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Spooktacular Giveaway Hop!!

Hello Spooktacular Hoppers and Welcome to CEWTNK!  I'm so happy you have made it! Let's give a big thank you to I'm a Reader not a Writer for sponsoring this event.  They are always rockin something out over there! If you need to hop back over there, the link is
Today I have a very special author with me that I am sponsoring in this event.  She has offered up 3 copies of her latest  Beast Series, which I can assure you readers, is a thrilling and extremely HOT HOT HOT read.  You need gloves..LOL. But enough with me writing about them, lets read about them and you judge for yourself!  You are in for a special treat!!!!

Meet The Beasts...all I can say is YUMMMMM!!!

The Supernatural Beasts
Leanore Elliott & Wicked Muse Publishing

Wicked Leanore introduces you to some very hot, very hungry Brothers
Warning* Explicit Content; For Mature Adults Only*

Beasts~ The Eyes of Constance:
Meet the very sexy Jack aka, Lycian:
If there is a heaven?  He could take you there.

Jack kissed her tears his body moving slower. He reached down, pressed his fingers to her clit, and caressed her. "I never knew we could feel love and compassion until it was too late." He grasped a hard nipple, pinching it between his fingers while he moved with a slight swiveling of his hips. "Now you will open." He slowly pressed his pelvis downward, forcing her legs open wider.
"Oh God," she gasped at the openly sensual position he held her in. She never envisioned such a wanton, thrilling penetration in all of her days and it truly sparked a fire in her body as a trickle of her own juices seeped from her.
Relentless, he kept up the simultaneous onslaught to most of her erogenous zones his fingers stroking her and tweaking her nipples, his tongue flicking hers while he drew her body into his rhythm. He throbbed within her and pushed his pulsating cock deeper. The tender skin of her labia where he stroked her became so wet that his fingers slipped.
"Oh, stop, I can't," Constance pleaded and he covered her mouth with his. She stared into his ever-changing eyes, his swelling and retracting giving her pleasure and pain as he thrust in and out of her.
"Lycian?" she whispered the strange name into his mouth. It was like a tangible thing while she tasted it on her lips like a familiar favorite flavor and with it came the realization that she did know him.
A formidable yearning buried so deep within her came rising up and the feeling became so strong and overwhelming as she thrust back, meeting his grinds with wild abandon. "Lycian." The name came from her throat like a song. She arched her hips and her body stretched out so hard that he rose off her and she moaned aloud, the powerful orgasm shuddering through her.
"You remembered," he whispered to her lips as the heat of his cum seeped into her, meeting her wild uninhibited orgasm and she trembled ferociously with the most profound encompassing ecstasy of her entire life.
Constance closed her eyes. If I could die, this would be the way to go. A blast of vivid colors exploded behind her eyes as her breath was literally taken from her lungs and she fell hard and fast into a sweet black oblivion.

BEASTS~ A Different Life
Meet The Very Wicked Damon:
I want to have dinner with this man!

