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TRR Erotic Madness Hop!!!

Welcome to this stop on the Hop!!  A big thank you to TRR for this amazing hop!! We are all talking about our favorite romances, and I was lucky enough to get in 2 spots in this one.   Natasha Blackthorne invited me to guest post about her decadently wicked historical books ( and Leanore is on my blog giving away her fabulously tasty Beast series.  I truly fall in love with those erotic gargoyles (which are the Beasts) every time I read these books.  You cry, you laugh, you cry again, you excuse yourself to go sit into an ice cold room, and then that dreamy all is right with the world feeling fills you as you read the last page. That is the reason why I love this series. But don't take my word on it.  Just check out the post we have put together to show you a sneak into each book in the series.  And the amazing thing is?  10 lucky winners will walk away with all 3 books!!  This is an international giveaway.  Take it away Leanore:

~Hot, Wild, Sizzling and Sexy~


BEASTS~ The Eyes Of Constance

Constance lived in LA she took classes and went to the gym. She loved to shop and had her nails done one once a week. Her life on the surface seemed normal. Except for what she did for the rest of the time.

She had a gift, and in reality? It was a grisly gift. She could envision the crimes of serial killers.

Jack, a homicide detective, partnered with her and they chased down these killers.

For three years, they had their routine and stopped over twenty murders. She often wondered about Jack, he laughed and joked, but seemed unaffected by the heinous fiends they stalked. The killers they faced were viscous and bloodthirsty, but he never batted an eye.

One day, a vision came that wasn’t like the others. In this one? Jack took center stage. This led her to the truth of her existence. She was about to come face to face with the Beasts.


Constance came alive inside whenever he kissed her. It felt so human?  She grasped his head and jerked him closer as her tongue met with his. Her nipples tingled against his bare chest and she broke the breathless kissing. "None of it is important anymore, Jack."

His eyes turned gold. "It may be very important, someday."

She climbed into his lap and put her breasts in his face. "But not today."

"Are you tempting me with these, my Eve?" He reached his hands up to caress her breasts.

"Oh, yes." Winking at him, she leaned her head back. "I offer you all that I have."

"Now that may be too much for me to take." His warm laughter breathed across her skin.

Eagerly, she swiveled her hips down on him.

"You will push too far," he warned.

With a slow sumptuously sinful stretching of her sinuous body, she leaned back onto the bed and licked her lips. "I thought you said you had more control than most?" she teased him with a seductive challenge.

He glared at her, picked her up and they both rose from the bed. The ability he had to change like quicksilver amazed her, while they both floated from the bed. Jack turned her around and sat her down on his hard erection while they floated back down, his throbbing cock sliding neatly into her. Lying on his back upon the bed, he held her hips and lifted her up.

Constance held her breath and shuddered with a sharpened anticipation.

Jack gave her that wicked smile of his and lowered her down onto him.

 The sensation was so incredible to her, as he eased in and moisture seeped from her with the pulsing he built inside of her. His dark eyes changed to gold, as he grew larger and swelled inside of her.

At the throbbing sensation of him stretching her pussy in such a gradual way, Constance drew in a stunned breath. Her torso drew straight up of its own volition while his cock expanded inside of her, and she thought she might just climax right then.

Beasts ~ A different Life

Alexandra live a dull, uneventful life, every day was like the one before. She worked at the library and knew her neighborhood only to well.

She meets Damon and he informs her that in fact, her life isn’t real. He tells her that he has searched for her for five years, as she was lost in a world of her own making.

Of course she doesn’t believe him, but how can somebody so crazy look as yummy as he did?


A wicked smile teased at his lips at her visual exploration of his body. He slid into bed next to her. "I have done without you for a long time, and I will get my fill." He grasped her face with both hands and kissed her, his tongue paring with hers.

Alex felt her breath stolen by this man. And I may lose more than that if this continues.

"Up on all fours." His voice fell low.

She swallowed heavily, but did as he said.

He stood away from the bed, gazing at her for a long moment. She turned her head to look at him and felt moisture seep out of her pussy, as he drew his lustful gaze over her. His eyes roaming over her bare body, made her feel hot all over.

Tugging her to the edge of the bed, he eased his fingers into her, and explored her wet opening. She gasped loudly and shivered at the feeling. This pleasure was an unfamiliar sensation for Alex. Her wetness grew while his warm fingers slid against her slick clit and desperate need engulfed her.

