Thursday, July 18, 2013

Review: The Lion's Den By D.N. Simmons

Darian, Elise and Xander have been through very rough times in the past,but nothing has prepared them for the menace that is causing all kinds of havoc in their territory this time around. Chicago is at the mercy, or lack thereof, of a ruthless gang of supernaturals who seem to take extreme pleasure in other people's pain. In this game of cat and mouse,
there's no way to tell who's the predator and who's the prey.
This book has been previously published and has been substantially revised from its original release.

Warning: This installment contains graphic violence and strong sexual situations.

My Review:

You should take that warning still may not prepare you for graphicness of this book.  The murders were incredibly disturbing and shocking and while I understand why the author took this characters there, it still made me sick to my stomach.  I almost couldn't finish...even though I'm glad I did.  Adan, which was introduced in this book, tops as my favorite character so far.  He was witty, caring, and made me laugh out loud several times.  I'm not sure this book is for everyone because it does portray a beyond depraved side that is prevalent in humanity.  But if you have the stomach for it, please read it to meet Adan and find out a little more about Darian's Master.

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Stormy Vixen said...

Thanks for sharing this series, it sounds great.

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