Tuesday, January 10, 2012

What's Beside My Bed?

I'm changing things up. This is basically an adult book blogger version of What Are You Reading? But I want to let people who don't have blog to join in too. So I've added a step for those of you who'd like to join but don't want to actually link up. All you have to do is...
  • Post the banner {Optional}
  • Jot down what is currently on your night stand, What you're reading before bed, or You can just post your current read.
  • Then link up.
  • If you don't have a blog or don't want to link up but want to join in just post in the comments.
Beside my bed this week is a really really cool read!!  Let's take a look:

Salacious - Sacrilegious - Scatalogical - Scotomizing - Strange!” The Big Book of Bizarro brings together the peculiar prose of an international cast of the most grotesquely-gonzo, genre-grinding modern writers who ever put pen to paper (or mouse to pad), including: NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD horror writers John Russo & George Kosana HUSTLER MAGAZINE erotica contributors Eva Hore & AndrĂ©e Lachapelle, and Established Bizarro genre authors D. Harlan Wilson, William Pauley III, Laird Long, Richard Godwin and so many more! From Alien abductions to Zombie sex, The Big Book of Bizarro contains OVER FIFTY STORIES of the most outrĂ©landish transgressive fiction that you’ll ever lay your capricious and curious hands upon! WARNING: This book may be one of the most controversial and dangerous books you’ll ever read.

So far all I can say is WOOOW!!  There really is a little something for everyone!!

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Anonymous said...

Uh um... not sure what to say to that one, LOL. Sounds interesting. Thanks for linking up.

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