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Spotlight On: Revelation by AmBear Shellea

Hey, nice to meet you.  I’m glad you stopped by and thank you for your support!  Today, I am going to get a bit personal! Well, a little :D  I am giving you, not one, but two Top 10’s.  Get comfy and let’s begin…
My Top 10 Author/ Poets/Writers
All of these people touched my heart in one way or another, and I am so thankful for it. It helped to shape who I am, how far I let my imagination run and an overall happiness when I read them. Off we go.
1.      Edgar Allen Poe~ The Tell-Tale Heart!
He may have been a drugged out alcoholic, but it totally works for me :D
2.       Terry Goodkind~ Faith of the Fallen
This was, in my opinion, the best book in the entire series!  The message of hope it sends, really just warms the heart.
3.      Shakespeare~ A Midsummer Night’s Dream
Puck is awesome!
4.      Charles Dickens~ Great Expectations
Surprisingly, this was the first book by him I ever read in school. I was a huge fan by the time we made it to A Christmas Carol.
5.      JK Rowling~ Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
“I must not tell lies” Oh how I wanted to “must slap Professor Umbridge” I know I’m not the only one :D
6.      C.S. Lewis~  The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe
When I was young, this used to be my favorite book, and remains one of my favorites. I think as children’s stories go, it is the best out there!
7.      Tracy Hickman and Margaret Weiss~ The Dragonlance Chronicles
This is an adventure I have gone on several times!  The quest is worthy, the characters are great and the world just sucks you in.
8.      Dr. Seuss~ One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish Blue Fish!
I love all of these cute little stories. I think he is a genius with all of his made up words. He uses them as if they are everyday sayings, and kids love it. I used to read these books to my children when they went to the DR.’s office when they were sick. So much so, that by time they were old enough to read, and still to this day, anytime we are at the DR’s office they hunt up those books and have me read to them. Keep in mind, my kids are pretty much grown, 19 and 16, and they still love for me to read Dr. Seuss to them.
9.      Stephenie Meyer~ Eclipse
The fire and Ice chapter is the best part of this book and why it made my list! In case you don’t know what chapter this is: It is the one with the tent scene where Jacob and Edward have a little discussion while Bella is sleeping.  The Best Scene Ever! :D Ya know, according to me anyway.
10.  Laurell K Hamilton~ Micah
Oh how I love all the different characters in this series. This book made my list b/c Micah is so much more to and for Anita!  I love the way they are together.
So now you know my fav books, let’s move onto my Top 10 favorite characters. And yes, some of them are from the books that were just listed.  Let’s see how many we have in common, shall we?
1.      Lord (Richard Cypher) Rhal~ The Sword of Truth Series by Terry Goodkind.
The Lord Rhal is everything a good guy should be: Smart, witty, handsome and…a War Wizard!  Oh my, yes, he is Awesome.
2.      Micah~ Micah by Laurell K Hamilton.  He is Cat-tastic!  I mean what’s not to love—Sexy as hell, loyal to his core and challenge to Anita ( in a good way).
3.      Flint Fireforge~ The Dragonlance Chronicles by Tracy Hickman and Margaret Weiss.  Who doesn’t love a smart ass dwarf! 
4.      Tasslehoff Burfoot~ The Dragonlance Chronicles by Tracy Hickman and Margaret Weiss.  The kind Hearted Kinder who always seems to find himself in trouble and yet he never fears any outcome.
5.      Zedd~ The Sword of Truth Series by Terry Goodkind. Mischievous, hungry all the time, old man who always has a plan for everything and a plan for those plans and those plans too.
6.      Kahlan Amnell~ The Sword of Truth Series by Terry Goodkind. The Mother Confessor- a badass in her own right! Mess with her and she will own you!
7.      Alice Cullen~ Twilight Series by Stephenie Meyer. A Pixie type frame with an over the top big personality that is soo much like myself.  I love to shop, decorate and entertain!
8.      Dobby~ The Harry Potter Series.  I wish I had a free elf to be my friend and do magic!
These next two are relatively new, but after reading their books I have become a huge fan! I love their series and look forward to each new book!
9.      Sam~ Heven and Hell Series by Cambria Hebert.  Bad Boy.  Smart Ass.  Ultimate protector who loves you fiercely.
10.  Isaiah ~ Touch Series by Airicka Phoenix. The Hottie Soul mate made just for you!
Well, there you go, My two Top 10’s. How did I do? Do we have any in common? Before you go, why not tell me in the comment section. I would love to see your top 10 and how many we have we have in common. Until next time…
AmBear :D

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