Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Review: Ningaloo Nights by Tracey Cooper-Posey

Title:  Ningaloo Nights

Genre:  Short Erotic Romantic Suspense (MF Romance)

Setting:  Contemporary; Ningaloo, Western Australia

Publisher:  Me! (This will be my 27th indie title, and 61st title overall)

Retail:  Will be available originally at Amazon, Smashwords, All Romance eBooks, Kobo.  Later; Apple, B&N, Sony, Diesel ebooks, etc.  Will not be available in print because of the length, but it is part of the Go Get ‘em Women collection, and will be included in a print anthology at a later date.

Price:  $2.99 ebook

Pages:  75 including front and back matter

Formats:  All the popular ebook formats will be available.

Edition:  Second.  This book was previously published with Ellora’s Cave under the same name and author.  Rights have been returned and the book is now being published by me.

ISBN: 9781927423981 (Amazon)


To find out what happened to her sister, Sherry just has to go with Mason Hayward to the ends of the earth…oh, and give him utter control over her mind, body and soul.

New York cop Sherry Abandonato cashes in her savings and dashes to Ningaloo in remote northwest Western Australia to find her sister, who disappeared ten days ago.

The only one with the skill to guide her to Derremawan is Mason Hayward, once an official guide with a reputation for getting people out of trouble, but now the town’s bad man.

In a searing afternoon of unexpected passion, Mason strikes a bargain. He’ll get her to Derremawan, if she agrees to go there with him unconditionally—on his terms and his conditions.

Sherry is astonished to find herself agreeing to the insane bargain, and worse, responding eagerly to the idea of three days of Mason Hayward taking charge under the hot Australian sun.

Warning:  This story features multiple sex scenes, including anal sex, the use of sex toys and MF sexual play.  Do not read this book if frank sexual language and sex scenes offend you.
No panties were seriously harmed during the production of this book.

Ningaloo Nights is part of the Go Get ‘em Women Collection

My Review:

I was definitely squirming around in my seat while reading this one!!  I was shocked at how such a short read could be so hot and so complete all at the same time.  You have two adults in an extremely intense situation.  Add to it, very similar stories of loss, a dangerous trek into the unknown, a tent, a bag of sex toys, and what do you get?  Me dreaming of finding a Mason of my own!!!  I liked that the story was gritty and oh so sexy!!   The attraction between these two is so hot, I swear you feel it as you turn the pages!! I loved the way it ended.  To me that was one of the sexiest parts about the book.  I applaud an author that can take a short and make me feel like I bought a novel.  Hat's off to you Tracey Cooper-Posey, because you absolutely pulled it off!!

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