Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Review: Angel of Death by Leigh Savage

The task at hand? Save the elder vampires from the plague of "the endless sleep." As a hired assassin, Mika Shadow knows not to let emotions get in the way. Given her skills and gifts, she's known as the Chosen One amongst her people. During her mission to steal the formula for anti-aging, and the elixir of life for the vampires, Mika finds herself facing the kidnappers who shattered her world as a young girl and abducted her from her mother. Her past comes roaring back to life! As she is dealing with those demons, Mika also finds herself falling for her target. She only has four strict rules for selecting a mission or dismissing it. The fourth and final one - No emotions allowed - falls flat the minute she meets Domonic
My Review:
If this is Leigh's first book, I must say we will be seeing great things from her in the future!!!  This was a really great read.  Mika, our main character, is kidnapped at a really young age from her mother.  She doesn't remember much after she is rescued, only her name.  She is adopted by a local clan of vampires and is trained to know how to protect herself.    This all ends however when she is brutalized by the warring clan and left for dead.  Her rescuer becomes her father as her turns her into one of them to keep from losing her.  He couldn't bare the thought of life without her.  Mika becomes an anomaly among vampires as certain gifts make her the first of their kind.  This is a story about finding one's heart through all the pain and learning to love again.
Domonic was just another assignment for Mika.  She kept away from emotional involvement and kept no close friends.   Work was her life and she never allowed the job to become personal.   Until now that is.  Domonic isn't without flaws and scars himself, but he wants Mika and will stop at nothing to have her.  Can these two star-crossed individuals fall in love even though the relationship started out based on lies?  Can Domonic accept Mika for what she is?
I really enjoyed this read.  The character I found the most interesting was Barcuilai, which was Mika's maker.  He was a sad case of lost love and had many centuries to dwell on losing his Desiree.  Time was running out for him even though Mika was fulfilling the prophecy.  Can they discover the cure in time to save Barcuilai?  This was an excellent read and I can't wait for the next book!!!

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Unknown said...

Thanks so much for taking the time to review Angel of Death and I'm so happy that you enjoyed the read.

Thanks and Blessed Be,
Leigh Savage

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