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Giveaway and Interview with Lizzy Ford and her book series The Rhyn Trilogy

Welcome to this stop on Lizzy's tour!!  After reading the first two books in this series and loving them to pieces, I was so thrilled to be able to host not only a great author and spread the word about a fascinating series, but to offer my readers a chance at winning their won copy of Rhyn's Redemption.  I was lucky enough to snag Lizzy for an interview and get to know her a little better.  I can't rave enough about what a find this series was!!  A big thank you to Jenn for putting this tour together. If you guys have a chance, be sure to check her out!! Now let's dive in a pick at the very large brain behind The Rhyn Trilogy, take it away Lizzy:

(yes this is the right post for the Easter Egg Hunt :)  Details are hidden somewhere towards the end)

I love your Blog Name!! :)  How did you come up with it?  (
Haha!  I get asked about the name and logo a lot!  The name, Guerrilla Wordfare, is basically my philosophy on publishing. I don’t use the same methods that other writers use: I release ten books a year, have unusual marketing strategies, and tend to buck the trends of traditional publishing.  So, I chose a name I thought reflected that!
As for the logo … the house stands for the publishing house, and the cross through it represents I’m not associated with a traditional publishing house.  The camouflage is, of course, “wordfare”-like, and the pink camouflage color is for my main genre: romance.

Have you always been apt to try new ways of marketing?
Yes, I’m a bit of a nonconformist in general.  My background is in strategic planning and analysis, so I’m accustomed to looking at things both from a big picture perspective and finding those alternatives that don’t fit into the proverbial box!  I also have a crazy-wild imagination, which helps come up with new plans (not always good ones!)

How old were you when you first realized you wanted to write?
I was in the third grade, and I’d just penned a story about stars begin huge gas balls.  I’m not sure how that hooked me, but it did!

Tell us a little bit about the series.
The Rhyn Trilogy details the journey of the half-demon, Rhyn, and Katie, the human destined to be his mate.  Flawed, unapologetic and unable to control his power, Rhyn has long been considered the black sheep of his family who can do nothing right.  When forced to care for someone else for once, he struggles with his inherent weakness and his duty.  If he can’t learn to fight alongside his brothers, he’ll lose his mate.
Katie is immune to the magic of immortals and finds herself being pursued by demons and immortals alike, both of which want to use her.  She’s got one ally: Rhyn, whose half-demon nature impedes his ability to help her.  Together, they must carve their own paths in immortal society in the midst of a war with demons, while learning to care for one another. 
The Rhyn Trilogy is the prequel to the Rhyn Eternal series, which launches this fall.  It’s been an incredible series for me in that, it’s put me in contact with so many readers!

What made you choose this genre?
It’s so much fun.  I started out writing fantasy long ago then slowly moved into romance.  Paranormal romance is the perfect combination of both those worlds.  And, it happens to be popular right now, which definitely helps the books find an eager audience.

Most authors have an unusual story or way that they come up with their ideas for books…Do you have one?
Not sure if it’s unusual. Most ideas for my books grow out of dreams.  I’m an avid dreamer, and I remember many of my dreams.  Usually, there will be one poignant scene or emotion or concept that occurs in a dream.  I wake up, write it down.
And here’s where it probably gets unusual.  My muses (which I call ‘demons’ because they never leave me alone!) Take those ideas and create movies in my head.  The demons usually tell me when a story is ready to be written; otherwise, it’s useless for me to try.  I tell folks the demons are in the kitchen cooking stories, using ingredients from dreams and reality, then they toss the stories in the oven to bake. When they’re done baking –they’re ready to be written. Hahaha!

What is the key element in your character creation?
Creating flawed characters.  I usually build a character around their flaws, because the more flawed the character, the richer that book seems to be.

What was your biggest influence that steered you towards writing?

I have a writing compulsion.  I don’t know – I just must do it.  I think people were put on this earth to do certain things, and mine is to spin a tale.

I have to ask, what are the hardest scenes for you to write?
The last scene in the book.  I hate, HATE the feeling of losing my friends, the characters I’ve spent the past few weeks journeying with.  It’s a very bittersweet moment to say farewell to them and watch their story come to resolution.

