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Giveaway and Review of Redneck Heaven by Marchelle Wallace

Hello and Welcome to this stop on Marchelle Wallace's tour!  I was lucky enough to snag a copy of Redneck Heaven for review, and as a giveaway to my lucky followers!!  So lets dive in and take a look at the book details and a little about the author.  After that we can talk about my thoughts on the book, and what you need to do to score your own copy!!

Title:  Redneck Heaven

Author:  Marchelle Wallace

Publisher:  MW Publications

Length:  428 pages/150,390 words

Sub-Genres:  Comedy, Contemporary



Meredith Colt has an epiphany on her way to her own wedding. The epiphany leaves her in the arms of sexy green-eyed stranger Marlon Bridges. Four weeks later, the lovely Miss Colt arrives at her deceased Grandfather's house in search of herself in Heaven, Pennsylvania (Redneck Capital of the World, according to her mother and sister) only to find her closest neighbor is none other than the sexy Redneck Marlon Bridges, owner of the Heavenly Timber and Logging Company.

The town has very strict views on Flatlanders and Meredith lives down to their expectations of how a Flatlander should act. Marlon is a card carrying member of the Rednecks-R-Us club.

Can these two strangers put their differences aside and discover that true love hits you upside the head with a two by four when you least expect it?



“Excuse me; pardon me, oh hell, just move.” Gwenivere Meredith Colt said as she desperately tried to navigate the narrow aisle, without much luck, as people kept popping up in front of her.

Gwenivere was trying to get to the bathroom on the rocking, rickety rackety train that she was currently riding on. She was dressed in the most hideous white dress she had ever seen, which was also two (okay 4) sizes too small. Well it was her wedding day so what did you expect. The ginormously ugly dress had an old-fashioned bustle skirt that made her ass look three times its normal size, which was in no way small to start with, so the addition of yards of extra fabric was not helping. It also had a three-mile long train, which she kept stepping on and getting twisted around her ankles, so she was afraid she would fall over at any minute. Added to that, the bodice with the spaghetti straps, which was causing her non- small breasts to smoosh up and over the top and she was in hell. Well actually, Gwenivere was on an excursion train, final destination…Happily ever after, forever and ever. (Yeah right) The hideous dress with the excessive fabric kept getting caught on the seats, the floor, and the men’s shoes.

Men? Where are the maid of honors and the sister and frantic mother of the bride?

Just peachy, wrong train. “Where in the hell is the bathroom?” Someone gave an indistinct wave in the general direction that she was already headed, so she kept going forward, trying not to make eye contact with anyone, since she was already sure that none of them belonged with her wedding party anyway.

Gwenivere heard a distinct rip from the direction of someone’s shoe as she tried pulling all that extra fabric out from behind her, while trying very hard not to breathe so that things didn’t start popping out the top of the ugly dress from hell. She made a frantic attempt to look normal, but let’s face it; normal had been left at the train station.

Where had this gone wrong? Possibly, when she showed up for a wedding she didn’t plan, didn’t remember agreeing to, and probably didn’t want. Not to mention the butt ugly dress that she didn’t pay for or try on before the wedding. How in the hell had she ended up here? She remembered Mark talking about them getting married, and that he would take care of everything, because she was so bogged down at work, because he had bogged her down with so much of his workload that she had a hard time getting her own done, Thank you very much. “No problem, I’ll handle everything,” he’d said. When exactly had he asked her if she wanted to get married? When had she said “yes I will marry you, please plan everything and don’t forget to make me look as stupid as possible?”

Nice time for an epiphany. God I’m dumb. And where in the hell did they hide the bathroom on excursion trains, please God let there be a bathroom.


I live in a very small town in Northern Pennsylvania. I am blessed with one of everything... one husband, one son, one daughter, one dog, one cat, and a pet bunny. I have always wanted to be an author and have been writing stories in my head for years.
When not writing, I am a Bookkeeper and Tax Preparer. I enjoy cooking, swimming, crocheting, flowers, wild birds, cute scarecrows (not the scary kind), photography, and the Pittsburgh Steelers. In my spare time, I volunteers at the local senior center, public library as well as various church activities.
I am an avid reader, reading mostly romance, although I am willing to try almost any book that is recommended. I like to be entertained but not scared. My favorite authors are Jennifer Crusie and Janet Chapman. My favorite books are Faking it, Agnes and the Hitman, Bet Me, the Highlander series, The Man Must Marry, and the Magic Series by Patricia rice.
I love country music and listen to it every chance I get. I can be found dancing to the beat everywhere I go. My favorite season is Tax Season.
I am a 2010 and 2011 Participant and Winner of NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month Participating in NaNoWriMo helped me take one of the stories from my head to the page. It was an awesome experience and I recommend every budding author give it a try.
Redneck Heaven is the result of Participating in NaNoWriMo 2010.

