Friday, July 26, 2013

Review: Araya's Addiction by Jocelyn Dex

When Kean wakes up naked, collared and locked in a cell, he knows thinking with his dick has finally gotten him into trouble.

Kean, part Incubus, enjoys scorching and frequent sex. One night, he finds himself a prisoner forced to help a Sempire rescue her daughter from certain death. To gain his freedom, Kean must provide Araya with his semen to save her life, but she refuses it, even though the lust between them is undeniable.

Determined to escape and to help Araya, Kean ups the stakes and forces Araya into a situation that makes it impossible for her to continue refusing him. Feeling betrayed, Araya enacts a scheme to get Kean out of her life. Her best laid plans may awaken emotions that will bind them to each other forever.

My Review:

Demons, of any kind, are always my weakness when it comes to paranormal reads.  This little short was vastly entertaining, sexy, and  rather amusing.  Araya's family is quite interesting, especially her sister.  Her mother goes on a mission to rescue her daughter and ends up kidnapping Kean, collaring him, and forcing him into her room.   Not your ideal way to pick up chics, especially since Kean is used to getting whatever he wants!  I thought he was a very funny character.  So Kean cures her daughter and she hates him for it.  Araya was definitely not your normal demon!  I enjoyed this book immensely and look forward to reading more from this author!


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