Are sex scenes difficult for you to word?
I don’t include sex scenes in any of my romance books.  It’s a personal preference.  I have nothing against sex scenes in books, but I feel like the romance genre has lost its focus.  Romance is about characters grappling with their internal issues that prevent them from letting themselves fall in love when love appears.  Romance in genre has gone from character-driven to bedroom-driven, where there’s a race to the next sex scene.  So, instead of following the crowd, I write romance with fade-to-black sex scenes!

Do you see yourself writing in another genre?
Fantasy.  I’ve always thought I’d return to my fantasy roots one day!  Also, I might try thrillers at some point next year or political fiction.

Has your family been supportive?

Yes! My family is incredible! My husband is the one who built and maintains my website. He does my search engine optimization work, too, in addition to a lot of the social media stuff.  He’s incredible and brilliant!

Are any of your characters reflective of you?

I think there’s a piece of me in most of my characters.  Sofia for her fearlessness in the path of diversity, Rhyn in the struggles he has with himself, Katie’s acerbic wit that wins her no friends, Kiera’s rather emo-nature … yeah, there’s a bit of me in all my main characters!

What do you like to do when you're not writing?

Marketing or planning/organizing the business aspect of writing.  I’ve recently picked up beading, because I don’t want to get burnt out, and I play with our pets (three dogs and a cat!)

Who is your favorite book heroine?

Elizabeth from Jane Austen’s “Pride and Prejudice!”  I love how she’s smart but still falls prey to her own flaws.  But, in the end, she realizes she made a mistake and makes things right. 

Do you have any unusual habits that revolve around writing?
I don’t think so.  I listen to music a lot when I have trouble focusing. I also write at the kitchen table, even though I have an office.  Oh, and I drink a lot of tea when I write!

What is you favorite mystical creature?
I’ve loved unicorns since I was little.  I thought they were real beyond the age that’s probably healthy.  Haha!

What were some of your biggest challenges at the beginning of your career?

Being both an unknown and someone who doesn’t follow the traditional path. My marketing techniques have not always earned me kind words from a lot of other writers.  But they work – and I’m proud of my ability to think outside the box.

How do you feel about reader comments?

Love them!  I receive a ton of feedback from readers, and it always makes my day!  I’m a huge fan of reader feedback.

Do you have any advice for new authors?

Persevere and don’t be afraid to try things your colleagues scoff at.  Remember: at the end of the day, it’s the readers who will decide which books – and authors – they’ll support.

Where are your books available?

Everywhere!  Amazon, Barnes and Noble, iTunes, Smashwords and now –from my website.  We’re opening up a store on my website, so people can purchase from there, too.  About 40% of my fans are outside the US, and some can’t purchase from Amazon, iTunes or BN.  So we decided to start selling from my site as well.

What can we expect from you in the future?

More books!  I’m planning another 10 for 2012 and then I hope to slow down to 4-6 in 2013. 

Where can we reach you and become informed of updates?

I have a mailing list, for book release info.  Those on my mailing list usually receive free copies (or discounted copies) of my newest releases.  Link to mailing list:

And here are links to find me online:
About Lizzy:
Lizzy Ford is the self-publishing phenom, author of the sweet paranormal romance series: "Rhyn Trilogy" and "War of Gods" series; and the young adult fantasy trilogy, “The Foretold,” all of which launched in 2011.  She has also authored multiple single title young adult fantasy and paranormal romances. Lizzy's books have reached the bestseller lists on both Amazon US and Amazon UK in multiple categories. Widely considered a freak of nature by her contemporaries for her ability to write and publish a new book every 30-45 days, Lizzy attributes her success to a team that consists of her editor, graphics artist, I.T. Sherpa, and her rabid readers. 
Lizzy released ten books in 2011 and intends to release another ten in 2012, including launching two more series. Lizzy’s books can be found on every major ereader library, to include: Amazon, Barnes and Noble, iBooks, Kobo, Sony and Smashwords. She lives in southern Arizona with her husband, three dogs and a cat. 
A Huge thank you to Lizzy Ford for coming on today!!  Now let's take a look at the Trilogy and how you can win a copy of Rhy's Redemption and some cool swag!

