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Giveaway and Guest Post of Author Bonnie Bliss and her newest Whips and Wax

Hello my naughty readers!!  Today I have a sizzling special ready to serve up to you!!!  I have Bonnie Bliss here today to give us a little insight behind the lifestyle.  Take it away Bonnie!!

BDSM realistic longevity….

I figured seeing as Whips and Wax was a BDSM erotica novella I would take some time to touch on a topic that may be unknown to some readers. Longevity during a scene, and how long a sub really can last before she, well, passes out.
I not only write BDSM I live the lifestyle. My husband and I have been playing for two years. And with each session I seem to be able to take more, and go for longer. It also helps that I have the best Dom for me. He can read me, knows how to push and hold back, and boy can the man test a hard limit. The reality is—everyone is different. What I may be able to take, the next sub may only be able to take half that play before she goes over the edge hits subspace and the scene is done.
Whips and Wax plays out in the course of a day, where Marie is caught breaking the rules and her punishment begins with forced orgasms. Not only is that scene very intense, but there are breaks in the middle of these orgasms. It takes the scene that could have been thirty minutes of bliss and a stint in subspace, and makes it drawn out, and more pleasing for both Dom and sub. It is a delicate process that, if you have a great Dom, will last for a long time. I have found that my ability to last long has increased. In the beginning I would hit my high point in under an hour and the scene was over. Exhausted and well used, I would be cared for and it would be all about another day.
However, after living with play sessions when we could get them, I have come to learn that I can last far longer than I used to. The reality vs. fantasy is hard to decipher, some people might say it is impossible. I know that people during Whips and Wax will question how much Marie is taking. Mixing fantasy with reality in this genre is a very delicate process. I like to be as true to life as possible. Yes, I am writing erotica, the sexual content is higher in my books. But I like to show the reader what is possible, what can be done, and what you can ultimately achieve if you handle all play with care.
Aftercare plays a big part in pushing a scene forward. If you are going to do a scene that lasts longer than an hour or even two, you have to find the balance. You have to care for the sub with a gentle, yet firm hand. You must not read a scene and go “I can do that, look at that, how can I do that all day.” In reality you most likely can’t. Will Marie blow your mind with how long she can last? Yes, she will. But she has breaks. She has the after care of Neil that will help her continue play throughout the day. Should you try this at home later tonight with your husband or significant other? Not without proper and safe play.
 I am ready to have my mind blown :)  Let's take a look at Whips and Wax:
Marie's day starts out fine when a hot delivery man brings her a new leather corset.After giving him a hot glimpse of her body she can't resist trying it on and masturbating in it
along with the matching leather thong.Neil comes home early and catches her in the act and the long hard punishment begins.

After four forced orgasms its down to the dungeon, tied up, no control, Sir whips his kitten and follows with hot wax play, ending with the rough hard fuck they both enjoy.

Follow the whole hot story in Whips and Wax, culminating in the perfect end, the collar, Sirs kitten is truly Owned!
Sneak Peek:
She laughed and cried at the same time. Her body thrust over the edge of any sort of sanity. Her hips bucked against him, the firm hit of his cock against her blood filled clit made it all slap down against her and she came. For him, for her Sir, for her lover, and husband, the only man that could make her peak like she had fireworks going off inside her body. Her juices shot from her, the pain it induced, the pleasure, all of it made her thrash her head back and forth. And still he taunted, thrusting, making her laugh. One thing they had learned about her, when she came hard—she laughed.
Neil had no intention of cumming yet. This was Marie’s time. He sat up, lifting his cock from her clit. She needed a few minutes to come down from the high. Neil swung himself off the bed and moved to look at her face. Stroking her hair while cupping her breast gently, he asked her. “Are you okay kitten?” Her eyes responded before her voice.
“Yes Sir.” She was sweating. A light sheen covered her forehead. And she had just lied to Sir.
“My shoulders are sore, Sir.” A light blush painted her cheeks at her correction. It might earn her a new punishment.
Neil leant down and softly kissed her lips.
“Thank you for being honest, kitten.”
He leant over and untied the belts, allowing her to sit up and stretch a little. He watched as she rubbed her wrists. Neil massaged her sore shoulder, pressing his fingertips into the tender flesh. Just as he finished he heard the front door bell.
“I’ll be right back.”
He grabbed his jeans from the chair and pulled them on, then left the room. Stepping down two stairs at a time he reached the door in seconds. He grabbed the keys on the telephone table and unlocked the door. A man in his forties stood with a parcel in his hand.
“Mr. Jones, a delivery for you, can you sign here please?”
“Yes, are you nearly finished for the day?” Neil took the electronic pad and scribbled his signature.
“I wish, I finish at six.”
“Crikey. At least you have good weather and it’s the weekend tomorrow.”
The courier laughed. “Yes, there is that. There you go, enjoy your afternoon.”
“Oh I will. Thank you.” Neil took his parcel and locked the door behind him. He knew what it was. Should he hide it and save it for later? He paused at the bottom of the stairs and thought about it. Marie had blatantly opened her corset and thong. Did she deserve this treat right now, her treat? Not really, it was Neil’s. He walked up the stairs and along the landing to the bedroom once more.
Marie had come around, she was ready for more. Her eyes lit up when she saw the box he carried. Neil put his finger to his lips.
“I’m glad this came while I was home. I’ll open it with you once I’ve finished with you, you naughty kitten. “
Just to tease her he placed the new package six inches from her head on the pillow. So close she would be able to smell the cardboard packaging. He watched the tension mount, her pupils dilated, her little pink tongue darted out and brushed over her lips in anticipation.
 This just sounds yummy!!!  So what do you need to do for your chance to grab a copy of this hot novel?  Just fill out the rafflecopter form below!!  Be sure to check out the rest of Bonnie's tour stops:


