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Giveaway and Review of Sinful :)

I love it when a book is called something that just slides of your tongue, in more ways than one!!  Lol!!  Let' take a look at this decidedly decadent sounding novel:

Music was their only dream & passion...
Until they found one another...

For years, Mikayla Gallan has dreamed of providing a better life for her younger brother, Matthew, and herself. Coming from a family of musicians, Mikayla and Matthew have dreams of someday making it big. But Mikayla's first priority is always ensuring Matthew's future. When Houdini Records comes knocking on her door, offering her everything she's ever wanted, Mikayla's scared to grab onto their offer.  

Sinclair "Sin" Devlin, part-owner of Houdini Records has loved and lost and has no intentions of ever going down that path again. He's determined to put his company back on the map and is willing to do whatever it takes to make it happen. Meeting Mikayla Gallan, hearing her sultry and passionate voice on stage, Sin believes he has found the only woman that could save the company. He's even more shocked to realize that perhaps she's also the only woman to save him from himself.

And a little sneak peek:

Mikayla hung up her skirt on the clipped hanger, making a mental note to take it home after her meeting with Desmond Ritchie and his brother-in-law so that it could be dry-cleaned.
Anxious to get out front, her hands shook and her steps clumsy, as she hurriedly put her things away, she rechecked her makeup one last time.
Standing straight, Mikayla looked herself over in the mirror. Normally after work she’d dress in an old, comfortable pair of jeans, sweatshirt and running shoes, but tonight that wasn’t an option.
For her meeting she decided to keep her black halter-top on that she’d worn onstage, and instead of her normal worn jeans, she dressed in pleated black dress slacks that were comfortable, yet professional. She still wore her red heels with straps at the ankles. Though her slacks covered the straps, they were her favourite pair and she looked sexy as hell in them.
Nothing like a pair of fuck me shoes to give a girl a boost.
Around her bare shoulders, she wore a sheer silk, red shawl that added colour to her outfit and she just couldn’t resist. Red was a power colour in her mind, and exuded confidence in the person wearing it. Plus it brought out her blue eyes.
At least that was her opinion and tonight she needed all the confidence she could get. If Desmond Ritchie was for real, then hers and Matthew’s lives could change forever.
Taking a deep breath and resisting the urge to giggle in her excitement, something a woman of thirty just didn’t do, she grabbed her small black purse from the dressing table, spun on her heel and headed to the door.
Throwing open the door, she didn’t see anything but a large black blur coming at her and then she was falling. Her purse fell as she reached out to grab whatever she could to stay upright.
Landing on her back on the floor, the fluffy grey carpeting at her back cushioning the fall, Mikayla sucked in a breath.
Old Spice and an inebriating masculine scent filled her nostrils and she opened her eyes. Looking into the deepest pair of brown eyes she’d ever seen, she was surprised to realize that a large man was lying on top of her.
A hell of a sexy guy to be exact. Wavy, chestnut brown hair, deep brown eyes and lush, full lips were all she could see. Never in her life had she seen such a god-like, beyond gorgeous Adonis this up close and personal.
In many ways, he reminded her of the actor, Matthew McConaughey, but with darker hair.
Small differences didn’t matter, McConaughey was her favourite actor, the man of many of her fantasies as she pleasured herself in her own room in the dark. Any man that could come close to Matthew McConaughey in looks and what she believed he’d feel like in her arms, was okay with her.
“I’m sorry, Ms. Gallan. The door opened so quickly, I didn’t have time to…”
Hearing his deep baritone voice, Mikayla’s body felt things it hadn’t felt in years. Desire, pulsating need and wetness between her thighs all registered in her passion-filled thoughts as she stared into his brown eyes.
Licking her lips, swallowing to wet her parched throat, hoping to vocalize some outrage or say something at least, Mikayla watched his eyes darken as he stared at her mouth.
Heat pooled even hotter in her belly and between her legs. She couldn’t remember where she was or whatever the hell she was about to say.
This man on top of her, her arms around him, Mikayla was certain that all was right with the world. The building around them could have fallen down and she wouldn’t have cared. Within his arms, she felt she was where she needed to be.
“Ms. Gallan? Are you all right?” McConaughey look-alike asked, his eyes still watching her lips.
Wetting her lips again, she asked in a still-parched voice, “Who are you?”
“Sin. My name’s Sin.”
Oh my god.
Mikayla couldn’t have asked for a hotter fire to fan the flames but the temperature had just risen another one hundred degrees. Just his name, said in that deep voice, did things to her that should be illegal.
“Yes, sin you most certainly are.” Mikayla barely had time to register that she’d spoken aloud when he groaned and lowered his head.
Lips met hers in an explosive, wet kiss that would have knocked her on her ass had she not been lying down.  Those lush and full lips captured hers and their tongues tangled.
He tasted of all man and a faint hint of peppermint. His hands held her head in place as if she’d move it at any second and she felt the softness of his palms resting on her cheeks.
Lost in the arousing and powerful sensations of their kiss, Mikayla’s hands roamed his back, shaping his corded muscles, making her shiver. Groaning into his mouth, she opened hers wider, taking more of his taste and his tongue into her mouth. She didn’t want to stop kissing him any time soon.

