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Giveaway. Guest Post, and Review of Bodyguards (Quicksilver Codex Book 1) by Kallysten

Good Afternoon CEWTNK!!  Yes I know, I have been the negligent blogger lately because I have been ill.  Hopefully soon I will get back to bringing you great giveaways and some fabulous authors, such as today's guest Kallysten.  She writes some excellent reads, and this next book I have on here today is no exception.  We all love our heroes, but I asked Kally to step out of her box and and tell us about her most loved Villains.  This is what she had to say: 
My Top 10 Sexiest Villains
(And 5 of them are vampires. Who, me, predictable?)

#10 – Rowan (Losing His Wings)
Is it cheating to put one of my own characters on the list? *grins* Rowan is a fallen angel who likes to tempt his prey with visions of lust and carnality. He can also change his form from male to female…and both his/her bodies are smokin’ hot!
#9 – Sasuke (Naruto Shippuden)
Tragic, glowering, bent on revenge, sword-wielding, often barely clothed anti-hero… who cares the
story is meant for teens? :P
#8 – Damon (The Vampire Diaries)
Is he a villain? Hard to tell at this point but he has (had) some villainous traits… and some definitely
attractive ones, too…
#7 – Magneto (X-Men First Class)
Michael Fassbender. Enough said.
#6 – Dracula
The ultimate predator…and yet a gentleman.
#5 – Captain John Hart (Torchwood)
James Marsters facing John Barrowman as his foe/friend/lover? Day-um.
#4 – Philippe Weis (In Time)
So I have a thing for Vincent Kartheiser. I might have hunted down every movie and TV show episode he’s been in – including a couple of really bad movies. In Time wasn’t the worst, and as far as I’m concerned it really helped that the movie had Kartheiser in a perfectly tailored suit…
#3 – Thomas (The Dresden Files)
Again I’m stretching the definition of villain… He certainly helps Harry whenever he can, but he does have some dark sides, and after all he IS a vampire. Who feeds on sex. And who can make a woman melt with just a touch. Mmm mmm.
Tied For #1 – Angelus and Spike (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
As much as I love these vamps when they’re good, they’re so much more fun when they are BAD! The soul is optional, but the sex-appeal doesn’t fade away…
Yummy Villians!!   Now let's take a look at the book:
On the verge of her twentieth birthday, Vivien’s worries are those of a typical young woman: doing well in college, gaining more independence, and maybe managing to show Brad, her classmate and sometimes jogging partner, that she wouldn’t mind taking their burgeoning relationship to a different level.

Everything changes in the blink of an eye. Vivien stumbles into a knife fight, watches a man die in front of her, and soon listens, stunned, as Brad and his brother Aedan tell her a story of magic, vampires and a murderous ruler intent on killing a princess in hiding – a tale in which she is the princess and heir to a realm she didn’t know existed.

Vivien’s first instinct is to refuse to believe this incredible tale, even if it comes from a man she is attracted to. But when her self-proclaimed bodyguards use magic to take her to a different world, the edges of reality start blurring and Vivien has to figure out who she truly is..
Can you imagine living your whole life thinking you were normal, and one event changes it forever?  This is what happened to Vivien.  She had been in love with the same guy for what seemed like forever, even though she felt like he didn't notice her.  She finally gets the courage to ask him to a concert and he turns her down.   Heartbroken. she returns home to find her aunt missing and the house a wreck.  But Brad had followed her and revealed that she was not only in great danger, but also not from this realm.  That's a lot for a 19 year old to digest and Vivien did not take it very well.
I really enjoyed the story.  It was extremely well written and vividly depicted.  Vivien is very frustrating in this book because she is so resistant and afraid.   Half-way through the story you want to give her a swift kick in the butt hoping it would jar her enough to take in account the bigger picture.  Brad or Braden is completely in love with her but knows it is doomed.  She is the future queen and he is just the bodyguard.  What kind of future do they have?
My favorite character was Aedan.  He sacrificed the most in order to keep his vow.  He is moody and cold but he is also lonely and endearing.  I have a thing for tortured heroes, and he definitely fits the bill.  This book is an introduction to Vivien's new world and lays out the obstacles she will soon face.  I think this is a start of a glorious adventure.  Excellent read!!
How would you like a chance to win a copy?  Kallysten has graciously offered up not only a copy of the book, but 3 swag packs as well!!!  Just fill out the rafflecopter!!!


Elizabeth H. said...

My favorite villain is Loki from Thor/The Avengers. He is so evil, but so gorgeous!!

Angela Brown said...

Some villains are just so wonderful you love to hate them and sometimes hate how much you love them lol!

Enjoyed the list and the review :-)

Anne said...

