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Giveaway and Guest Post by Leanore Elliot and her Realm of Fire

Hello Everyone!!  Today I have with me one of my favorite and now wickedly award-winning authors Leanore Elliot!!  She will be popping in all this week to say Hi and answer any questions that you may have.  So make her work for it..LOL!  Take it away Leanore:
Hello, Close Encounters! I am stopping by to…LIGHT A FIRE! LOL I wanted to talk about one of my unique books, Realm Of Fire. With this one, I became a Mystery writer without even knowing it. I was in suspense and wondered how it would turn out just like the reader would. I wondered just what the heck was happening to this girl-firefighter.

To describe it? I have decided to let the readers do that for you.

Grammy (Amazon reader)
Our story begins in the middle of a fire, with teams of special firefighters working diligently on digging berms and taking equipment to places to get a handle on this blaze. All the firefighters are not men, one woman is amongst them Cybele, Belle for short. She's a member of the Hotshots, an elite corps, trained for these missions. With her, John Saxon watches from a distance. Her best friend in the Corp is Buck, another fighter. Both men are tall and handsome.
(I can feel the heat, my lips are parched and the brightness of the flames hurt my eyes, the descriptions bring you right on to the page.)

Monique (Owner and founder of Romance Novel Junkies)
Belle always had a thing for fires as long as she could remember. But as soon as she joined the force her nightmares began and they became more intense as time goes by. They then started to include her co-worker Saxon, who she really dislikes, she thinks he's cute but she really disliked him as well. The dreams becomes more sensual, and she isn't able to explain it. Belle becomes confused and thinks she's going crazy with her dreams and voices she hears, which are that of Saxon and Buck.
(I started reading not knowing what to expect and found myself talking back to my ebook reading device.)

(Loves to dive)Penelope Adams, Reviewer for The PRG
She is smart, tough as nails and not bad on the eyes. Saxon and Buck are as different as day and night, neither of whom most women would say no to. The play between Belle and Buck is fun to listen to; Buck's bad jokes and quips just make you giggle. There are some hot, hot, hot love scenes that will leave one fanning themselves and grabbing a glass of something cool.
It seems Buck and Saxon have a secret and soon, Belle will be pulled into a world beyond the Realm of Fire.
(I highly recommend this novella to anyone who likes hot people having hot sex and enjoys a twist or two along the way.)

Well, I do like that last line…"hot people, having hot sex" Yeah, that's how I like my mysteries!


“Shh,” he purred to her lips and spread her legs apart as his warm fingers probed her.
“Unh,” she breathed out as his caressing fingers played with her clit.
“We were interrupted before at just about...” He stuck a finger into her. “Here.” He lowered his mouth to hers and pushed his tongue inside.
Belle gasped and felt his finger pumping her and her own moisture seeped out between her legs as his plunging tongue dipped into her mouth. She couldn’t focus and she knew there were things they needed to talk about. But what were they?
Saxon lowered his mouth to her nipple and drew it in.
Belle stilled and shocks rippled along her skin as he switched to the other, and she panted with building need.
He took his time licking her nipples and caressing each one with his tongue. “I looked at these the entire time you were here before and my mouth watered for a taste.” He placed his mouth back on one and sucked with a gentle tugging. “Now I’m so gonna to fill my mouth with them,” he stated to her hardening nipple, lowering his hot mouth and continuing the oral assault.
After a few moments, Belle squirmed and struggled desperately for air. Instinctively pushing away from his mouth, she pushed her feet down on the bed. With a surprised gasp, she slid across those slippery, magic silk sheets.
Saxon tugged her back with a laugh, lifting her body onto his and wrapping his arms around her. “Just tell me no,” he whispered to her ear and tugged at her hair just as he used to do when they were kids.
Her body trembled. “I’ve always wanted you and I can’t tell you no,” she whispered back.
He set her away a little and grasped her face with both hands to look into her eyes. “I’m going to get into your realm now, Cybelle,” he threatened in a low voice and lifted her hips, setting her onto his waiting lap. She gasped loudly as his hard erect cock entered her.
Thanks for having me Nikki, and as usual, I'm giving away the heat. Three of your commenters will win a free copy of Realm Of Fire.

You know I love having you here!!  Just fill out the rafflecopter form below!!  Good luck!!

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Joanne said...

Fire extinguisher excerpt is right! Wow!! I gotta get this book.


Sandy said...

Great excerpt! Count me in!


Savannah said...

Count me in!! Thanks for posting today!

books4me said...

Fire fighters are hot because they risk lives for other and that's sexy. Besides someone needs to take care of them...

books4me67 at ymail dot com

Hillary said...

I love firefighter stories, sounds sexy :D


Lynn's Romance Enthusiasm said...

Those are some really hot firemen. They can put out my fire anytime. This book sounds really hot. Thank you.

emmameade83 said...

You had me at "firefighters" :)

Denise Z said...

I think firefighters are so hot from coiling all those hoses all day :) Thank you for the fun, I look forward to this yummy read.

Wicked Leanore said...

Hello Nikki and all you firefighter lovers! I am so floored at the response here. i shouldn't be though. because Nikki's readers are the best!
Why do I think Firefighters are sexy? One day back in 2003, I saw them fighting flames of a fire that threatened our town. Oh my, they made such an impression on me.There were a few men there who made me really stop and stare. I never forgot it and yes, they saved our town. Real Heroes are SEXIEST!

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