Monday, May 21, 2012

Review: Instructing an Heriess by Judy Teel

When a hard-nosed CEO must get married or lose everything, she hires her womanizing best friend to teach her about men, but as the lessons progress so does her alarm as she finds herself falling in love with him.

My Review:

Ok I love characters like CK and believe me, we will stick to the abbreviations.  CK is a believable character because she gets so caught up in the business world, she neglects her life.  This actually happens.  Her grandfather informs her that he is tired of waiting for her to settle down and give him some grand-children.  So he gives her an allotted amount of time to find a husband, which ends up being roughly about a  Her best friend Ryan is her complete opposite and has a different woman with him every week.  He is the perfect person to teach her the ways of seduction.  But will CK end up falling for the teacher?

CK has been Ryan's best friend since college.  She was the one woman he could be around and wanted to be around for long amounts of time.  He stayed in the states just because she needed his help re-shaping the company.  He had put his own dreams on hold to help her realize hers.  But her latest proposal was ridiculous.  CK deserved better than a marriage of convenience.  She needed passion and understanding.  Reluctantly, Ryan agrees to this and tries to scare her off of her mission with scary clothes and awkward situations.  But in the end, will the teacher become the student?

This was an incredibly cute story.  I thoroughly enjoyed CK's character, even though I would have liked to pop Ryan a few times.  He had a lot of soul-searching to do.  In the end they both had to chase away some demons and admit they had been living in denial.  Sometimes it takes the help of 4 of your best buddies from college to steer you on the right path.  Ryan sure did need the help!!  LOL!!


Unknown said...

What an interesting premise! and the cover is so cute!
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Shadow said...

This sounds very good! I have this in my TBR pile. Im looking forward to reading it! :) Thanks!

Helen said...

this sounds like a great read full of romance

Emily said...

This sounds like a cute story, I'll have to check it out.

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