Monday, January 23, 2012

Eagerly Anticipating New Arrival!!

Hello everyone!!  Today I have with me my dear friend and fantastically Naughty author Leanore Elliot.  She is sharing a sneak peek exclusive with my blog.  I love her books and was extremely happy to hear that she has been busy typing away.  Lets take a look at her newest wicked decadence:

I missed Close Encounters so much! I have been busy with my various-nefarious Wicked Enterprises. One of them is a new book. I wanted to debut the first peek of it here at Nikki's blog.

A journalist is fighting to be noticed in the huge market of writing. She has an idea of a taboo subject that may put her articles at the top. However, she never bargained for—The Hat Trick.

THE HAT TRICK, Leanore Elliott_ Release Date March 15th, 2012

The man in the room walked over to the mirror and stood close to it, as though he were studying his reflection
I couldn't swallow as the angel faced bartender who'd made me so hot that I literally ran away from him stared back at the glass. He seemed to be staring at me!
He smiled and I became warm all over just by the inflection.
His eyes burned just like before, and he reached up to unbutton his dress shirt.
I gulped and watched his fingers as though they were mesmerizing, while he unbuttoned each one.
"Wait a minute…" the man next to me, whispered.
No, don't wait at all, let me see! I could not take my eyes away from those fingers. I held my breath, my entire attention trapped by the slight movement of each button slipping from its slot. A broad smooth chest appeared when he pulled his shirt away, and my thigh muscles clenched as he dropped the discarded garment to the floor. All the while, his attention was hinged to the mirror.
He's stripping for me! I unconsciously rolled my fingers into fists. He knows I'm sitting right here, like a nasty voyeur, watching him.
The bartender now lowered his hands to his pants. His focus never wavered from the mirror.
I too, kept my focus on the mirror and it seemed like all sounds of reality stopped for me. All the fear from before dissipated as my doubts and thoughts floated away.
He pulled his pants away and wore only black briefs.
Suddenly I was so thirsty, so dry that my mouth and throat instantly dried up. Oh, wow—he was magnificent.
He gave me a minute smile.
"Hey, now. What the hell is he doing?"My peep show host asked aloud.
"Shh!" I was the one doing the shushing now.
My frustrated guide sat quietly and shook his head.
This little bit of sexy theater made me feel warm and edgy at the same time. Every muscle in my body was tensed as if I were about to receive a physical blow. Mmm, I would love to have those arms wrapped around me. An inexplicable ache started in the pit of my stomach and spread through my entire rigid body.
The angel stripper lowered his hand to his briefs and I sat with my eyes glued to his hand. He splayed his fingers out and dipped just the tips into his sexy briefs. I gulped and a little bubble of moisture slipped from my pussy. How could a man do this to me, when he's in another room and cannot even see me?
I was breathing heavier and unconsciously clasping my legs together, as if fighting the urge to open my thighs and invite those long slim fingers in. I sat so far to the edge of my chair that I almost fell off.
 He stilled his fingers for a moment and seemed to give a nod.
My thighs opened of their own volition and I released a gasping sigh. It was as if he had some mental connection with me, like some kind of sexual ESP.
The angel licked his lips with his tongue, and with the slight sliding movement, my clit throbbed and I could feel it swell. Oh! I shook all over and my hand lowered to my thighs.
Inexplicably, his fingers lowered to his briefs again, following the same trail.
I couldn't breathe, I couldn't think, I lost myself somewhere back when he had unbuttoned his shirt. I lost my wits, my good senses and self-control. Could this be why he was a dominator? He could almost direct you with his mind alone?
I bolted upright in my chair and tried with all my might to shake the effect away. What the hell was I doing? Staring at a man through a mirror, about to masturbate myself at just the mere sight of him? Oh, my God what is wrong with me?
The sexual magnetism displayed by the man who wore no clothes except for those delicious little briefs, had completely rattled me and undid years of strict prudery. I had been so immersed and mesmerized by the hot stripping that I'd completely forgotten about the woman as she stood and came over to the bartender.
 A flutter of something rippled through me. It was unlike anything I'd ever felt. Was it excitement or jealousy? I did not want to know. I wanted to forget that I was nearly drooling, ready to humiliate myself, and leave all my sensibilities for some hot guy that was into BDSM.

Another sure to be great!!  I can't wait til its released!!! 

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Another great book by Leanore! Sounds great!!

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