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Review: Pearls: Spirits of the Belleview Biltmore By: BonSue Brandvik

Software developer Honor Macklin believes she’s equal business partners with her philandering ex-husband, but when family responsibilities take her to Florida, she discovers her ex may have cheated her in more ways than one. Spirits at the Belleview Biltmore hotel try to help Honor by invading her dreams to share memories from the life of Darcy Loughman, a young Victorian woman with big problems of her own. When the two worlds collide, Honor and her new lover, Josh, along with his clairvoyant four-year-old son, try to figure out how Honor can use lessons from the past to change her destiny.

The setting for this novel is the famous and currently endangered historic Belleview Biltmore Resort in Belleair, FL. The hotel was built in 1896 by one of Florida’s founding fathers, Henry B. Plant. The author is working with preservationists, hoping to find investors willing to save the wonderful, 820,000 sq. ft. hotel from demolition. For additional information, please visit: and/or
My Review:
Every once in a while you read the type of book that is so moving and filled with inspiration, you want to save it for your daughter to read.  I have found such a book in BonSue's absolutely awe-inspiring tale.  This book was completely griping and was impossible to put down once I begin reading it.  It literally had everything in it.  But I think the most inspiring aspect was a the call to unit women in the right way.  The imagery was so vividly laid out within the pages that I must confess, I long to visit this magnificent hotel.  If a story such as this was inspired by this lovely place, we should all make it a point to visit.
Our main character, Honour was a completely realistic and relatable character.  She suffered through the loss of both parents and a devastating divorce.  She is made executor of her mothers estates, and goes on an inopportune leave from work in order to close out the house and sale the property.  She works with her ex-husband in a business they created together.  As the story progresses, you will begin to hate him, especially after all the lies come to light.
Even though I loved the characters in the book, Cody at the forefront,I was blown away by all of the hidden wealth of knowledge this book provided.  You watch Honour grow, change, and learn to love and live again.  She has a remarkable experience with the spirits living within the hotel that change her life forever.  The point of this story was to never give up on love or lose hope.  So many times throughout this book Honour could have given up.  But she didn't.  She trudged on even when she was unsure of her next step.  What she accomplished was absolutely amazing.  This truly should be one of those books ALL women should read.  I can guarantee you I will be buying a paper-back copy of this book, so my daughter can have the same pleasure reading it as I have.  This book is a top recommendation from me.  It truly was a beyond excellent read!  Hat's off to you, BonSue!


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BonSue Brandvik said...

Thank you, Nikki - I'm so touched! I'm glad the beauty of the Belleview Biltmore came through in in the story. It is truly a magnificent hotel, worthy of being saved and preserved for future generations. I hope one day you and your daughter can visit the hotel that time forgot and experience the spirits that inspired this novel for yourselves. Thanks again for your kind words.

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