Monday, January 23, 2012

Guest Post with Author Tina Martin: Can men and women be JUST friends?

Hello CEWTNK viewers!!  I'd like to welcome our new additions.  Here today I have with me the wonderful author Tina Martin.  She is going to share a little bit about her new book and her thoughts on the male/female relationship.  So what do you think readers?  Do you think men and women can JUST be friends?  Let's take a look at what Tina has to say:

Can a man and woman be friends without feelings getting in the way? Many say yes, many say no, but what do you say?
In my new novel, Another Man’s Treasure, Tiphani Water is very much in love with her best friend, Reggie Howard. They have a close connection since their mothers were best friends as well. They grew up together – same schools, same neighborhood. Tiphani doesn’t have the courage to tell Reggie that she’s in love with him. Just how would a person approach that situation anyway? That’s a tough question because what if Tiphani decides to tell Reggie how she feels and he rejects the idea. Then she’s heartbroken. What if she tells him and he accepts the idea? They date for three months…then the relationship falls apart. Now she’s lost a boyfriend AND a best friend.

What would you do if you were Tiphani? Would you tell your best friend that you were in love with him? Or would you silently let other women date the man you’re in love with? Find out what Tiphani does in my new novel, Another Man’s Treasure, available in paperback at (or Barnes and Noble). If you have a Kindle, or if you just want to order a copy to your PC, go ahead and order your eBook for only $5.

Check out the book trailer:

Also, check out my debut novel, Secrets On Lake Drive, available now at and Barnes & Noble. Secrets On Lake Drive tells the story Monica Smith and Sean Beauvais, two people who are seemingly rivals but may be just what the other needs to have a happy, meaningful and successful life. Secrets On Lake Drive is a novel based on the secrets each person carries. In the end, those secrets may hold them together or drive them apart.

Read excerpts of Tina’s novels at And check out my blog:

Looks Yummy right?  Let's take a look at the book info:

To onlookers, Tiphani Water and Reggie Howard's close, platonic friendship is enough to make people believe that a man and woman can be friends and nothing more. But when Tiphani has a dream about Reggie the night before their college graduation, she can no longer lie to herself. She has deep feelings for her best friend - her best friend who sort of knows that Tiphani has a crush on him. Her best friend who plays on her emotions to manipulate her. Her best friend who has a girlfriend.
When Tiphani goes on a blind date with Derrick Brooks - a charming, goodbackburner, but her strong feelings for Reggie just won't die. What's a girl to do when she loves two men?
"Another Man's Treasure" is an emotionally-charged novel packed with great intensity and heartbreak. It is a story about not appreciating the one you have until you see them in the arms of someone else.
Can't wait to read it!!  Thanks for being on today Tina!! So..In your opinion...Can men and women be JUST friends?


Unknown said...

Oh man! Tough one. Sounds like a great conflict for a book. I know I would say now that I would tell him, but the truth is when I was in that situation I did not and he married someone else. :-(

Tina Martin Publications said...

Yeah, it is a tough one Ruth...that's why I had so much fun writing this novel.

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