His hand travel under Alex's silk dress and she tensed a little as she peeked over at him.
Grinning wickedly, he raised his glass. "Have you tried the wine?"
With an extreme effort to appear unaffected, Alex swallowed while his warm fingers smoothed along the skin between her thighs. Startled by the feeling, she sat rigid in her chair while he reached in closer and caressed her with his fingers.
Penelope smiled at her from across the table. "I see you've changed your hair, Alexandria."
Alex gulped and felt him stroking her. "Um yes…" Her voice cracked a little.
"I like it!" Penelope swung her gaze to Damon. "Do you like it, Damon?"
He smiled while his fingers massaged Alex with delicious, swirling circles. "Oh yes, I love it." He moved a finger lower and entered her. “It's very becoming." He thrust his finger back and forth into her.
"Oh…" Alex moaned.
The couple who sat across from them looked over in surprise at the soft sound.
She attempted to smile, but her skin felt flushed. "Yes, but the silver just appeared––suddenly.”
As the conversation went on, Alex was on fire and tried not to visibly squirm.
Damon kept stroking her. "Drink some wine." He gave her a wicked grin. "You look like you’re dry."
Alex drew in a sharp breath as his finger flicked her vulva and it swelled. Her slick moisture seeped through his fingers. Her shaky hand grabbed the wine glass. She quickly raised it and took a gulping swallow. Her insides quivered while she felt his heated fingers dipping into her.
A servant came in and Damon slowed his secret fingering. "Ah, dessert!" he announced.
Silently, the woman served dishes of a wonderful looking apple-cinnamon pastry.
Alex released a relieved breath at the reprieve.
Damon turned to look at her. "Go ahead, take it." He motioned his head at her dessert plate.
She remembered those inviting words from their first encounter and smiled nervously while she lifted a spoon.
He started the finger rubbing again, and she could barely swallow the apple dessert.
"Mmm." She heard Penelope's voice complimenting the flavor of the dessert while he stroked her faster. Alex got wetter and could feel her body coiling up with anticipation. She tried to avoid looking at anyone while she took another anxious bite of the warm dessert.
Damon peeked at her and took a bite. "Delicious, isn't it?" His voice purred low while he rubbed her swelling clit. “Served warm and sweet.”
Visibly trembling, she grabbed her wine glass. "Yes, it’s..." She gripped the glass with a tight fist and raised it to her lips.
Penelope cleared her throat. "So, are you getting to know each other again?"
They both gave her a startled glance. Alex swallowed heavily at the question while her body quivered beneath the green silk.
Damon grinned. "Yes and very thoroughly." He dipped his fingers into her again. “We are exploring every aspect.”He swirled his fingers over her wet pussy.
Alex simply nodded, as she did not trust her own voice and again, she valiantly fought the urge to squirm in her chair.
Alexander smiled warmly at them from across the table and turned to Penelope. "I think we should go now, Pen."
She sat her glass down. "Um... yes." Penelope’s gaze swiveled to the quiet couple. "Good night."
Damon nodded politely at the pair and stroked her harder, the rhythm accelerated as heat ran along her entire body. Her whole body became tense as she smiled weakly up at them, grabbed her wine glass and downed it.
They stood from their chairs and left the room.
He plunged three fingers into her and pushed them up. “It’s a very good night,” he growled.
Alex leaned forward and dropped her glass while desperately gripping the table. Feeling herself near climaxing, she drew in a shaky breath of exhilarated, gasping air. Her body pitched forward with an orgasm. "Ohh…" She felt her cum flow across his hot fingers. “Unh." She bit down on her lip as the rush of blazing heat ran through her.
“Yes, a magnificent dinner. Very satisfying.”
"Oh!" She tried to sit forward.
"Did you enjoy your dessert?" Damon teased. “I thought having the cream on top would be a nice touch.”

BEASTS~ King Of Vengeance
Meet Victor Payne The King of Beasts
This man can scrub my back anytime!

Valentine let out a shuddering whimper.
"Did you say something?”
She shook her head, speech becoming impossible as she trembled from the inner stroking.
"You want me to stop?" He raised her hips.
As though she were stricken mute, she panted harder and shook her head.
Victor shoved her down on him again.
"Ahh," the unexpected acclamation came from her throat.
He raised her again. "Is that a yes?" he purred seductively to her ear.
She shivered uncontrollably.
"Tell me what you want," he urged.
"I can't," she gasped out.
Victor lifted her completely from his cock. The wonderful satisfying fullness left her, and she urgently struggled to lower herself back down.
"No, you don't want it and I don't want to force you," he taunted.
"Please!" she pleaded.
"Please what?"
"I need it.”
"Just tell me and you can have anything you want." He raised his warm fingers to her nipples again, squeezing them with skillful twists.
She grew breathless. "Fill me."
"Fill you?"
She nodded her head rapidly.
"You want me to fill you?" He grasped her hips again.
"Yes," she shouted with frustration. "Yes, please!"
Victor shoved her forcefully down onto him while raising his own hips for a deeper penetration. He kept a penetrating rhythm using her hips with a directing precision to plunge her up and down over his hard erection.
"Mmm," she breathed out with a helpless murmur. Her body grew tense while her pussy pulsed with the building friction. The pounding sent helpless tremors through her as she peaked with a tightening coiling spasm.
"Are you coming with me?" he whispered to her ear. Thrusting deeply into her, the water sloshed over the sides of the tub to the floor.
"Yes...yes," she gasped. "Ohh, please!" The heat of his cum flowed into her and she tensed up as she joined him with the massive swell of a soaring orgasm. She helplessly came on his cock, the sensation like a warm seeping as her body shuddered with an ecstatic wave of gratifying bliss. She expelled a long breath with the release and slumped forward.
"Now, say thank you."
"Thank you." Bubbles puffed up with her heavy breathing while her arms remained draped over the sides of the bathtub.
“Yes, a good lesson with the bonus of good manners; a please and a thank you." He sighed while he gazed at her limp body drooping over the side of the tub. "The bathing part now." He sat her upright and smoothed a soft soapy sponge over her breasts.