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Savannah said...

Vanilla right now but only because my husband is a prude!! I'm more of little bit of everything :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for having me today!


desitheblonde said...

wow me my bf like all kind of sex when he can have it so i am into it to minum but i have done swinging before and that was all out sex

Unknown said...

My girlfriend and I have been together for two years and we are really both interested in BDSM. What is step one, lol? How do we get started? And we are not vanilla but a little bit of everything

Vanessa N. said...

I'd say I would be kinky but open to trying new things. Great excerpt. Thanks for the chance.


books4me said...

I am so vanilla that it's scary! I want to be more adventurous but not sure what to do.

Thanks for the giveaway; will be following the blog hop!

books4me67 at ymail dot com

Andrea I said...

Plain vanilla at my house. He doesn't know I read erotica and would have a fit about it.


Casea Major said...

They sound like a fun couple, Bonnie. Congrats on the new release.

June M. said...

I would have to say vanilla but with dreams of BDSM. I would just have to meet the right guy that I could trust that much.

Harlie Williams said...

Vanilla until I started reading erotica. Spiced up our life in a big way. Hubs never knew what hit him. :)

Question...when did you and hubs realize that you wanted to be in the lifestyle?

Marika Weber

latishajean said...

Thank you very much for this great giveaway!

Julianne said...

I guess I'd say vanilla although I'd like to try some kinky.
Bonnie, how did you decide to write in the BDSM genre?

luvfuzzzeeefaces at yahoo dot com

Lexi said...

Kinky, but there is always room for growth =)
Great interview, and great sounding book. I can't wait to read!!

Shadow said...

i would say kinky, though im very drawn to BDSM though i havent dipped my toes in. thank you!

msmjb65 said...

Thanks for a great post, Bonnie. I really appreciate that you are also in the lifestyle and, therefore, you know what you're talking about. There is absolutely nothing worse than a poorly written and completely inaccurate BDSM story.
msmjb65 AT gmail DOT com

Joanne said...

I'd have to say vanilla right now, but I'd be willing to experiment. Great excerpt. Thanks for the blog tour.


Anonymous said...

Hello! And thank you all so much for visiting and asking such fantastic questions! All of them are perfect questions to ask if you feel you are a little--kinky.

I'm gonna answer some of the questions:

@ Teressa Oliver - The biggest advice I can give you is to take it slow. My husband and I are two years into the lifestyle and he wasn't into it at first. The biggest thing I can tell you, is to not, I repeat NOT go into it blind. Some bedroom play is ok to do without heavy research. (Tying up loosely with silk ties or something that won't hurt you) I don't recommend going in balls to the walls.

Many things can hurt you if you aren't educated. Flogging can damage your liver, ropes can cut off circulation and cause lasting damage. An inexperianced top or Dom can hurt you by spanking you without limits with things like a belt. Handcuffs cause lasting pain at times, and are reserved for masochists or women/men that enjoy higher levels of pain.

Do your research, visit clubs, you might learn you're a voyeur in the end like I did lol. Just please, I can't stress enough, think that because you have read loads of BDSM erotic novels you are an expert. Read real self help guides in the lifestyle.

@ Harlie Reader (Marika Weber) - I was in the lifestyle before I met my husband. I had to slowly warm him up to the idea of D/s relationship. He was not into it at all in the beginning, but I saw signs. He liked to be rough, he held me down and took, he would demand my silence. Most people would go "Oh dear." But I went "OH YES!" It just took the right triggers to get him to open up and realize that he was a closet Dom.

@ Julianne - I decided that BDSM would be a great genre for me to write. So many erotic/erotica novels, although accurate with information, sometimes make it seem like a fairy tale. Which, is their job, I'm not slighting them for that, I read erotic BDSM romance like the end of the world is coming lol. But to write it with a spin on my experiences was something I knew I had to do. The Dominance series is my baby so to speak.

Thank you SO MUCH for the great questions! If anyone has any more feel free to ask! You can join me on facebook as well and I am open to chat. I'm not shy, and I would rather people go into the lifestyle toes first and not diving in and have a horrible experience scare you off.


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