woman turned, her eyes transformed from feline to female as they turned on Cherri. Her lips were blood red, her hair dark with a thread of fire running through. “Are you willing to pay the price?”
Cherri laughed. “What is this, a crossroads and midnight thing, and you want my soul?”
The woman smiled, showing perfect tiny teeth, two pointed incisors catching on her full bottom lip. Cherri glanced at Buster. He sat relaxed, chair tilted back against the wall, watching the encounter as if it was the best show he’d seen all year.
“Don’t believe everything you hear, darlin’. Most times all I want is a little distraction… a little comforting… but I can take your soul if you prefer.”
Cherri laughed again, a higher pitch. “I thought the devil was supposed to be a man. With horns. And a tail. And a cock like a dagger.”
“I can be anything you want, darlin’. But I like this body at the moment. I hear you like girls.”
Cherri glanced at Buster. “I never said-”
“You don’t need to say. You like me?”
Cherri shook her head, but not in denial, in mere awe. The heat that had sparked now consumed her. The eyes that seemed to have transformed to normal were gone, replaced by pools of night.
“I can’t…” Cherri gasped, but she had no idea what she couldn’t do, only knew what she wanted and needed.
The woman stood, tall, almost as tall as Buster, towering over Cherri’s tiny frame. She placed her hand on Cherri’s waist, the fingers burning, sending shafts of arousal through Cherri. Cherri gazed at her breasts, full and rounded, pale skin displaying threads of vein beneath the flesh that pulsed with each heartbeat. The woman stepped closer, the peaks of those luscious breasts touching Cherri’s and she was no longer so tall. The woman glanced back over her shoulder at Buster. “You want some, or is this all mine?”
Buster lifted his shoulders. “Help yourself. Don’t mind if I stay and watch, do you?”
“Might make it more fun, darlin’.”
When she turned back Cherri’s lips had already parted, her head lifted, in anticipation of the kiss.
Afterward, Buster led Cherri back along the narrow corridor, but instead of returning to the bar he opened a door Cherri had missed and she followed him up steps until they came out onto the narrow stage. The band had gone off. Cherri saw them at the bar, drinking and jostling in the crowd.
Buster picked up a black electric guitar and slung the strap over his shoulder. He raised an eyebrow at Cherri standing on the side of the stage. “You wanna get famous, or you gonna stand there all night looking pretty?”
Cherri took two steps, looked around. She had a choice, a battered Martin D45, or an equally battered Stratocaster. She picked the electric, slung its weight around her slim shoulders and plugged in. A squawk followed by a hum. The guitar molded itself against her body and she took a pick and strummed a C chord. She had no idea what she was going to play, no idea what words she would sing, but she wasn’t afraid. She knew this was going to be good.
One of the band climbed back on stage and settled behind the drum kit. Buster ran off a fast solo run on the Gibson and Cherri matched him and the crowd yelled, ready for more. Cherri’s fingers felt like they belonged to someone else, suddenly a thousand times more able than they had been. Music ran through her head, demanding to be let out. Someone else came on stage and Cherri turned to see the pale woman with the smoky red eyes pick up a bass and strap it on.
Cherri turned to the crowd and stepped to the microphone.
“Let’s make some loud fucking music. One two, one two three-”

JT Harding
Loved her last book!!  Can't wait to get into this one!!!  So up for grabs is her newest sizzle Summer Secrets!  It will be an international autographed paperback copy!! Take a look!

The year Dani Walker turns eighteen summer camp will change her life.
Dani has come each year to Pinecrest Lake but this is her first time as counselor. A chance meeting when her bus breaks down triggers an infatuation she never expected and doesn’t welcome. At camp two years before a traumatic event convinced Dani she would never find love again. This year she discovers she has been looking in the wrong place.
For Cheryl Redmond this is her first summer camp. She doesn’t know what to expect – certainly not to fall in love with Dani. Neither girl can admit their feelings, seeking other means of satisfaction with two male counselors.
Dani and Cherri battle to conceal their growing desire for each other, afraid of rejection, not aware the attraction is mutual until in a dilapidated barn, amid the scent of hay, obsession spills over into passion, their summer secret finally revealed.
Summer Secrets: Cherri Red Book 1 is set in the hothouse world of summer camp where love, lust and passions run high. The first in an explicit lesbian trilogy from international best-selling erotic author JT Harding, Summer Secrets will charm, arouse and shock in equal measure.

All you have to do to enter is be a GFC follower and leave a comment with your email address!!  Be sure to check out the rest of these awesome blogs!!!


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