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Giveaway + Book Tour Kickoff with PI Barrington's Isadora Daystar

Good Morning my Darlings!!  I have a special treat for you today here on CEWTNK.  My first tour for BTS has been plotted out and scheduled, and is kicking off its pre-tour party here today!!  Everyone welcome P.I. Barrington and her book Isadora Daystar!! Below you will find the book details, the tour schedule, my review, and the rafflecopter for you to enter to win you own copy!!  Let's start by taking a look at the book details:

When drug addled assassin Isadora DayStar finally snags a major interplanetary killing job, she thinks it will both support her habit and revise her status as the laughingstock of her profession. Instead, she embarks on a journey that brings her face to face with her tortured past.
After botching yet another assassination job, ex-military gunner Isadora steals a highly desired new type of weapon as payment. To escape her infuriated employer she stows away on a plague infested ship that spirals downward toward the nearest planet. In an attempt to escape the crashing craft, Isadora finds both an escape pod and the only other survivor, a teenage girl, Iphedeiah. They take flight on a series of encounters from murderous monks to interplanetary pirates while Isadora tries to hide her addiction along the way. They slowly form a grudging bond that grows into friendship and trust. When Isadora kills an old contact to save the girl, they are separated only to be captured individually and then tortured by Caine Dureaux, Isadora's employer to extract the location of the weapon. Who will blink first?

My Review:

Isadora really isn't a likable person.  I spent the first part of the book in between a state of pity and disgust for her.  She really made some terrible choices.  But after the pieces of her past start filtering in, you begin to at least understand her.  She is basically using every means at her disposal to forget. Forget her past, forget what she does for a living, forget what she has done.  Not to mention that she is a full blown drug-addict. She really needed help.  Unfortunately her luck with falling into helping hands is non-existent.  Her situation constantly titters on a bad to worse scale. It makes you wonder at some point why she just doesn't give up.  But she doesn't.  She soldiers on and halfway through the book I realized I liked her.  She is such a realistic character, while all of her flaws and habits, its really hard not to.  Then the book throws in some shocking twists, as only a good sci-fi book can,and your wondering if what you think is going on is even possible.  Sure enough, it turns out that it is :O) This was different, and takes you into the darker side of an addicts personality.  It really is scary, both what she does to get it, what got her addicted to it, and the guilt that she is trying to bury.I enjoyed this book.  It was nice to come out of my box and try something new.  I wasn't disappointed in the least!!

So we are celebrating here today the kick-off to P.I. Barrington's tour.  She will also be featured on these blogs:

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 So how can you win a copy of this book?  Easy!!  Just fill out the rafflecopter and good luck!!

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AO said...

for PI Barrington: Isadora sounds like an unlikely heroine. what was your inspiration for this character?

for Nikki:
thanks for hosting the giveaway! c",)

Cheryl said...

Love the name Isadora Daystar!

P.I. Barrington said...

Isadora came from reading an interview of an author who had a successful character that they ended up hating. I was trying to see if I could intentionally write a character that I hated. I started by making Isadora worse than she is and couldn't write it. I had to give her some redeeming qualities. For me a main character has to have some good in them as opposed to a villain who can also have some as well.

P.I. Barrington said...

Cheryl, that name is really memorable. It happened when I was watching a show on the DayStar religious channel and the channel's ID came up with this huge DayStar logo. I thought it would be a great last name for a sci-fi character. Before I fell asleep the name Isadora popped into my head--Isadora DayStar was born!

Ronda Tutt said...

Awesome review and I just wanted to stop by and show some support for the tour. Good Luck everyone!

Unknown said...

For P.I. Barrington: What made you start writing sci-fi?

P.I. Barrington said...

Thanks so much Ronda! That makes me very happy!

P.I. Barrington said...

I always wanted to be a chick with a big powerful gun and sci-fi lets me get away with that, lol! I've always been a semi-geek and loved sci-fi. I've kind of morphed from writing futuristic crime thrillers with a romantic element into sci-fi. I think besides the big gun obsession, I can make things up like weapons, and ships and cultures--I don't have a lot of rules to follow and I like that.

Unknown said...

That's very cool! When you say a chick with a big gun, I think of what's her name from The Terminator. lol I'm glad of your imagination.

desitheblonde said...

i like the way you did t he book what gave you the idea for it and the color was your choice or was it the publisher

desi the blonde at msn com

Lisa Cox said...

PI Barrington, what made you decide to write about a drug addict assassin?

P.I. Barrington said...

Lauren, yes Terminator and Alien/Aliens movies were big influences. I think the Alien series was a biggie for me and not just the characters. It was a well done as films!

P.I. Barrington said...

Desi, the book cover is an surprising story: this is my first self published book; all of my other were through publishers who did the artwork. When I was looking for cover art I looked at a site from an independent cover artist. Believe it or not, I found that cover and loved it and the font of the lettering and when I asked her, she said it was on clearance! I asked how much and she said $10--no kidding--and said she'd size it for me to use and also do the title for me. She said it was basically mine to do with whatever I wanted! It all just kind of fell into place for Isadora!

P.I. Barrington said...

I was trying to create an unlikeable character with Isadora but like many stories and characters she kind of took off on her own and I think, anyway, she grew into a sympathetic character rather than a disgusting one. Plus I wanted to give her a massive personal conflict and the drug abuse played such a major part of that, it gave the story a little more depth. Isadora DayStar was a labor of love for me.

Shadow said...

Congrats on your book! Sounds great! Do you like to write by hand or type?

Sarah Elizabeth said...

I'm really intrigued after reading this review. Isadora sounds damaged, unlucky, and bad at decision making, yet still human and likable. Going to add this one to my wishlist!

Unknown said...

Just passing through to show some support. The book sounds great. Nothing I've ever heard of before. I wish you great success with it!


P.I. Barrington said...

Shadow! Thanks for asking! Occasionally I'll write longhand usually when I'm not near a keyboard. I used to always write longhand but nowadays for the speed I have to type it out!

P.I. Barrington said...

Sarah and ReneAva thank you so much for the encouragement and support! I really do appreciate it!

Pam said...

Since you are a new author to me, I don't really know much about you yet. So I'm curious, with Isadora being an ex-military gunner, do you have a military background?

Good luck with the tour and thank you for the giveaway!


Christy the Diver said...

I like kick butt heroines! I hope that I win it :) Besides that the name sounds really cool.

Marlene Harris said...

Anyone looking for extra chances to win a copy of this terrific book, PI has two copies to giveaway over at Reading Reality ( starting today! Come on down!

Emily said...

I definitely need to read this book. I enjoy reading HEAs and fantasy, wouldn't really happen in real life books, but I also enjoy books about the real, gritty side of life occasionally. This one is definitely tickling my fancy Congrats on your first tour, and I think you picked a wonderful book to start with!

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