Probably Angelus from Buffy. He was completely evil unlike Spike who (even before he got his soul back) still had glimmers of a conscience.

angela0040 said...

Walter White from Breaking Bad

books4me said...

Loki from the cute!

Anonymous said...

Hmmmmmmm. Jeez, I just can't think of one right now. I guess I'll pick Joker from Batman. All I can think of. Thanks for the givewaway.

Pommawolf Emeraldwolfeyes said...

Oh I always loved to hate Spike on
I'm not a big tv watch much anymore as my bedtime is so early due to my job..*S*
thank you for he giveaway, and I love the premise of this book. the cover is beautiful!


Unknown said...

Geez, hard question...I would say Sebastion in Immortal Instruments, I know I should hate him, but he sounds kinda dreamy too.

Anna (herding cats-burning soup) said...

Oh fun post. From tv so with you on Angelus and Spike. From books Lothaire from IAD. Love him!

Thanks ladies!

Lisa Cox said...

Hmmm, tough one. I have to agree with the Spike/Angelus group.

mcv said...

Cruce (Vlane) from Karen Marie Moning's Fever series. Death by Sex Fae are evil but HOT!

wanda f said...

Lothaire from Kresley Coles Immortals After Dark series .

Unknown said...

lets see favorite villian from a tv series is Spike from buffy. and from a book would be Xcor BDB.

Unknown said...

I can't think of a book villain right now. But, from tv it would have to be Eric from True blood. Is he considered a villain???

Kelly said...

Zog from The Fifth Element. He blundered and was just stupid enough I laughed!

Rhonda D said...

I would have to say bad Dimitri in Blood Promise of Vampire Academy. I do love Damien too though.

Books Books and More Books said...

Hello from a New Follower ~ My FF

Heather ~ Books Books and More Books

Lisa said...

Xcor from The Black Daggee Brotherhood series by J R Ward. Tyanks for the giveaway!

April Alvey said...

Damon Is My Favorite Bad Boy.

Carol said...

It's always interesting when a villain upstages the hero. For that I like Al in the Rachel Morgan series (although there is no hero to her heroine) and Lord Nightshade from the Chronicles of Elantra.

Beckey said...

Hmm there is a few I could name.

The Evil Queen from the Grim Fairly Tale

Hannibal Lector from Red Dragon

I could go on but...

Lynn's Romance Enthusiasm said...

I was a big fan of Buffy, so I would have to say that Angel and Spike would have to be my choice. I liked Angel more when he would tease Buffy and not actually get her. I think they ruined his character when they changed him from a bad guy to a good guy. Loved Spike's accent and how bad he could be.


Anonymous said...

My favourite villain? Oh, I'm afraid I'm going to have to date myself and say Lestat. A sexy, infuriating, sexy Vampire anti-hero. Yum.

Filia Oktarina said...

Pestilence from The Lords of Deliverance Series by Larissa Ione!!

felinewyvern said...

My favourite Villain is Cthulhu. You can't go wrong as a villain if you are also an Elder God :D
Mind you I also love to hate Kahn from Star Trek and Beatty from Fahrenheit 451.

felinewyvern at googlemail dot com

crystalguidroz1 said...

I would say Lothaire from Kresley Coles Immortals After Dark series. Especially love him in the new Damian series!

Unknown said...

I can't really think of any villian that was memorable enough for me to say was great. I do enjoy a good villian because it makes the hero that much more interesting. I love it even more when that villian turns into a hero as well.

susanmplatt AT hotmail DOT com

Unknown said...

Theres a lot of Villians i like i dont know if i can choose lol hummmmm its too hard, i do love itachi from naruto, hes a cool villian

Lynn i have to agree with you about Angel and Spike, they were awesome!!!! and also very hot ;-) lol

Speaking of hot i'd have to add Damon from Vampire diaries mmmmmmmm

Kasper from the Dark Heroine, hes a cool bad boy with a lot of sex appeal

i could go on and on but i wont i'll stop now

Fiza said...

I loved Spike from Angel but also Lothaire, from the book by Kresley Cole

Unknown said...

I have no idea...but I enjoy books that have villains!!!


Di said...

I don't hink I've read a really great villian lately .... I'll have to keep my eye out for one.

Linda said...

Loki!! =) *rawr* Hiddleston is awesome as the tortured soul.

Thanks for the giveaway & Happy Friday!


Unknown said...

My favorite villain is a reformed Hell's Angel (not the biker kind either, the kind wth wings. lol). It's Veiron from Feicity Heaton's Her Demonic Angel.

Denise Z said...

I think one of my favorite villains has to be Al from the Rachael Morgan series by Kim Harrison - not only is he a total baddie, he is hilarious :)

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