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Sneak Peek and Review of The Triaxen By: Ciara Lake

Hello and welcome to this stop on Ciara's Tour!!  I've had a ton of fun with The Triaxen and wanted to share my review with you!!  But first, let's check out the book details:

Ancelin Trever is running from a nightmare. Her family brutally murdered, she runs to the new colony world, Verrian. Wild and untamed, this alien world is full of dangers she is ill prepared for. Haunted by her past, she's forced to trust a man she must struggle to hide her growing attraction from.
Krevan Vallex is an embittered Triaxen recently released from Hellgate Prison Planet. When he negotiates a land deal, he has no idea that he’s getting far more than he could ever imagine. Surrounded by the harsh brutality of a world without laws, Krevan is torn by his desire to remain alone and the burning passion he feels for Ancelin. When her past is uncovered and she’s thrown into an old danger, Krevan must face his own emotional upheaval and risk it all to protect the woman he loves.

“Mr. Vallex, how much farther is the property?”            
“We have about three more hours of driving left. Silos is about four hours from my property. The information I provided indicated the property is remote and rural. The property is out in the middle of nowhere. There’s the town of Coti. It’s a smaller settlement closer to the property. There isn’t much in that town. Let me know when you want to go back to Earth.” Krevan glanced over at Ancelin as if to gauge her reaction. They resumed their semi-tolerable silence to ride for another hour until the darkening sky lit up with an outstanding lightning demonstration. Booms of thunder shook the vehicle as it sped across the gravel and dirt road.
“Oh, wow, was that thunder?” Ancelin’s voice sounded strained. She gazed up and out the front window.
“Yes, it’s only getting started. The storm has arrived a lot sooner than it was expected. Welcome to the storms on Verrian. They’re powerful and not for the faint of heart. The weather here is an authentic Verrian experience. Hopefully, we’ll get home before the roads and fields get too muddy and slick.” Krevan looked over at Ancelin, his eyes mirrored back at her, reflecting in the low light oddly.
Ancelin gasped. “You’re not an Earth human or any humanoid I’m familiar with. What are you? Your eyes reflect like…like some of the carnivorous predators on Earth. What humanoid species are you?” Ancelin tried to steady her trembling hands.
Krevan smiled, and the lightning flashed, illuminating his striking face. “I’m a Triaxen humanoid. I’m sorry my eyes alarm you. I promise not to bite.” Krevan watched her with his eerie, inhuman eyes. His full smile framed his beautiful white teeth. They looked surprisingly sharp, especially his canines. His smile wasn’t sincere.
“A Triaxen, which would explain your height and size. I’m sorry for reacting so rudely. I’ve never met a Triaxen humanoid before. I’ve never seen a humanoid’s eyes reflect like yours. It surprised me.” Ancelin attempted to apologize for her overreaction, clasping her hands together to continue to try to keep them from shaking.
“You mean like an animal, a carnivorous predator? Isn’t that what you compared me to, Ms. Trever?” Glaring at her, his annoyance was obvious. “My ancestors were deadly predators. I inherited many useful and lethal abilities. However, I won’t harm you unless you harm me. I can be civilized even though I lived five years of my life on the uncivilized Hellgate Prison Planet. I thought you should know that before you hear it from someone else. Most people on Verrian are wary of me. Not many people survive Hellgate Prison. My being a venomous male Triaxen also makes people uneasy.” They resumed their uncomfortable silence as the thunder boomed, and then the rain cut loose from the sky and poured down in torrents.
“Can you see where you’re going?”
Krevan didn’t respond to her question. Ancelin hugged the side of her door. Any closer to the door or farther from him and she would be sitting outside on the vehicle’s running board.
With a sudden jolt, their vehicle left the dirt road as Krevan cut off across the pasture. The jolt bumped Ancelin away from the door and closer to Krevan. Their legs touched. Ancelin anxiously yanked her leg back. “Is this the way to the house?” Her question broke their heavy silence.
“Yes, both of the houses are in this direction. There’s no road to the property. We’re almost there. Your house is within sight of mine. Since it’s raining so hard, I’m taking us into my garage. We can go inside and wait the rain out before I take you to your house. I have no desire to get drenched tonight. Your house doesn’t have a garage or port. I hope waiting at my house is all right with you. The rain could last awhile.”
Krevan looked over at her quiet, stiff form as he explained his plan. Ancelin made no reply. The rain came down so hard it was difficult to see out the windows.
Krevan drove the vehicle confidently, as if he could see through the onslaught of rain and darkness. “You scared of me, little girl? Krevan’s voice was hushed. “I told you to go back to Earth. You’re on this untamed world with a Hellgate ex-con as your only neighbor. Alone, with a stranger, a Triaxen
“Mr. Vallex, I appreciate my precarious situation. I’m grateful for your considerate warnings.” Ancelin had her own degree of sarcasm. “I’m here now. I would be grateful if you would…I don’t know…not be so negative and give up trying to scare me back to Earth. If you’re going to be big and bad, let me know now and get the good stuff out of the way.” Despite her bold speech, Ancelin continued to hug the side of the door.
“All right, Ms. Trever. I’m not sure what your definition of ‘the good stuff’ is,” Krevan responded as their vehicle approached a large, modern structure. It was a remarkable house built out in the middle of an isolated landscape. It was reminiscent of the luxurious homes that lined the streets of many of Earth’s affluent neighborhoods.
“Remember, Ancelin.” Krevan stressed her first name. He seemed to want to make sure her attention focused on him as he stopped the vehicle in front of four garage doorways. “I didn’t knowingly sign up for a female neighbor. Your arrival has caught me off guard. In the past, my being caught off guard has proven to be fatal to others. I’m willing to make the best of this uncomfortable situation.

My Review:

Krevan was one alpha male Triaxen, who had been alone for way to long.  Even though to him, it hadn't been long enough.  Betrayed repetitively by his former wife and sentenced to harsh punishment, Krevan had gone through severe changes.  Gone was the once gentle doctor he used to be and in his place had grown a full blooded predator with a major attitude and loads of anger.  Not a good combination to go along with all those enhanced abilities of his.  He had finally managed to sell the other house on his property and went to pick up the new owner at the spacestation.  Krevan hoped this would be a short trip and he could be back at his home before the rains started.  He was unprepared for the vision that presented herself as his new neighbor.  He had assumed that Ancelin was a male, not the vision of beauty that now stood before him.

Ancelin was running away.  The pain and nightmares followed her where ever she wandered on Earth, and her hope was that a fresh start would bring back some normalcy to her life.  Maybe, even a little happiness.  She was the sole survivor of  the massacre that killed her family and the one who happen to discover their bodies.  Those images haunted her non-stop.  Even though she was blown away by the beautiful God-like man who had introduced himself as Kraven.  Was she really going to live next door to him?

I enjoyed the many concepts in this book.  I love the idea of space travel and being able to pack up and leave Earth behind for one of the hundreds of other colonized planets.  That would be so exciting.  For Ancelin and Krevan, it was not.  Both came to this planet to escape the pain of the past.  Both needed each other to heal the hurts.  Throw that in with some smoking hot sex scenes and extremely volatile weather, and you have the premise for one amazing story!!  But Ancelin is far from forgetting about her past.  The evil that slaughtered her family has followed her to this new home.  Will the peace she has finally found remain constant?  Would Krevan be enough against all the men that were being sent to find her?  Awesome questions that you can only answer by reading this book!!  It was an adventure that I truly enjoyed!!

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