 Katie thinks she’s going crazy when a baby immortal and death’s personal assistant appear at her doorstep. She’s drawn into a world filled with immortals like Rhyn, an outcast half-breed who claims her as his mate in a show of defiance to his brothers. Rhyn rescues her from Hell and discovers his little human has the gift of immortal immunity that will help his brothers protect the immortal and mortal worlds.

But Rhyn must keep her alive from good and bad immortals determined to use her and her gift of immortal immunity to their advantage, and Katie must find a way to trust the outcast of the immortal world.
And the cool thing is that you can get your very own copy of this book, right now for free!!  Here are the links:

 Three weeks after leaving Rhyn, Katie learns the Immortals have no intention of letting her go despite her deal with their leader. Rhyn discovers he can only protect her if he accepts his place among the Immortals. However, doing so may cost him the only thing that matters.

Meanwhile, demons are closing in, and Death orders Katie killed. Death's assassin and the demons pursue them, and Katie will have to choose between Death or Hell to save Rhyn from both.
This was also a fabulous book!!  Take a look at my review:
Katie and Rhyn are in a race against time to free Katie from the underworld, before Death claims her soul and that of her child. When Katie’s guide in the underworld disappears, she has one option: trust the ghost of someone long-dead and seek out Death’s fortress in order to try to escape through the portal leading back to the mortal world.
Rhyn discovers Katie’s alive but struggles to control his demon powers, which were unleashed when he un-bonded her. He opens the barrier that keeps Death safe from the Dark One. Demons and his immortal brothers follow him as he seeks out Death to make a deal for Katie’s life. When Death reveals to Rhyn what will happen if Katie’s soul is returned, he must choose between destruction of the world or his own mate.
I can't wait to dive into the last book!!  Ok, here are all the rest of the details.  Lizzy is on tour right now and her schedule is posted here, if you would like to follow it along:
It's posted at the end,  just keep reading!  What you can win here today: A copy of Rhyn's Redemption and a super cool swag pack!! Just fill out the rafflecopter!! And here is what everyone else is waiting for.  I know you saw the egg at the beginning and were like WTF?  LOL...Well my friend Kate put together this super cool Easter Egg hunt that runs from March 1 to April 8.  The details for this awesome event can be found here: For those who are following along, my letter is A.  My contribution to the amazing grand prize is Grey's Lady by Natasha Blackthorne:
and another copy of Rhyn's Redemption!!  Good luck on all the giveaways!!

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JesykaJames said...

A flaw... hmm... that's a tough one... hmm... I guess sometimes I get annoyed when male lead characters go from being moody and broody (HOT!!!) to being way over the top lovey-dovey. :D

Great blog :D

Lisa Cox said...

I think the biggest flaw that I've seen in heroes, and heroines, is arrogance.

Unknown said...

My biggest flaw that I have in common with many heroines is that I keep my real feelings to myself, when things would be much less complicated if I would just speak up and say what I'm feeling at the moment.

Thanks for the awesome giveaway chance! Love Lizzy's books!

Gena Robertson

Jenn said...

Fantastic post!!!!! Thanks so much for hosting Lizzy!
Love ya,N!!!!!!

Anne said...

Flaw, probably that they're a little too confident and self assured.

Read Between the Lines said...

I love how you refer to your muses as demons love it. Awesome interview and I am looking forward to reading Rhyn's Trilogy. Biggest flaw would be being shy and awkward and then the next being over zealous the next.

Lexi said...

Fun interview! And wow, 10 books a year! Hope you get some serious vacation time.
One flaw, I love the "can't let my guard down/open my heart to anyone" flaw. It makes the heroine work for it, and when the walls do fall it is like an explosion.

Sue Sattler said...

The only flaw that I can see is that they aren't real!!


Helen said...


Sarah Elizabeth said...

Not knowing when to give it up as a lost cause? Men always think they're immortal too, whether they are or not!

Wicked said...

My absolute favorite fairy tale is Beauty in the Beast. So it goes without saying that I love a hero with scars or something they feel marls their physical appearance. It makes for a wonderful story when they find someone who looks past that and sees the hero beyond. Plus, scars are sexy!