Grasping her hips, he lifted her to his body. She held her breath with anticipation even as her body trembled in his grasp. "Do you want me, Alex?" he whispered to her ear.

"Yes." Her voice trembled badly. She realized instantly the addiction she already felt for this stranger, who held her bare body in his hands.

He shoved into her and reached around to circle her nipples with his fingers.

Her entire body throbbed while a sweet ache filled her. His hard cock thrust into her repeatedly. I don’t even know him. But I do want him. I want this!  

Shoving hard and deep into her heaving body, he used his hold on her body to drive her back onto his hard cock.

She screamed with mindless pleasure while ecstatic waves rolled over her.

"Still want me?" he challenged.

"Yes!" she shouted while he moved against her. "Yes!" Panting, her body reacted with greediness to his violent grinding. His cock went deep into her and she knew for sure this new addiction held her in its consuming grasp.

Beasts ~ King Of Vengeance

 Valentine is a Malibu cop. She did her job by the book and is one of the best on her squad. She is assigned to a top case; a slasher killer, who kills only men. Her chief pairs her up with the best cop in the Los Angeles department. Victor Payne. He is everything she detests, a break the rules, bust em up type of cop. He’s also good looking, funny and far too intelligent for his own good.


The sensation shook her as she squirmed and a peculiar heat bathed over her skin. She grew wetter and wetter around his plunging fingers and gazed up at him.

His eyes glowed at her.

"You’re…" Her voice sounded like a buzzing in her ears.

Victor lowered his hips. “We are..." He thrust his hard cock into her.

"Oh!" Her body jerked as he slid in.

His body grew tense and he held himself very still.

Valentine gasped for air as the deep filling of his swelling cock spread a pulsation along her body, the throb becoming a living rhythm. She strained violently against the hold of his hands.

His face changed to the marbled one she remembered from last night as he plunged into her. "I can't stop now, Marla," he breathed into her mouth. "I will have you," he growled low.

A marvelous needful ache spread along her body, her hips thrusting back to him as though they possessed a will of their own.

Grasping her legs, Victor forcefully tugged them higher toward his pelvis; as he bent her knees, her hips tilted and her pussy opened fully to him. His pumping went deeper as he grabbed her ass, using the hold of her bare cheeks to guide her and heighten his deep penetration with each powerful thrust he gave her. His delving momentum caused her to flow with even more moisture, allowing an even deeper access for his plunging cock.

Winning is easy, because Leanore is an ‘easy’ kind of girl…Wicked Chuckle…

Just leave a comment about which scene might bring out your private beast and leave your email addy to win all three Beasts books.

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Arianne said...

King of Vengeance would be it for me.
And wow, that last picture is completely there lol

Unknown said...

Beasts ~ A different Life would be for me I like it on all fours...hands on my hips the feeling of being over powered with sheer pleasure.

April Alvey said...

Beasts- A Different Life would be the one for me. Its so sexy I love it.

suzi1811 said...

Can I be greedy and say all three? Lol, I have to say if I had to choose, Beasts a different life cause gotta love him taking control like that!
suzi1811 (at) fsmail (dot) net

Louisa Bacio said...

The Eyes of Constance got my attention right away! Wow. Another author on this hop just checking out the goods. You don't need to enter me, but would love to visit your site someday!

Sandy said...

Amazing giveaway opportunity! These books sound really good. Great hop stop!

andieleah said...

I don't want to choose!!!! They all would bring out the beast!!!! But if I have to...I would pick... A Different Life

Lisa Cox said...

I like the Beasts-Eyes of Constance scene. Seems a little more my style.

Read Between the Lines said...

All 3 are tantalizing but King Of Vengeance will get the blood boiling nothing like sex on a beach. And I am not talking the drink ;) ;)

Unknown said...

In all honesty I it's a toss between Eyes of Constance and King of Vengeance.
beejee77 at gmail dot com

Sue Sattler said...

I like them all but the one that gets me the most is King Of Vengeance. Yum


Sheri Fredricks said...

I'm still stuck on your stunning pictures! lol

Just wanted to stop by and say HI to my friend, Naughty Leanore. I already have all her books.

Joanne said...

Forget it. I can't pick. Why do you always make us choose only one? Well, I'm not going to, all three scenes would work for me, so there.


wolfwattitude said...

Beasts ~ A different Life really did it for me. All of the excerpts were really hot. I really need to read all three books!

