Thursday, January 26, 2012

Review: A Breach of Promise by Victoria Vane

On the night of her betrothal, Lydia Trent receives just a taste of what ecstasy will be at the hands of her fiancé…and then he leaves her wanting. After waiting six years, and tired of being neglected by her exceedingly reluctant husband-to-be, Lydia decides to break it off.

When Marcus, Lord Russell, receives Lydia’s letter requesting a release from their contract, he is stunned by her audacity. Confident he’ll have her eating out of his hand with his usual wit and charm, he’s determined to repair the damage. However, the headstrong woman she’s blossomed into is equally determined to thwart his every effort to win her back.

Marcus discovers, in spite of her conviction to end the union, Lydia is more responsive to his touch than he ever imagined. He just needs to get her alone to unleash the promised passion he sees within his wanton virgin. Marcus will use any tool in his arsenal to exploit her weakness—his kisses, his hands, his mouth…her own body. In short, he’ll just have to ruin her!
My Review:
Historical Romances are where most readers started when they jumped out of the classics.  I have a fondness for this particularly category because it allowed me an escape from this time for many years.  But I just love the newer historical romances!!  Gone are the quivering and cowering virgins and in waltz the new age girls decked out in old-fashion attire!  I would like to imagine that there were many heroic women back then, and Lydia would be an excellent example.  She is promised to Lord Russell at an early age, since the mothers of the two in question were as close as sisters.  A union between the houses was a much anticipated event.  Lydia was also extremely excited by her good fortune because Marcus was very handsome and charming.  The night their engagement was to be officially announced, Marcus arrives horribly late and Lydia is completely crushed.  Marcus offers to take Lydia for a stroll in the gardens, which turns into a wickedly yummy scenario unfolding on a swing.  But after that fateful night that leaves Lydia on cloud nine and dreaming of him every night, he never comes to call.  Six long years have passed and Lydia has finally had enough.  She puts pen to paper to inform her reluctant groom that she wishes to break off the engagement.  But will she wiggle out of this so easily?
Marcus had been busy trying to secure a name for himself .  True, he had no wish to marry, but he did not object to the thought of marrying Lydia.  He had good intentions in the beginning, that soon rose into being unable to face her because of guilt.  Six years was a bit long but he had every intentions of keeping his promise and marrying her, eventually.  So when the letter arrived while he was in town about her wish to break off the engagement, Marcus was shocked.  What happened to his meek little wallflower?  Determined to charm his way back into her good graces, he sends for her.  But this dashing rogue has no idea that he is about to meet his match!!
Lydia is all grown up and has blossomed into a beautiful woman, so much so that Marcus doesn't recognize her.  His flowery words and apologetic excuses fall on deaf ears and much to his shock are rebutted and thrown back at him.  Lydia is no simpering female to fall to the floor because of his beautiful smile!!  So the battle begins between these two very-like minded and intelligent characters.  Marcus's mom, hands down, is my favorite character.  She is the master manipulator throughout this story!  But the interactions between the characters are completely entertaining!  And the sex scenes?  Completely red hot! I love my books with some spice, and this little historical romance is actually hot!  This book was very detailed and flowed quite beautifully from start to finish.  Mrs. Vane, you have captured my attention and I look forward to reading more of your books!!  I have been entirely seduced by your Breach of Promise!!


Anonymous said...

That's mah girl!!! Great story and great review! ;)

Unknown said...

Sounds great adding yet another book to my wish list.

Emily said...

I love the gal already!! Sounds like a great read and I can't wait to see what happens! And I love her dress on the cover.


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