My Review:

I know what you thinking...Redneck Heaven?  LOL..yeah we are talking about some place in Texas right?    Well after reading it, there is a slight possibility that it could be a small town in Texas, minus the football fever that seems to thrive in every male from there.  Meredith was a woman after my own heart.  She one of those that buries herself in work in order to flash out real life.  I can so connect with that and her way of dealing with issues.  Meredith was not only a likable character, but one that was extremely realistic.  She was, however popped out of her automatic cycle by one delicious looking redneck by the name of Marlon.  He turned out to be the jump-start she needed to reclaiming who she once was.
Marlon was used to responsibility.  He had been named the head of his household and his brothers ever since they were little.  Work had be his only love and pleasure, with the exception of a few close friends.  He built his company from the ground up, which left very little time for his personal life.  Not to mention all of the problems his siblings gave him.  But that all changed on the train ride to his sisters wedding.   He saved a red-headed fireball from crashing into a mirror, never guessing that she would change his life forever.
This book rocked!  Not only is Meredith armed with a firey temper, but her thoughts and quirky sense of humor are hilariously fresh!  She was definitely my favorite character.  Her interactions with the townspeople, and not to mention her fireman welcome had me rolling with laughter.  This story had a lot of twists and turns and I must admit that I was completely shocked at the plot outcome.  I didn't see it coming which made it a joy for me!!  Meredith goes through a growing period after she moves and her sparkling personality is finally able to break free after being smothered for so long.  She becomes a better version of herself and actually helps Marlon as well.  It was a joyously delicious read..I would actually say it was Smokin Hot!!  Hats off to you Mrs. Wallace!!  I hope to read another book by you really soon!!

So how can you score your own copy? Just fill out the rafflecopter!  And be sure to follow the rest of the tour here:

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Christine A. said...

This book sounds hilarious. Just hearing Redneck, I think of the brother-in-law who we call Redneck Rick. They live in a trailer, let their animals run the place and their two kids. They don't swim in their pool, only the dogs and other animals do. Their family is truly Redneck Haven to me and I love them to pieces and all their quirky habits!

your1chef at aol dot com

Sophia Rose said...

When I think of Rednecks, I think of folk who have a strong emphasis on family, hardwork, and simple life. I guess heaven for that lifestyle would be to have basic needs met, family happy and safe, and daily joys of life.

The story sounds great and that excerpt was hilarious. Your review just confirmed what I'd already thought from reading the blurb and the excerpt. I'll be reading this one.

Thanks for the giveaway opportunity.

heather said...

Lets see...... bunch of folks down at the creek fishing, catching crawfish, barefooted and grilling on a questionable homemade grill while listening to Hank Williams. Oops, I forgot about the tire swing, 3 coolers of Bud Lite, 5 dogs running around and a baby wearing nothing but a diaper :) Hey it sounds like heaven to me!

M. Williams said...

This books looks great. I enjoy down home humor. As far as what I think a redneck haven is, my prediction its simply a place you can just be yourself, having a country outlook and not afraid to get a little dirty....I'm actually thinking about hard work, but...

Na said...

Somewhere where there is a lot if wide open land.

Barbara said...

A tiny backwoods town where you hunt/fish and grow your own food, wear shoes only in the winter and there's only one school for k-12th grade. There's only one traffic light...a flashing yellow caution at the only crossroad in town. There's one gas station and one grocery store...and maybe a couple of churches. Possibly an ice cream parlor too. Maybe even a bowling alley where they serve beer and have the occasional live band.

Joanne said...

Back country woods, a lot of open spaces, maybe a trailer on the property, lots of empty beer cans and old tires on the lawn. This book sound fun and interesting. Can't wait to read it.

Joanne B

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