<3 Jess

nayjf said...

The flaw that I see is that they are typically single minded in getting what they want


Barbara said...

I agree with what I'm seeing the others writing...most often it's that they are closed off emotionally, don't know how to be tender, typically single minded - not open to new ideas or discussion, arrogant, moody/broody, anger easily and want to rush into battle rather than think things through first.

barbbattaglia @

Nay Nay said...

I'd have to agree with all the others who posted. Too arrogant, not able to show emotions well, too much chest thumping and not listening to the woman when she has valid points to make.

Laurie said...

Hmm, biggest flaw, I think it would be overconfidence. Thanks for the great giveway!

Linda said...

I read a lot of historical romances & the rakehell hero can be quite yummy!

Mary Preston said...

My favorite heroes all have a touch of arrogance which I find YUMMY reading.

Denise Z said...

I think a common flaw I see is jumping to conclusions and not always appreciating the secondary character. However, if this is more than minor they tend to not be my favorites LOL

vadeluna07 said...

A common flaw they have is the inability to trust and allow others in thrir lives because they have been burned in the past.

Linda Henderson said...

Not having enough trust in people, I think that happens a lot with characters in books and real life.

Leannessf said...

Thanks for the giveaway!

I think when they've been burned before and it's hard for them to open their heart again!


wanda f said...

Theyre all overly distrustful

Dovile said...


suzi1811 said...

Blindness!! As in the truth or the obvious is staring right at them, jumping up and down and hanging on their legs, you can see it, I can see it, they can't! Lol, the number of times I've been mentally screaming at a hero/heroine to open their eyes and stop being idiots!

Rachel V said...

I think the most common flaw is they are always trying to sacrifice themselves to save others. When it would be better to work together to beat the threat.

Unknown said...

tragic & tortured. YOU always want to see them with a HEA

Filia Oktarina said...

The flaw that I see is they arrogance and single minded, sometime they to much protective.

IdentitySeeker said...

They've suffered some great tragedy and hold a deep sense of shame and guilt. They often don't feel like they deserve to be happy.

Rafflecopter name: Sarah Bibi Setar

Thanks for the lovely giveaway:)

mysons said...

They're too perfect.

Pam said...

That's a tough question. Well, I guess it would have to be the lack of communication with regards to feelings. I mean the deep, emotional feelings that if they would just share them with the one they love there wouldn't be so much confusion or misunderstandings.

Julianne said...

I would say arrogance and not listening, jumping to conclusions without enough information. Some kind of deep scar that need help healing.
I know that's more than one. :)
luvfuzzzeeefaces at yahoo dot com

ParanormalRomanceFan said...

Hello Lizzy & Nikki,

Thank you Nikki for hosting Lizzy Ford on her Rhyn Trilogy Tour on your Blog, Close Encounters with the Night Kind.

Thank You Lizzy for taking the time out of your day to spend with Nikki's Fan Club on your stop in Rhyn Trilogy Tour. I really enjoyed your Interview & the sneak peak you gave Us of your Series, it sounds Awesome!!!!
"Katie's Hellion", Rhyn Triolgy: Book One
"Katie's Hope", Rhyn Triolgy: Book Two
"Ryne's Redemption", Rhyn Triolgy: Book Three

I just Love the Cover Art on all Three Books, they're so Eye-Catching & draws the Reader in wanting to raed this entire Series.

What is a flaw that is common in my favorite heroes? I like my Heroes to be Well-Muscled Alpha Males, Very Protective of their Woman, but Not perfect, they should have flaws to show they are Real!

I would very much appreciate the opportunity to be considered in your very generous giveaway of a copy of Rhyn's Redemption and a super cool swag pack. Thank You!

Take Care Ladies& Have a Great Week,
PaParanormalFan (Renee’ S.)

Dustykatt said...

I'm working on gaining entries for a giveaway so... Have you read The King’s Mistress by Sandy Blair yet?

Anonymous said...

I love this book series a lot. I like how the author tackled the many moods of the male lead. I just love it! :)

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