It is getting HOOOOTTTT in here!!  Someone turn on the AC!!! Please!!  And if those teasers weren't hot enough check out this amazing trailer!!

WOW!!  Now you know what you getting into!! LOL!!  I think I want Damon, but I loooove Lycian's name...doesn't it just roll off your tongue?   Sinfully that is :) So I can hear you panting, how do I get a chance at one of these fabulously hot novels?  Simple! To enter you just have to be a GFC follower and comment below with you email address!!!
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Na said...

Hi Leanore! Your beasts sound pretty hot =)
GFC Follower.

Wicked Leanore said...

Hello Na, MNJ and Miki:
These guys just hit my pages and life like a raging, hungry storm. I went through 3 keyboards with them! LOL
Some readers said they never read a world like the Beasts books. Thank you for entering and commenting!

Vanessa Morgan said...

Lovely! I was already a gfc follower. Would love a chance to win. I'm also running a spooktacular giveaway you might be interested in (Halloween chocolates and spooky books).
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Anonymous said...

Hot Mama! Yes, the 3 BEASTS books are unique, super hot & exciting! I loved them! Leanore is such a great writer.

Lea Ellen {night owl in IL}

Barbara said...

Hi Leanore! Oh,my...those excerpts were HAWT!!! I would LOVE me some side of BEAST, please! YUMMY! I always heard good things come in threes...

Was already a GFC follower - Barbara
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loves to dive said...

Just stopped by to say hey, I have all three books and I can attest to the hot factor. Personally, I like Payne the best, believe it or not I like his personality(honestly).

Unknown said...

AWESOME!!! Thank you so much for the chance to win!
I liked all three on Amazon(+3)
Added all three to my TBR on Goodreads (+3)
Friend Requested Leanore (HI, Leanore!!!!) (+1)
Oh and I'm stalking you...LOL...GFC:BJ
Have a Great Halloween!

Wicked Leanore said...

I love all the comments and I am getting some Goodread friends too! I feel that someday the Beasts Phenom will be big but for now, they are just Hot. lol

Leannz0r said...

Yum.. Would be very happy to win this.


Nay Nay said...

Already a GFC follower; Nay Nay
I read and loved Beast 1 and immediately put Beast 2 & 3 on my TBR list.
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Total +7

Thanks for being part of the hop and for the chance to win.

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**I did another entry that disappeared into the Bloggersphere so if it reappears, just ignore it!

Thanks for sharing these ridiculously hot excerpts!! I did all of the extra things for more entries, plus I'm already a GFC follower here as MJB:
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I really hope I win - I'm pretty lucky on Close Encounters with winning a lot - so I hope my luck continues!!
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Carol L. said...

It's great meeting you Leanore. God they were some HOT excerpts. Loving me some Beasts. Especially Damon. :) And I love the name Lycian.
GFC name is Lucky47.
Liked all 3 Beasts books on Amazon =3
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Carol L
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Janhvi said...

Wow!the excerpts are hot!

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Reading Mind / The Loyal Book said...

Am I supposed to sleep tonight? I'll be dreaming about this!

GFC reading mind

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June M. said...

Oh, these sound really good! I don't know which guy I want more. I think I will probably dream about all 3 of these guys tonight, if I can sleep at all.
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Wicked Leanore said...

At times. I would be weaving these scenes and as they would heat up? My typing became a little haphazard and sometimes, I would be hovered over the keyboard, knees clenched and breathless.
I would look around the room(can anyone tell, lol) and I know my face would be flushed and I would be tingling all over...Whew!Is it just me or was that sizzling hot and excruciatingly exquisite?!A giggle would slip out and sometimes even a huge sigh.
I would think to myself--I wish there was someone who could see and feel this with me.
You, who have read the above excerpts and or read these beasts books? You get to share it with me.
I have recently realized that this is the entire reason I write, to share a world, a feeling a vision with other people who I may never even get to meet face to face....

Ashlyn_Jai said...

Thanks for the giveaway!

~April~ said...

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Hello Leanore those excerpts were great I'm going to enjoy reading this series :)Thank you for the giveaway.
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Wicked Leanore said...

I wanted to thank everyone who followed, liked and joined. It's just hours till the bewitching hour on All Hallows Eve! I hope you all get the 'Treats' you deserve, (Giggle)I also hope a few more readers will show tonight but they may all be out getting their "Candy!"

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holy cow i need a cold shower! thanks for the giveaway!

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i would love to win one of these hot novels!
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