My Review

Mikayla was hands down my kind of heroine.  She's an unlikely one, and doesn't do much butt-kicking, but I really liked her character.  She was a no-nonsense, stay-focused, self-sacrificing, down-to-earth, yet feminine character.  Her parents died and she was forced to put her dreams of being a big-city superstar singer on hold.  I shouldn't use the word force, I should say choice.  She made the choice to fight for custody over her little brother and to raise him the best she could.  While Mikayla had the magic voice, her little brother Matthew wrote the songs that brought it to life.  Together, they had been hypnotising the visitors of After Hours for years.  Just as their parents before them. But Mikayla was tired of singing to the same old crowd every night.  She dreamed of making it big and leaving their sleepy little town for the big city and fame.  Little did she know that fate was about to deal her a rather "Sinful" hand.
Sin, that was what his close friends and business associates called him.  I for one just love the name!!  Its simplicity and meanings can just about be stretched in every direction!!  Sin had lost the love of his life in a fatal car crash and had sworn off woman forever.  But the second the first notes of music left Mikayla's mouth, Sin knew she was going to change his life.  Together they face many hurdles and smooth over the pain and loneliness that each one has faced in their past.
I loved the whole music industry spin on the story.  Small town girl dreaming of making it big and a jaded songwriter given a second chance.  It's a sweet short read that leaves you with a warm and fuzzy feeling.  It has an amazing ending that I won't spoil!!  You have to read it to find out!!  I enjoyed this novel immensely and will be looking for future novels by this author!!  She has definitely caught my attention!! 

So what do you have to do to win a copy of this book?  Just fill out the rafflecoptor!! 

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Arianne said...

best dream? hmm.. i would say, maybe the one where i see someone that i can't really see in real life anymore because bridges have been burned.. it's like going to the past and creating more memories, except it's in a dream world.

KaceyHammell said...

Thank you so much for being a host in the tour, and for the awesome review! I'm thrilled you enjoyed Sin & Mikayla.

LOVE that you love Joe "Alcide" like I do too :)

Joanne said...

I don't usually remember my dreams. The only one I seem to remember is the one where I'm falling and I wake up before I hit anything.


booklover0226 said...

I don't recally my dreams. I might recall bits and parts but never the whole thing.

Tracey D
booklover0226 at gmail dot com

Linda Henderson said...

The best dream I ever had was that I'd won the lottery and built everyone in my family a new house.

seriousreader at live dot com

KaceyHammell said...

The only dream i have, and it's recurring every so often, is being smothered by snakes. Ok, more a nightmare actually, but that's the only one I always remember. Just wish I would stop having them!

Brenda Demko said...

Thanks for the post. I'd love to read Sinful. I'm adding it to the tbr list when I'm done here. I don't usually remember my dreams. I had nightmares when I was pregnant. I kept dreaming about them forcing me to have an epidural and me being left paralyzed. Needless to say when my twins were born, everything went great and they did not force me to have one!

Pam said...

I don't generally have good dreams. My dreams tend to be where I'm being chased or someone's trying to kill me or my house is be burned down. Yeah! Sure, I've had some strange, non-violent dreams but nothing that I would call good ... just strange.


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