LorettaLynn//Temprance said...

I dont think i can pick! but oh do these sound yummy:) thanks for the great giveaway:)

DeShanna said...

I am going to say all three. I believe totally in sharing is caring. And I want all to know that I'm a VERY caring person.

Thanks for the giveaway.

Shelley B said...

The Eyes of Constance... Thanks!

sienny said...

Do i really have to choose only one? Cause all three is.. Wow, hot indeed.. *fan myself* but i really must choose, i'll pick the first one

Laurie said...

I'm not entering because I have the 1st two books, but boy do I need to get the last one, like now! BTW, the last pic, wow!

Yvette said...

All three were fantastic!

Lexi said...

The Eyes of Constance, yowza! All three really =) What a great idea for a hop, über hot. Thanks for sharing the excerpts!

latanya t said...

The Eyes of Constance

dlatany at gmail dot com

Kassandra said...

All three are fantastic but King of Vengeance would be the one for me!!

Juana said...

Tough choice, but my choice is King of Vengeance.

I like the "I will have you," he growled low. Growling = sexy :)


Barbara said...

King of Vengeance. Personally...the pic was needed no words! Now...where's my hubs? ;)

barbbattaglia @

Anonymous said...

The Beasts: A Different Life scene was so HOT! Wow. I would love to win these books. Thanks so much for the giveaway!

geishasmom73 AT yahoo DOT com

heather said...

Definitely A Different Life. Thanks so much for the awesome giveaway!

Gabby said...

Okay it's kind of a tough call because they're all pretty hot but I think that A Different Life is the one that does it the most for me, I love it when they're steamy like that!

Mary D said...

King Of Vengeance for me!!!

Thanks for doing the hop.


mimirose41209 said...

While all 3 are hot ... I'll take the first "The Eyes of Constance"

thanks for the great giveaway!

mimirose41209 at hotmail dot com

ParanormalRomanceFan said...

WOW this was a VERY difficult choice, all 3 were sooo HOT... but if I must choose one, I'll have to pick, "Beasts ~ King Of Vengeance", WooHoo what a Visual, thank you for the picture ;)

I REALLY Loved the page on your website dedicated to your "Beasts Series" the Excerpts were ALL soooooo HOT & I LOVED your Book Trailers...& I also found several other Books that I'm adding to my "to but" list.

I would very much appreciate the opportunity to enter this giveaway. Thank You.

Take care,
PaParanormalFan (Renee’ S.)
paranormalromancefan at yahoo dot com

June M. said...

They are all great. I think If I had to pick though I would go with King of Vengeance (Love the "I can't stop now Marla..... I will have you" part)
manning_j2004 at yahoo dot com

Unknown said...

Love them Beasts of Leanore's. YUM!


Anonymous said...

I think all of them are hot but I will choose the 2nd because if I could work in a Library I would be happy.

pefrw at yahoo dot com

cheralyn said...

The Eyes of Constance. Thanks for the giveaway! cheryllynne(at)rocketmail(dot)com

Cathy M said...

There is something to love in all three of these sexy stores. My pick is King of Vengence, very powerful.

caity_mack at yahoo dot com

gamistress66 said...

wow -- all good ;) thanks, need something cool to drink now ;)
gamistress66 (at) aol (dot) com

Tamsyn said...

Any one of the three would do me in!:o) But King of Vengeance would be my favourite, especially when I interpose the picture with the excerpt....HOT!

Unknown said...

They look amazing...

Julianne said...

King of Vengeance would most definitely bring out my beast. Especially if it was me and the guy in the third picture. Hmmm, mighty nice. But all three stories were great.
luvfuzzzeeefaces at yahoo dot com

Eva's Flowers said...

They are all very hot, but I think Beasts ~ A Different life was especially hot and would really do it for me...but I still wouldn't mind reading the other two ;o}


booklover0226 said...

All three were smokin' hot but Beasts-A Different Life got me all hot and bothered!

Tracey D
booklover0226 at gmail dot com

Tina B said...

They all are very sexy, but my inner beast would come out with A Different Life! King of Vengeance is OMG! HOT!! Thank you for the opportunity to read this series!
trb0917 at

JoAnna said...

All of those are hot! But I think King of Vengeance is the one!

Fedora said...

Goodness, any and all of those would get my motor running! A Different Life was especially fab!

f dot chen at comcast dot net

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